Office CCTV systems. Cost-effective security camera systems for office based businesses.

With various internal and external threats to deal with, a well-designed ofice CCTV system plays a pivotal role in managing site security.

Our dedicated security camera systems for offices help deter employee theft, anti-social behaviour, break-ins and vandalism.

To secure offices and manage threats, the  CCTV systems we install include:

  • IP & network ultra-HD cameras (internal and external)
  • Offsite 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  • Car number plate tracking (ANPR)
  • Perimeter surveillance

Working with a select group of leading CCTV system manufacturers, we deliver office CCTV systems that meet a range of security objectives and budgets.

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High-performing office CCTV systems

  • Protect Assets

  • Deter Threats

  • Site Security

  • Protect Staff

Accreditations and training

High resolution internal security cameras

Well placed internal CCTV cameras help protect staff and visitors and from a range of potential incidents.

Internal areas can be monitored, and forage recorded to maintain health & safety, resolve incidents and detect employee theft.

Vandal resistant dome cameras, turret, and high-res corner cameras will detect threats, offering crystal clear footage for evidence where needed.

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Detecting intruders and securing your car park with external CCTV cameras

Office car parks are often the location where incidents and accidents occur. PTZ CCTV cameras can be deployed to monitor your car park offering peace of mind to staff and visitors.

Panoramic, dome and bullet CCTV cameras provide full coverage of all designated external areas of your site, including the perimeter.

ANPR CCTV cameras can be deployed to manage car park access, and to spot and track suspicious vehicles.

Reduce the cost of out of hours office security with CCTV monitoring

For office based businesses with significant assets to protect, CCTV monitoring is the perfect solution.

For businesses looking to reduce the cost of security, in many cases, CCTV monitoring reduces the cost of security by up to 75%. Therefore, remote 24-hour camera surveillance can replace the requirement for expensive on-site guards.

Your CCTV cameras are fitted with sensors and send an alarm signal to an offsite team when triggered. Upon reviewing the footage, an experienced security operative will deal with the threat in real time, by alerting the relevant authorities.

Professionally installed commercial CCTV systems

Our range of commercial CCTV systems covers IP, high-definition, ANPR and perimeter surveillance cameras.

With a range of CCTV camera types and systems for cover all office environments, we will design and install a security camera system aligned to your budget and requirements.

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Office CCTV Case Study

Business CCTV Installation Case Study: Office Security Camera System

Deterring trespass, vandals and thieves are all security objectives customers have when looking for a new CCTV system. Find out how we protected and secured this office-based business from a range

Why choose Safeguard Systems?

Our professional team of installers are fully DBS Checked, SSAIB Certified and Safe Contractor approved.

To help our customers get the right system for them we have developed a 6-stage process covering initial contact all the way to ongoing support.

  • 1. Initial Consultation

  • 2. System Design

  • 3. Approval and Order

  • 4. Solution Installation

  • 5. Customer Training

  • 6. Ongoing Service


Install now and pay monthly with security system leasing

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