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In this quickfire article, we run through five top tips to help an office- based business improve its security. From experience, when it comes to security, office-based businesses have the following objectives in mind:

  • Securing its property and protecting its assets from burglary
  • Protecting staff and giving them peace of mind
  • Knowing who is in and out of the building
  • Monitoring staff – timekeeping, attendance and internal disputes

Here at Safeguard Systems, we’ve been helping businesses with a range of security threats for over five years.

In fact, the team has over 30 years of combined experience in the security industry.

Let’s get started with our top five tips to improve office security.

CCTV systems monitoring a car park

1. Invest in CCTV

There is nothing more frustrating for a business owner than being the victim of petty crime.

Whether it’s a broken window, graffiti or damage to a company vehicle, the costs and lost time involved can be a major headache to a business owner.

Worse still, is arriving at your premises one morning to find you’ve been the victim of burglary.

The business may be insured. But that’s not the point.

When a business is broken into there are a number of negative factors at play:

  • Replacing stolen and damaged property
  • Cleaning up the mess
  • Dealing with insurers and the Police
  • Reassuring anxious staff that it’s a one-off and

An investment in CCTV will help to deter criminals. It will help give your staff peace of mind, as well as helping to spot security threats before they happen. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure.

If you are currently looking at your CCTV options, you can visit our dedicated CCTV page via the link below.

Business CCTV installation & commercial security camera systems

2. Security lighting – scare off intruders

As mentioned above, prevention is better than the cure.

Security lighting can be an effective deterrent to potential vandals or intruders looking to break in or cause damage to your property.

No matter how experienced the criminal, as soon as the lights come on they are likely to turn around and run.

In our experience, the combination of well-placed, highly visible CCTV cameras and security lighting is the perfect deterrent.

In fact, one of our manufacturer partners, Hikvision, has a range of security cameras that integrate strobe lighting.

Sounds interesting?

Find out more about Hikvisions AcuSense camera range via the link below.

Hikvision AcuSense CCTV cameras

Video intercom systems at an office

3. See who’s at the front door before letting them in with video intercom

Video intercom systems are used by a range of businesses for a multitude of reasons.

When it comes to security, a video intercom is perfect for managing the flow of visitors to and from a business premises.

Furthermore, it provides an excellent layer of safety and security, as you get to see who is at the front door before letting them in.

Here at Safeguard Systems, we design and install a range of video door entry systems for a multitude of businesses.

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Fob door entry system

4. Replace those old door keys with a fob entry system

For businesses looking to modernise, an investment in access control is a must.

Fob door entry systems offer the same function as a traditional door key,  however the benefits far outweigh the initial cost of installation.

Traditional keys can get lost. This leads to them needing to be replaced and in some cases, so will the locks.

Sometimes ex-employees leave without giving their keys back. This poses a security threat, particularly if said employee left under a cloud.

With fob-based or other types of keyless door entry system, you need not worry.

If a fob gets lost, it can be switched off and replaced.

If an employee leaves the business without their fob, it can be switched off and replaced.

However, fob door access systems are way more than just keys.

These systems log people as they enter and exit the building. Therefore you can keep a log of who’s in the building – perfect for health and safety.

You can also keep track of people’s whereabouts – perfect in the event of a fire.

This data can also be used to monitor timekeeping and attendance – perfect for seeing who’s always late back from lunch, and who is taking 20 toilet breaks per day!

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Business security alarms

5. Don’t forget to set the alarm.

It’s easily done, but could be catastrophic for a business.

There’s not much more we can say other than make sure you have a designated individual responsible for setting the alarm every day.

When that person is ill, or away from the business, make sure they have a number two!

If you forget to activate the alarm, it won’t act as a deterrent.

If you suffer a break-in and goods are stole and property damaged, you are unlikely to be covered under your insurance.

Looking for a security system for your office-based business?

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