Wind Farm Security

Wind farm security: remote CCTV monitoring, perimeter protection & security alarms

As experts in solar and wind farm security, the team at Safeguard Systems have designed, installed, and upgraded security systems across multiple renewable energy sites over the past decade.

As experienced, industry specialists in protecting utility-scale sites, we are experienced in dealing with the security threats the industry faces.

Typically wind farms are the target of criminals during the construction phase. Thieves will target wind-farm sites looking for copper, construction equipment and other valuable items.

Once a site is commissioned and handed over to the O&M company, wind farm sites are still at risk of trespass, theft and vandalism. Each of the security threats carry their own risk and operational challenges.

Through proactively preventing loss and damage, we help wind farm O&M companies deliver maximum profitability and ROI.

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Wind farm CCTV & monitored security camera systems

CCTV & perimeter protection systems play a vital role in protecting the valuable assets of wind farms from the impact of crime.

The security threats that utility-scale wind farms face is vast. Criminals target wind farm sites for copper, electrical equipment and valuable construction machinery.

Wind farm sites can often span large areas geographically, leaving criminals with plenty of opportunity to breach the perimeter and commit crime.

Over the past 5 years, the team at Safeguard Systems have designed and installed a range of CCTV systems across various renewable energy sites across the UK.

The security camera systems we install included remotely monitored CCTV systems integrated with PIR sensors, beams, illuminators, audio intervention and video analytics, where required.

With Safeguard Systems, a team of security professionals will monitor your site remotely 24/7. Optimum security, and lower than the cost of physical guards.

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Perimeter security and protection systems for wind farms

When looking to secure a utility-scale wind farm, a perimeter alarm protection, and detection system will help to tackle most known security threats.

Our specialist team of security experts are fully experienced in securing the perimeters of renewable energy sites across the UK.

When a site perimeter is breached, the issues faced are numerous. Trespass carries the threat of personal injury. Vandalism can result in lost revenue. Furthermore, thieves looking to steal metal during the construction phase, can result in project delays.

Our perimeter protection systems are integrated with PIR sensors, infrared beams, audio intervention and police response, where required

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Remote alarm monitoring for wind farms

Despite the highest levels of security and visual deterrents, you can’t always stop thieves and vandals from attempting to gain access to your site.

To ensure optimum security, your CCTV and perimeter protection systems will integrate with remote alarm monitoring.

In the event of the alarm being triggered, your dedicated off-site security team will be alerted.

Dependent on the extent of the security threat, your 24/7 off-site security team will take the most appropriate action. This can range from communicating with the intruder via audio intervention, through to police response.

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Our renewable energy sector experience

Our extensive solar site security can be summarised here:

  • Over 200 solar sites attended and faults rectified
  • Over 100 failing security systems decommissioned and replaced with full security system upgrades
  • Working in partnership with multiple Solar O&M companies
  • 15 Years’ experience with monitored security systems
  • 6 years working almost exclusively on solar farm security systems

Security Systems for Wind Farms

  • Deter thieves during the construction phase

  • Protect assets with CCTV monitoring

  • Reduce trespass with perimeter security

Offsite CCTV monitoring

Remote CCTV Monitoring Case Study: Solar Farm Security

Find out more about how our expert solar farm CCTV specialists delivered on the operational objectives of our renewable energy O&M client. Full CCTV monitoring system upgrade and advanced analytics.

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