Solar farm perimeter security. Advanced protection & detection systems

Protect your site and secure assets with advanced perimeter protection for solar farms. Our expert team of solar farm security specialists will design your perimeter protection system to deter and detect intruders; secure revenue with advanced site security.

The solar site perimeter protection systems we design and install cover:

  • Passive infra-red (PIR) sensors. Activating floodlights, or sending an alarm signal to the ARC
  • Infra-Red (IR) lighting and illuminators. Reducing false alarms caused by wildlife
  • Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDs). Fence, ground mounted, or buried vibration detection

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Our Solar Farm Perimeter Protection Partners

Advanced Perimeter Protection & Detection for Solar Sites

Your perimeter security fence is the first line of security in protecting your site. A well-designed and professionally installed perimeter security system will help detect and deter intruders in a range of settings.

Your new perimeter protection system will be designed to incorporate all relevant detection equipment to help prevent theft and trespass.

PIR beams & sensors, IR illuminators, and PIDs will be deployed to meet all agreed security objectives and threats.

  • PIR beams

  • Infra-Red (IR) illuminators.

  • PIDs

  • PIR sensors

Passive infra-red (PIR) sensors

Your new perimeter security systems will be designed to incorporate PIR sensors to detect intruders approaching your site perimeter.

When triggered, the system can be set to:

  • Send an alarm signal to the ARC, alerting them of a potential security threat
  • Trigger security lights, altering the intruder that their presence is known
  • Activate an alarm siren, scaring off the intruder



Infra-Red (IR) lighting and illuminators

Infra-Red (IR) lighting and illuminators can be fitted to CCTV poles and incorporated into your new perimeter protection system to:

  • Reduce false alarms associated with grazing wildlife, & falling branches
  • Offer an element of stealth when seeking to detect & catch intruders
  • Send an alarm signal to the ARC if human presence is detected

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Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS).

Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDs) are an advanced form of perimeter protection equipment.

They can be:

  • Attached to the perimeter fence
  • Ground-mounted close to the site perimeter
  • Buried underground

They can be integrated into system designs where non-linear perimeters with corners or other directional changes.

Perfect for solar farms with vast, non-linear perimeter fences.



Perimeter CCTV for solar farms

Protect your site perimeter with an advanced perimeter security camera system. Your perimeter surveillance systems can be designed to include:

  • Thermal CCTV cameras
  • PIR sensors
  • IR illuminators
  • Infra-red beams
  • AI-driven video analytics

Offering an unrivalled degree of technical excellence, our system designers will deploy the appropriate security equipment and cameras to meet needs.

Solar farm perimeter protection system technical audits

Need a technical audit and report for your current perimeter security system?

Is your current intruder detection system performing as it should be, and detecting potential intruders at your site perimeter?

We offer detailed technical audits and reports for O&M and EPC companies looking to evaluate their current perimeter protection systems. Safeguard Systems’ team of industry specialists will visit your solar farm and carry out a technical review of the CCTV system, reporting on its suitability, performance, and effectiveness.

Contact us directly today for a detailed technical audit, and report. Call 0800 689 1835

Security Industry Accreditations

Solar Farm Perimeter Security - Protection & Detection

UK wide installations

Covering the whole of the UK, our perimeter security & protection experts have designed, installed, and upgraded systems across the United Kingdom.

With a tailored approach to our security system designs, we deploy robust, effective systems tailored to your security objectives and threats your solar farm faces.

The perimeter detection systems we design address the growing threat of trespass, panel, and cable theft

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Our Experience in the Solar Industry

Our extensive solar industry experience can be summarised here:

  • Over 200 solar sites attended and faults rectified
  • Over 100 failing systems decommissioned and replaced with full security system upgrades
  • Working in partnership with multiple solar O&M, and EPC  companies
  • 15 Years’ experience with solar farm monitoring systems
  • 6 years working almost exclusively on solar farm security systems


Solar farm perimeter protection.
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