Security systems for offices - protecting businesses & premises

As experts in security systems for offices, we protect and secure offices against a range of threats. 

Break-ins, vandalism, theft, and unauthorised access are all operational headaches faced by business owners, and those in charge of facilities and security.

Our office security solutions include CCTV camera systems, remote monitoring, and door entry solutions. As an experienced security company, we design and install systems to:

  • Deter and detect thieves, vandals and intruders
  • Help to keep your employees & visitors safe
  • Monitor time, attendance & productivity
  • Improve health & safety

If you are looking for a professional, SSAIB-certified security systems company, contact us today to schedule a free site survey.

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Protecting & securing offices and improving workplace security

  • Protect premises

  • Health & safety

  • Manage access

  • Deter crime

Office CCTV - tailored workplace security

For office managers, IT, and facilities staff, securing your workspace is crucial.

Our office CCTV systems, designed to monitor both inside and outside, offer peace of mind.

We provide a range of options, including IP (PoE) and Ultra HD cameras, ensuring clear, comprehensive coverage.

Choose from turret, bullet, fish-eye, dome, and PTZ cameras, tailored to meet your specific security needs.

Whether it’s internal monitoring or using our remote services, we address the unique threats your office faces.

Door security systems for offices

Modernise your office safety systems with our comprehensive door security systems.

These systems are not just about securing entrances; they’re tools for tracking employee attendance, boosting productivity, and protecting restricted areas.

We offer various solutions including intercoms, key fob door entry, and smartphone-controlled access.

Our systems blend security with convenience, providing a seamless experience for staff while maintaining the highest security standards.

Enhance your office’s safety and operational efficiency with our tailored door security solutions.

Office security alarms - intruder detection

Secure your office against intruders and thieves with our advanced security alarm systems.

Understanding that visible security devices don’t always deter determined intruders, we offer intruder alarms specifically designed for office environments.

These systems serve as an active deterrent, providing peace of mind by protecting your property and car park.

We cater to diverse needs and budgets, offering options from remotely monitored to wired and wireless intruder alarms.

ANPR cameras for office car park security

Add an extra layer to your workplace security with our ANPR camera systems, designed for efficient car park access management.

These cameras offer a cost-effective solution to control access, allowing automatic entry for authorized staff vehicles while preventing unauthorized or non-registered vehicles from entering.

Beyond managing staff parking, our ANPR systems effectively deter ‘commuter parking’ and fly-tipping, ensuring your car park is used appropriately.

For visitors and customers, provide hassle-free, temporary access with pre-registered number plates, enhancing their experience.

Why choose Safeguard Systems?

Our professional team of installers is fully DBS Checked, SSAIB Certified, and Safe Contractor approved. To help our customers get the right system for them we have developed a 6-stage process covering initial contact all the way to ongoing support.

  • 1. Initial Consultation

  • 2. System Design

  • 3. Approval and Order

  • 4. Solution Installation

  • 5. Customer Training

  • 6. Ongoing Service

Our Partners

Install Now and Pay Monthly with CCTV Leasing

Spread your payments over 3-5 years with our CCTV leasing options. Get in touch with the team today, for a free site survey and quote.


We have worked with Safeguard Systems on various utility-scale energy site security projects. The systems they design serve to protect revenue, deter theft and trespass. Their level of technical expertise, and quality of system design is second to none.

Greg Stuttle

GJD Detect

We engaged Safeguard Systems to design and install an internal CCTV and access control fob system to protect our premises, staff and car park. These guys worked with me to give me the system I needed, and worked to challenging deadlines. Great company, top people.

Adrian Barbrooke

Got You Covered

Safeguard Systems worked to upgrade the CCTV system at a site of critical national infrastructure. The service they gave was extremely professional, with a high level of customer service and technical competency at all stages on this sometimes technically challenging project.

Wayne Dietrich

Arc Monitoring

Chris and the team are fantastic, we had them in at work to upgrade the office security, install CCTV and alarms at a new facility and now they have done my home. The job was done quickly and to an extremely high standard. Would recommend to any and all, and I have.

Matt Wilkinson

Liberty Leasing

We used Safeguard Systems to have a video entry system added to our GP Surgery entrances. They were so helpful from our initial site survey right through to installation and handover. A pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend.

Andrea Thava


We have worked with Safeguard Systems on a range of security projects covering commercial IP CCTV, access control and door entry systems. They are professional, flexible and meet deadlines. Highly recommended!

Alice Moore

PBM Property Management

Steve and the team are a partner we require services from on a regular basis, they are both cost-effective and efficient to deal with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who requires assistance or support with CCTV or access control requirements.

Alistair Junga

Sand Communications

I've partnerred with Safeguard on several projects before and I wouldn't go anywhere else for a quality security system installation. Our client, a high-end hair salon required a full studio design and fit-out along with a highly effective CCTV system to help protect and watch over their premises.

Guy Richardson

Lakewood Ltd

We are a trustee organisation responsible for a recreational facility and its associated pavilions and buildings. We approached Safeguard Systems to upgrade our security CCTV systems. The customer experience has been first class from start to finish.

Stuart Anstie

Kintbury Recreation Ground

Safeguard Systems fitted a complete camera and intruder beam system for my storage compound, started the job very quickly and explained what was possible clearly. Really happy with the system, the remoter viewing capabilities and I've had no reliability issues either.

Harry Timbrell

Timbrell Farms

I got in touch with Safeguard Systems to help secure our warehouse unit with an intruder alarm and CCTV system. They were incredibly helpful and came out to conduct a survey on our premises when others just wanted to provide a quote over the phone.

Azim Mohamed

Elite Autos

Case Study

Business CCTV Installation Case Study: Office Security Camera System

Deterring trespass, vandals and thieves are all security objectives customers have when looking for a new CCTV system. Find out how we protected and secured this office-based business from a range

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    Frequently asked questions

    What are the types of office security solutions and systems?

    There are various types of office security systems. These systems include access control and door entry systems, CCTV cameras, and burglar alarms. Furthermore, there are intercom systems along with fire alarms. 

    Each of these systems has its unique benefits and advantages in ensuring the security and safety of an office.

    CCTV security systems help detect and deter crime as well as monitor employees. Access control systems manage the flow of people in and out of a site. Alarms act as a robust deterrent and intercoms are deployed to manage visitor access and deliveries.

    Examples of workplace security include access control systems, surveillance cameras, alarms and background checks for employees.

    Key fob door entry systems are used to monitor attendance and employee whereabouts. CCTV and surveillance cameras can detect and deter theft, manage internal disputes, and create peace of mind. 

    Whilst physical security seems obvious the cost of employing guards can be significant. If you are looking to reduce the cost of manned security, we would recommend CCTV monitoring. 

    You can ensure security in your office by understanding the threats you face and deploying the right systems to manage these risks.

    This could include switching from old fashioned keys to a trackable fob-based door entry system. Furthermore, to protect your car park and deter thieves, well-designed surveillance systems can help ensure security in your office. 

    Other things t consider include implementing strong password policies, restricting physical access to sensitive areas, and training employees on security awareness.

    As experienced specialists in office security, we manage projects in a way that minimises disruption to your operations and workplace. The disruption caused while your security system is installed really depends on the size of your site and the scale of the system being installed. 

    We understand that minimal disruption to your operations is ideal for any office-based business.

    When consulting with our team, we will aim to give an estimate on what level of disruption your site/business may face, as well as providing recommendations for ways to work around it.

    The security risks in an office include theft of physical assets, unauthorised access to confidential information and restricted areas, loss or theft of data, and human error such as not following security protocols. 

    Furthermore, anti-social behaviour, and internal employee-related issues are both security risks in offices. In addition to deploying a robust security system, regular risk assessments can help identify and mitigate these threats.

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