Solar Farm Security Systems. Detect & Deter a Range of Threats.

Protect revenue and secure assets with advanced solar farm security. Having secured over 200 utility-scale sites, Safeguard Systems are specialist installers of solar farm security systems across the UK. Working with O&M and EPC clients, we deliver security systems to manage a range of threats.

Solar farms are often in remote locations and easily targeted by criminals. As a result, owners and operators of solar sites need to protect themselves against:

  • Break-ins & vandalism
  • Theft of panels, wiring and equipment
  • Trespass & accidents

System design, along with the quality of installation will determine your solar site’s level of protection.

Our security systems for solar farms protect assets, revenue, and reduce false alarms. To offer total protection, the solar site security systems we design cover offsite CCTV monitoring, perimeter security and advanced detection solutions.

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Our Clients

Security for Solar Farms & Advanced Protection

Typically when working with Safeguard Systems, O&M and EPC companies have two key security objectives.

Firstly, sites need to be secured to deter threats and maintain revenue. Secondly, reducing false alarms is critical to threat detection and overall system performance.

Furthermore, where onsite guards are deployed, CCTV monitoring can vastly reduce the operational cost of security.

  • 24-hour CCTV monitoring

  • Perimeter protection

  • Advanced detection

  • AI-driven video analytics

  • Thermal surveillance cameras

Our Partners

Solar farm CCTV: Maintain revenue and reduce false alarms

CCTV systems in solar farms are a must for helping to reduce break-ins, theft and vandalism on solar sites. Therefore, protecting large utility-scale solar farms can be a challenge. In short, thieves target solar sites for the panels, wiring and expensive electrical equipment.

Furthermore, solar farm perimeters are often vast, offering criminals plenty of opportunity. Consequently, a robust perimeter CCTV surveillance system must be deployed to reduce the risk of crime.

As a specialist provider of security for solar farms, we recommend CCTV monitoring as the most effective solution. A monitored CCTV system provides 24/7 security. As a result, your site will be monitored and assets protected 24 hours a day.

Additionally, we design these systems to include:

  • High-res IP security cameras
  • Advanced intruder detection equipment
  • Thermal CCTV & video analytics

Ongoing system maintenance is highly recommended. In short, this reduces any impact the elements or wildlife has on your CCTV system.

Solar site perimeter protection: Advanced threat detection for solar farms

Perimeter protection systems for solar sites help reduce crime at UK solar farms. In short, perimeter protection and detection solutions secure your first line of defence against crime.

Safeguard Systems has installed over 200 security systems at solar sites across the UK. As a result. we are well placed to design and install effective, threat detecting solar site perimeter protection systems.

The perimeter security systems we design include:

  • High-resolution IP & thermal cameras
  • Advanced detection solutions
  • Offsite 24/7 moniroting and response

By nature, solar farms are expansive and cover a vast area. Accordingly, site perimeters are expansive offering plenty of scope for criminals.

Despite the highest levels of security, you can’t stop criminals from attempting to access your site.

However, the right security system will act as a robust deterrent.

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Solar farm security system upgrades and maintenance

Concerned about the performance of your current security system?

Talk to us today about our solar farm security system technical audits, upgrades and maintenance service.

Often when conducting a security system audit, we encounter a range of issues. These include:

  • Poor system design
  • A lack of suitable detection solutions
  • Incorrect camera selection
  • Corroded and damaged equipment

Furthermore, animals chewing through cabling can result in a system malfunction.

Safeguard Systems’ team of renewable site security specialists will visit your solar farm and conduct a technical review of the current install. In brief, we suggest improvements and report on its suitability and performance.

These issues can be negated through improved system design and technical ability. However, all solar farm security systems need ongoing maintenance. In short, maintenance protects the site operator from the potential impact of crime.

Our maintenance agreements are delivered at pre-agreed intervals over the course of each year. Furthermore, we offer priority response times for ad hoc requests.

Talk to us today about your concerns and to book your technical audit and report.

Security Industry Accreditations

Solar Farm Security Systems

Over 200 UK wide installations

Covering the whole of the UK, our solar site security experts have designed, installed and upgraded systems from Cornwall, to Durham and South Wales to Kent.

With a bespoke approach to system design, we deploy robust, effective security systems tailored to each site's security objectives.

Typically the systems we design help tackle panel and cable theft, false alarms cause by grazing wildlife and trespass.

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Safeguard Systems - a solar farm security company you can trust

Our extensive solar site security experience can be summarised here:

  • Over 200 solar sites attended and faults rectified
  • Working in partnership with multiple Solar O&M companies
  • Over 100 failing security systems decommissioned and upgraded
  • Extensive knowledge of the threats solar farms face
  • 15 Years’ experience with monitored security systems
  • 6 years working almost exclusively on solar farm security systems
  • Technical expertise and specialist system design


Security Threats to Solar Farms

Solar sites are exposed to a range of security threats and challenges. Furthermore, the impact of crime can be costly, impacting revenue and operational continuity.

Threats need to be spotted fast. Consequently, action must be taken immediately. Standard CCTV and perimeter security systems don’t meet the requirements of O&M and EPC companies.

Our specialist security systems for solar sites help deter the following threats:

  • Theft of solar panels, equipment and wiring
  • Trespass and site Intrusion
  • Wildlife triggering false alarms
  • Organised criminal activity
  • Paused operations and loss of revenue
  • Disgruntled environmentalists and local residents
  • Fly-tipping and extensive littering
  • Opportunistic crime and general nuisance
  • Ineffective system design
Solar farm CCTV & perimeter protection.
Solar farm monitored security system with advanced detection.
Perimeter security at a solar site
Attention to detail and technical excellence
Perimeter protection & detection
Utility-scale solar farm
Perimeter security at a solar farm
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    Solar Farm Security Systems - FAQs

    How can you protect solar farms from crime?

    If you are looking to protect a solar farm from crime, there are various options depending on your objectives and the threats you face.

    To summarise:

    • Perimeter security systems protect your site’s first line of defence from thieves and trespassers
    • CCTV cameras within the site perimeter can be positioned to detect the presence of intruders and deter solar panel theft
    • Thermal cameras and video analytics can be deployed to detect intruders at range, in low light conditions, and to reduce false alarms
    • IR beams and illuminators serve to detect intruders and provide accurate threat detection
    • PIDs can be deployed to covertly detect human presence nearing your site perimeter

    Security for solar farms is paramount. System design and camera selection are crucial to site protection.


    The short answer is yes, solar farms do need security.

    Panel theft, trespass, stolen wring, and plant machinery are often targeted by criminals. Therefore, as solar sites are often in remote locations, security systems are key to maintaining operational continuity.

    The revenue that utility solar plants generate needs to be protected.  Well designed, and installed perimeter protection and CCTV systems will help meet the objective objectives of most O&M and EPC companies.

    To summarise the different types of solar farm security systems are:

    • IP CCTV
    • Perimeter surveillance & alarms
    • Perimeter protection
    • Intruder detection – IR beams & illuminators
    • Offsite 24/7 CCTV monitoring
    • Thermal CCTV & AI-driven video analytics

    Depending on budgets, and the scale of the site there are a number of different systems we recommend. Utility-scale sites are best protected through off-site CCTV monitoring and perimeter surveillance.

    These sites are often vast and targeted by criminals. Solar panels and copper wiring are rich pickings for criminals. In the event of a break in or theft, operations are disrupted. Furthermore, the costs to replace solar panels impact revenue and margins.

    To deter panel theft, high-res IP cameras should be deployed to provide full coverage within the site.



    Firstly, secure your site perimeter – it’s the first line of defence. Perimeter CCTV, offsite remote alarm monitoring, and advanced intruder detection will cover most bases.

    Secondly, ensure your CCTV cameras provide full coverage of your site and leave no blind spots for criminals to exploit.

    Finally, to reduce false alarms fit IR sensors to your cameras to improve object detection.

    False alarms create challenges for operators of solar farms. Solar farms are usually in remote locations and wildlife is often left to graze around the site perimeter. Insects and other wildlife are often drawn to camera lenses and standard sensors.

    If your cameras trigger too many false alarms, a CCTV monitoring station will often isolate these cameras.

    What does that mean?

    The cameras will still work, but they won’t be monitored increasing the risk of criminals entering your site undetected.

    To reduce false alarms we recommend:

    • Deploying IR illuminators – these advanced detection solutions reduce the risk of insects triggering alarms
    • Integrate AI video analytics within your CCTV system – video analytics essentially help to spot the difference between an intruder, an animal or a falling branch from a tree




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