Energy site security: critical infrastructure protection

In the energy sector, the security of sites like solar farms, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and wind farms is paramount.

These facilities are increasingly targeted for break-ins, theft of valuable components, sabotage, and vandalism.

Such threats not only disrupt operations but also lead to significant financial losses. At Safeguard we implement robust energy site security measures, including:

  • Monitored CCTV surveillance
  • Advanced perimeter security
  • Alarm systems 
  • Access control

Rather than a nice-to-have, well designed energy site security systems are essential to deter threats and protect these sites of national critical infrastructure.

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Safeguarding energy assets and critical infrastructure

  • Protecting assets

  • Deterring theft

  • Protect infrastructure

  • Detect Intruders

Accreditations and training

Advanced security for energy & utility sites

To bolster energy site security, we offer advanced protection services tailored to meet diverse security needs.

Our CCTV surveillance systems are pivotal in early threat detection and deterring criminal activities.

The perimeter security and intruder detection system form a robust defense, protecting sites from unauthorised access.

Additionally, our remote alarm monitoring solutions ensure swift responses to security threats, enhancing overall site safety.

These integrated services are essential in strengthening energy sites against various security challenges.

Solar farm security

Solar farm security is crucial for safeguarding remote installations from threats like break-ins and equipment theft.

Our monitored surveillance systems detect threats, coupled with robust perimeter security systems to prevent intrusions.

Remote CCTV monitoring provides continuous oversight, swiftly addressing any suspicious activities.

Together, these strategies effectively secure solar farms and mitigate risks.

Working with EPC, and O&M companies, our teams have secured over 250 solar farms across the UK.

Battery energy storage sites (BESS)

Battery energy storage sites face unique risks like theft and sabotage, necessitating specialized security.

Our approach includes continuously monitored surveillance for immediate detection of unauthorised access or suspicious activities.

The perimeter security systems we design are fitted with advanced detection solutions and safeguard valuable components, sought after by criminals.

Additionally, our monitored alarms quickly alert and enable rapid response to breaches, reducing potential damage.

This tailored strategy effectively addresses the specific security challenges of battery storage sites.

Wind farm security

Wind farm security is vital for protecting these isolated sites from intrusion, sabotage, and vandalism.

Our comprehensive solutions include monitored surveillance for constant threat detection of unauthorised activities.

Furthermore, perimeter security systems establish a secure boundary, safeguarding turbines and equipment.

Lastly, monitored alarms provide immediate alerts for swift threat response.

As a result, These measures collectively reduce risks, ensuring enhanced safety for wind farms.

Protecting critical infrastructure

Energy site security is not just about installing cameras or alarms; it’s about creating a comprehensive, tailored solution that addresses the unique challenges faced.

With our specialised services, we ensure that your energy assets are well-protected against a spectrum of threats.

As a result, we help to maintain their operational continuity, and integrity whilst contributing to a sustainable energy future.

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Why choose Safeguard Systems as your energy site security partner?

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To help our customers get the right system for them we have developed a 6-stage process covering initial contact all the way to ongoing support.

  • 1. Initial Consultation

  • 2. System Design

  • 3. Approval and Order

  • 4. Solution Installation

  • 5. Customer Training

  • 6. Ongoing Service


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CCTV Case Study

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