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Detect threats & eliminate the need to hire guards with CCTV monitoring

Protecting your business is crucial, and Safeguard Systems’ CCTV monitoring services are the solution.

Using a combination of cutting-edge detection solutions, surveillance cameras, 24/7 remote monitoring and keyholder response, we will protect you against the impact of criminal activity.

Our CCTV monitoring systems are a powerful deterrent, detecting intruders and security breaches as they unfold.

These solutions go beyond your standard surveillance system.

Threats are responded to fast, all for a fraction of the cost of employing security guards.

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Our Remote CCTV Monitoring Systems

Protect assets and your site with 24/7 CCTV monitoring services. Eliminate the need for onsite guards and decrease the cost of security.

  • 24/7 Site Protection

  • Intruder Detection

  • Fast Incident Response

  • Cost Effective

Security Industry Accreditations

How does CCTV monitoring work?

Remote CCTV camera monitoring is simple. Here’s how it works:

  • Your CCTV system is installed in the usual way, providing full coverage of your premises
  • Security cameras are integrated with sensors and beams to raise alerts  when triggered
  • If triggered, the system sends an alert or alarm signal to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
  • The footage is reviewed and dealt with accordingly

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Why choose remote CCTV monitoring?

The benefits of remote monitoring are vast. They include:

  • Reducing the cost of security if you currently rely on guards
  • Total site surveillance and a team responding to incidents
  • Reassurance & peace of mind knowing your site is protected
  • Detect and deal with threats as they unfold
  • Protecting employees who work out of hours
  • Protect assets and operations against the impact of crime

All of this, for a fraction of the cost of employing a guard.

Robust system design & advanced detection

When it comes to monitored CCTV, accurate threat detection is critical. Here’s what you’ll get from us

  • High performance CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Advanced visual identification – AI video analytics
  • Thermal security cameras spot threats in low-light conditions
  • Sensors and beams detect threats and trigger alerts
  • Public address systems enable warnings to be given to intruders

Our system designers will tailor a solution delivering complete site protection.


A complete range of security cameras

Learn more about the different types of security cameras we deploy to protect sites, operations and people.

To ensure system performance, camera selection is vital.

Low-cost, off-the-shelf systems often result in outages and increased risk of crime going undetected.

Discover how PTZ, thermal and bullet cameras provide expert surveillance from your site’s perimeter to your building’s front door.


Our CCTV Monitoring Partners

Our Process

To help our customers get the right system for their needs we have developed a 6 stage process covering initial contact through to ongoing monitoring.

  • Initial Consultation

  • Site Survey & System Design

  • Quote Approval and Order

  • System Installation

  • Customer Training

  • Ongoing Service

CCTV on Finance: Install now and pay monthly

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Flexible remote monitoring services

Discover our tailored CCTV monitoring services that fit your unique needs.

Whether it’s a full install plus monitoring, system installation only, or simply switching your monitoring service to us, we’ve got you covered.

As an SSAIB certified company, we deliver systems installation and monitoring, meeting the highest industry standards.

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Total site surveillance

CCTV monitoring systems require specialist surveillance equipment and cameras.

Often, threats unfold in the dead of night when no one is around.

Whether we are monitoring your site’s perimeter or all external areas of your site, we’ll design a system to meet your specific requirements.

Robust surveillance cameras coupled with advanced detection equipment will protect your site 24/7.

An experienced camera monitoring company

Choose us for a cost-effective way to protect your business. With SSAIB certification, we promise excellence, quality, and effective security.

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Offering specialist CCTV monitoring systems across various sectors, we’re trusted UK-wide for our vast experience and professional service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is CCTV monitoring and how does it work?

    This advanced security solution helps businesses improve threat detection, and reduce security costs. Cameras are monitored remotely by an offsite accredited security team.

    Your surveillance cameras are fitted with sensors. When triggered, an alert is sent to an alarm receiving centre (ARC). Camera footage is reviewed and if a threat is spotted the relevant authorities are contacted. At Safeguard we work with an industry renowned service provide Arc Monitoring 

    You can have you cameras monitored 24/7 or for certain hours of the day – usually night time.

    The advantages of CCTV monitoring are vast. Typically this security solution costs far less than employing physical guards. Furthermore it combines technology and human intervention – a more effective security system all round.

    Threats can be detected and dealt with in real time. For businesses who can’t afford guards this is a fantastic benefit. For a very reasonable monthly fee you have a team of security operatives ready to tackle threats as they unfold.

    Furthermore, threat deterrent is another key advantage of CCTV monitoring. Systems can be designed to incorporate audio intervention. When a sensor is triggered you designated operative can communicate with the intruder to warn them they are being watched.


    The cost of a monitored CCTV system is three fold. Firstly you have the cost of the cameras, sensors, cabling and hardware. Secondly you have the installation costs. Lastly you have the cost of ongoing monitoring.

    Typically the costs of monitored CCTV (CCTV monitoring) are far less then deploying security guards.

    False alarms create challenges for operators of solar farms. Solar farms are usually in remote locations and wildlife is often left to graze around the site perimeter. Insects and other wildlife are often drawn to camera lenses and standard sensors.

    If your cameras trigger too many false alarms, a CCTV monitoring station will often isolate these cameras.

    What does that mean?

    The cameras will still work, but they won’t be monitored increasing the risk of criminals entering your site undetected.

    To reduce false alarms we recommend:

    • Deploying IR illuminators – these advanced detection solutions reduce the risk of insects triggering alarms
    • Integrate AI video analytics within your CCTV system – video analytics essentially help to spot the difference between an intruder, an animal or a falling branch from a tree




    Monitored CCTV is the same as CCTV monitoring.

    Is it also referred to as remote monitoring, security system monitoring, 24/7 offsite, surveillance camera monitoring, and remote CCTV monitoring.

    In tis industry the same thing is often referred to i different ways. For example CCTV cameras can be referred to as security cameras, devices, surveillance cameras and more.

    Yes, absolutely. A well designed system, coupled with a professional, accredited offsite team can certainly reduce and replace the reliance on using security guards. Typically two guards covering 24 hours of the day can cost £60,000 – £80,000 per year. The ongoing costs of CCTV monitoring are a fraction of that!

    Further to costs, CCTV monitoring systems can be set up to improve threat detection and crime deterrence. Advanced PTZ cameras, thermal CCTV cameras, audio intervention, and infra-red detection solutions can turn a standard system into a crime fighting asset. This can be achieved by reinvesting a fraction of the costs saved by reducing your reliance on guards.

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