Solar Farm CCTV Monitoring Perimeter Protection

In this short guide, we cover two core areas of solar farm security – CCTV monitoring and perimeter protection.

As experts in securing solar sites, when working alongside EPC and O&M companies to help protect their assets, we always recommend remote CCTV monitoring and perimeter detection systems to provide optimal security.

The security threats solar and other renewable energy sites face are numerous.

When criminals target solar farms, it risks the operational continuity of the site and impacts revenue.


Protecting Solar Sites from the Impact of Crime

Having deployed and commissioned hundreds of security systems on solar farms over the past few years, the team at Safeguard Systems is well versed in the security challenges the solar industry faces.

When approaching a new solar farm project, sites are assessed on an individual basis, risk assessments carried out, with project briefs and all security considerations identified and signed off.

After an initial consultation and planning process, Safeguard Systems work closely with renewable energy O&M & EPC clients in designing a robust, tailored, monitored security system.

We work alongside these businesses, all the way through from initial technical site audit, through to deploying and commissioning new security systems.


Solar Farm CCTV Monitoring & Perimeter Protection

Theft on solar sites is increasing, creating operational challenges within the industry.

Therefore, it is essential critical infrastructure projects are secured to the highest standards.

CCTV monitoring systems ensure solar sites are protected 24/7 by a team of experienced security professionals, helping to reduce crime.

Safeguard Systems integrate high definition IP day & night CCTV cameras with infra-red and thermal imaging, ensuring large solar farm perimeters are secured and monitored 24/7.

Due to the rural location of many solar farms, the solutions Safeguard Systems implement are set to differentiate between alerts caused by wildlife and those that could indicate criminal intent, reducing false alarms and security costs.

Why Invest in CCTV Monitoring & Perimeter Protection?

Typically, when discussing security projects with our clients they are looking to

1. Support operational continuity

Crime doesn’t just cost money. It impacts time. When a crime is committed, insurance paperwork needs to be addressed and the authorities are involved. All of this impacts operational continuity

2. Comply with insurance

To qualify for insurance, solar sites must have a security system in place.

3. Protect valuable assets, reducing outage and lost revenue

If criminals vandalise a solar farm, or steal panels, this harms revenue. Further to that, panels will need replacing at a cost.

4. Deploy the most effective system to negate the security threats they face

Operators of solar farms will have millions in revenue to protect. A well designed, effective CCTV monitoring system will deliver.

5. Reduce the cost of security

Physical guards are expensive. CCTV monitoring can reduce the cost of physical security by 80%.

6. Spot more threats

An effective CCTV system incorporating thermal cameras, IR beams, security lighting and more will serve to identify more threats and reduce false alarms, helping to reduce the potential impact of crime

Solar Farm Perimeter Fence


Solar Farm CCTV Monitoring & Perimeter Protection Projects

Below is a brief selection of our solar farm security installs, covering remote CCTV monitoring and perimeter protection.

The Different Types of CCTV Monitoring, Perimeter Protection & Detection Systems

When recommending the right systems for the customer’s requirements, the core types of monitoring solutions we implement within our system designs are:

PIR beams & sensors

When an intruder triggers a beam or sensor, it raises an alarm and your offsite security team will immediately view the footage.

Infra-Red (IR) lighting and illuminators

IR lighting is ideal for areas where environmental considerations prohibit the use of security lighting. IR lighting also provides an element of stealth to the system. An intruder won’t see the light, however, the monitoring station will see the intruder. Perfect for apprehending criminals.

Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDs)

This comes in the form of fence/ ground mounted / buried vibration detection systems.

The Components of Effective Solar Farm CCTV Monitoring Systems

To increase system efficiency and to reduce false alarms, we design our CCTV and perimeter protection systems to include:

IP CCTV cameras

Crystal clear images, day and night over Cat5 or fibre optic networks.

Thermal & Video Analytics

Helping to distinguish between wildlife and humans, helping to catch more criminals and reduce false alarms

Alarm Monitoring

In addition to CCTV monitoring & perimeter protection, we also provide alarm monitoring services to our solar industry clients.

To ensure a fully integrated approach to solar site security, Safeguard Systems implement alarm systems that work seamlessly alongside monitored CCTV and perimeter protection solutions.

In the event of an alarm triggering, the CCTV cameras can pan, tilt and zoom, allowing the Alarm Receiving Centre to take the necessary action.


Solar Farm CCTV Monitoring Case Studies

To protect energy supplies and revenue across renewable energy sites, Safeguard Systems’ bespoke security solutions provide extensive coverage, ensuring cost-effective protection for high-value equipment.

Safeguard Systems’ processes ensure effective project delivery whilst adhering to regulatory compliance and satisfying local planning authorities with respect for the environment and other regulations.

Please find below our solar farm security case studies.

Solar Farm CCTV Monitoring Case Study

Solar Site CCTV Monitoring Case Study

Perimeter Protection for a Solar Farm Case Study


Who are Safeguard Systems?

Safeguard Systems was formed with a clear objective in mind; to provide organisations with expert security systems, designed to deter and reduce the impact of crime.

Since the business launched in 2015, Safeguard Systems has grown into an established provider of solar farm security solutions. Covering the whole of the UK, and Europe the Safeguard System team comprises of:

  • Operations
  • Back-office support
  • System designers
  • Surveyors
  • Experienced installers
  • Account management

Over the last 4 years, Safeguard Systems has worked continuously on solar projects, across 120 solar sites. The team has delivered projects from build stage, through to maintaining, replacing, and decommissioning legacy systems.

To summarise:

  • Experts in monitored security systems
  • Over 30 years of collective security industry experience
  • Targeted focus on critical infrastructure projects
  • Expert partners of global security systems manufacturers

Safeguard Systems – Director Bios.

Safeguard Systems is owned and operated by Chris Clifton and Steve Blackwell.

Chris Clifton

Chris is an experienced, security professional with an exceptional level of technical expertise.

Chris’s core skills include project design, delivering on SLAs, and understanding highly complex, security system requirements. Outside of the business, Chris enjoys spending time with his family skiing, travel and has a keen interest in property development.

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn

Steve Blackwell

Steve has a strong background in project delivery and technical know-how.

When it comes to critical infrastructure projects, come rain or shine, you will find Steve commissioning monitored CCTV, alarms and perimeter protection systems on solar sites, all over the UK. Steve is highly focused on the operational, and project management side of the solar security function at Safeguard.

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