Solar Farm CCTV: Security camera monitoring & surveillance

Protect your revenue and secure assets with an advanced solar farm CCTV system. Deter solar farm panel theft and detect threats around your site perimeter.

Your new high-performance solar farm CCTV system will be expertly designed and installed to meet agreed security objectives and deter a range of threats.

Through working with key renewable energy industry O&M and EPC companies over the last 6 years, we know you’ll need a reliable solar farm CCTV partner to address all known threats and meet your security objectives. The CCTV systems for solar farms we deploy include:

  • CCTV monitoring. 24/7 solar site surveillance, lower than the cost of deploying physical guards
  • Thermal CCTV & and video analytics. Spot more threats & reduce false alarms
  • Perimeter surveillance systems. Manage threats and secure vast site perimeters
  • IP CCTV cameras. Deterring solar farm panel theft & spotting intruders
  • Technical audits & reports. Reviewing systems & providing technical recommendations

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Our Solar Farm CCTV Partners

Advanced CCTV Systems for Solar Farms

Securing the UK's critical infrastructure requires a team of experts to design, install and commission a CCTV system, tailored to your specific security objectives.

Solar site CCTV system upgrades projects start with a detailed technical audit. For new sites at the build-phase, we engage in RFQ and tender processes submitting detailed CCTV system designs and costings (CapEx & OpEx).

Thermal CCTV, video analytics and advanced detection equipment provide optimal system performance with budget in mind. Off-site security system monitoring negates the requirement for expensive on-site guards. IP CCTV cameras watch over your panels and equipment to help prevent panel theft and sabotage.

  • 24-hour monitoring

  • Perimeter surveillance

  • Thermal CCTV & analytics

  • IP CCTV cameras

Remote 24/7 CCTV monitoring. Threat detection for UK solar farms

Advanced CCTV monitoring systems designed to protect your solar farm from:

  • Panel theft
  • Trespass
  • Sabotage

The CCTV monitoring systems we design integrate thermal cameras, audio intervention, video analytics and advanced detection equipment. Your new or upgraded CCTV system will spot threats, differentiate between human presence and wildlife thus reducing false alarms.

In the event of the system triggering an alert, our offsite monitoring station will review footage and take appropriate action to protect your solar farm.

Advanced detection and CCTV surveillance. Protecting your solar farm from crime.

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Solar farm perimeter CCTV

Looking for a solar site perimeter protection specialist? To protect millions of pounds of revenue, a robust perimeter security system design is paramount.

Our experienced perimeter protection and detection experts will design a system, fit-for-purpose, with operational continuity in mind.

Thermal cameras, PIR sensors, IR illuminators and beams, coupled with advanced video analytics will be integrated into your new or upgraded perimeter CCTV system. Coupled with remote CCTV monitoring, your security costs will be far lower than deploying onsite guards 24/7, reducing OpEx.

Thermal CCTV cameras and advanced AI-based detection equipment will spot threats at distance. A technologically advanced system will distinguish between human presence and wildlife, reducing false alarms.


Deter solar panel theft with IP CCTV cameras

Our Ip-based solar farm CCTV systems manage and deal with a range of security threats.  Solar panel theft causes disruption to day-to-day operations, loss of revenue and operational continuity.

Well-placed IP CCTV cameras offering superior night vision will watch over your panels providing crystal clear footage.

In the unlikely event of an intruder breaching your site’s perimeter, your IP cameras will transmit footage back to the ARC for them to take the appropriate action.

Advanced integrated CCTV systems; protecting your site from the impact of crime.

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Thermal CCTV & video analytics

In addition to IP security cameras, our solar farm CCTV service includes advanced thermal surveillance camera systems integrated with advanced AI-driven detection solutions. Solar farms are located in remote locations where poor lighting and other environmental factors impede detection.

With substantial revenue to protect and operational continuity a must, threat detection is paramount.

Grazing animals, falling leaves and branches can activate sensors built into standard CCTV systems. Where considered most effective, thermal CCTV cameras and AI-driven video analytics can be used to help spot threats and reduce the impact of false alarms.

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Technical audits, upgrades and maintenance

Are your current solar farm’s CCTV systems meeting your operational needs and requirements?

Safeguard Systems’ team of renewable site security specialists will visit your solar farm and conduct a technical review of the current CCTV installation, reporting on its suitability, performance and effectiveness.

Solar farms are located in rural locations. CCTV cameras, wiring, control boxes and more all perish over time. Wildlife chewing through cabling can result in a system degradation and outage.

Poor system design, camera selection and a lack of suitable detection solutions increase the risk of crime, false alarms and the associated financial impact.

Therefore, our solar farm CCTV system audits, reports and upgrades will help protect your site from the potential loss of revenue and other operational concerns.

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Security Industry Accreditations

Solar Farm Security Camera Systems

UK wide installations

Covering the whole of the UK, our solar farm CCTV experts have designed, installed and upgraded systems from Somerset to Durham and Wales to East Anglia.

With a bespoke approach to CCTV system design, we deploy robust, effective systems tailored to your security objectives and threats your solar farm faces.

The security camera systems we design help tackle panel and cable theft, false alarms caused by grazing wildlife and trespass.

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Our Experience in the Solar Industry.

Our extensive solar industry experience can be summarised here:

  • Over 200 solar farms visited and faults rectified
  • Over 100 failing CCTV systems decommissioned and replaced with full security system upgrades
  • Working in partnership with multiple solar O&M, and EPC  companies
  • 15 Years’ experience with solar farm monitoring systems
  • 6 years working almost exclusively on solar farm security systems


Solar farm CCTV & perimeter protection.
Solar farm CCTV system with advanced detection.
CCTV camera with IR illumiator
Perimeter surveillance & detection
CCTV systems with WiFI bridges
Solar farm technical audit
Install now and pay monthly with solar farm CCTV system leasing

Spread your payments over 3-5 years with our CCTV leasing options. Get in touch with the team today, for a free site survey and quote.

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