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The business CCTV systems we design and install serve to protect companies from a range of security threats. When discussing a business’s CCTV system requirements, the security objectives often focus on protecting property, premises, assets and people from the impact of crime.

The CCTV systems for businesses we design and install cover:

  • ANPR
  • Ultra HD CCTV
  • Perimeter Surveillance
  • Thermal CCTV

If you are looking for an experienced, accredited and professional security company, the team at Safeguard Systems will design and install a business CCTV system tailored to your needs.

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Our CCTV Systems for Businesses

To help businesses protect themselves from a range of threats, we offer a full range of CCTV systems covering IP, ANPR, Ultra-HD, perimeter surveillance and thermal cameras.

The systems we design and install are focused on preventing crime, protecting assets and employees and monitoring sites to deter a range of threats.

  • IP CCTV Systems

  • Ultra HD CCTV

  • Thermal CCTV

  • ANPR CCTV Cameras

  • Perimeter CCTV

Security Industry Accreditations

IP CCTV Systems for Businesses

IP CCTV systems are the perfect choice for a business requiring high-resolution cameras to protect them from a range of threats.

For businesses looking for a future-proofed, scalable system, IP CCTV is the best choice. New cameras can be added to the system easily without the requirement for new power sources.

Covering the whole of Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and the South we are on hand to help.

Ultra-HD CCTV for Businesses

Ultra HD camera systems offer superb image quality and therefore crystal clear footage.

For businesses that take security management seriously, the range of HD CCTV systems we design and deploy, will help manage a range of threats.

If you are looking to protect assets, deter break-ins and monitor your premises (internal and external), talk to us today about an Ultra HD security camera system.

Perimeter CCTV Surveillance

Our perimeter CCTV surveillance systems serve to protect sites with significant assets to protect.

Sites operating across vast perimeters are exposed to a range of security threats. Therefore, a robust well designed perimeter CCTV system will help secure the site’s perimeter and manage threats.

Well-positioned turret, bullet and PTZ cameras incorporating sensors & beams, coupled with advanced video analytics are all part of a high-performance perimeter surveillance system.


ANPR CCTV cameras are growing in popularity due to their versatility and the types of security threats and objectives they help to detect, deter and manage.

These advanced CCTV cameras can be deployed to detect unauthorised vehicles nearing a site, with alerts being triggered for your security team to manage.

Furthermore, ANPR CCTV cameras can be deployed to grant access to vehicles, where the number plate is pre-logged in the system.

Thermal CCTV Cameras

For businesses operating sites in low-light conditions, thermal CCTV serves to spot and detect more threats than standard security cameras.

Couple with advanced AI-driven video analytics, thermal CCTV camera systems can be programmed to detect humans, whilst ignoring the presence of animals other wildlife and falling leaves and branches.

Therefore if false alarms, caused by animals are inhibiting your security efforts, talk to us today about your thermal CCTV options.

Looking for a new business CCTV system?

Safeguard Systems design and install CCTV systems for a range of businesses including:

  • Office-based businesses
  • Schools
  • Car dealerships
  • Construction & building sites
  • Government property
  • Industrial parks (Warehouses and Factories)
  • Farms
  • Scrap Metal Yards
  • Solar farms
  • Gyms

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Our Commercial CCTV Systems Partners

CCTV on Finance: Install Now and Pay Monthly with Security System Leasing

Spread your payments over 3-5 years with our CCTV leasing options. Get in touch with the team today, for a free site survey and quote. Call today to discuss your options.

Business CCTV System Design - Our Process

To help our CCTV customers get the right system for their needs we have developed a six stage process covering initial contact through to ongoing support.

Protect your site & assets with a bespoke CCTV system.

Get in touch today for a FREE site survey and quote.

  • Initial Consultation

  • Site Survey & System Design

  • Quote Approval and Order

  • System Installation

  • Customer Training

  • Ongoing Service


We have worked with Safeguard Systems on various utility-scale energy site security projects. The systems they design serve to protect revenue, deter theft and trespass. Their level of technical expertise, and quality of system design is second to none.

Greg Stuttle

GJD Detect

We engaged Safeguard Systems to design and install an internal CCTV and access control fob system to protect our premises, staff and car park. These guys worked with me to give me the system I needed, and worked to challenging deadlines. Great company, top people.

Adrian Barbrooke

Got You Covered

Safeguard Systems worked to upgrade the CCTV system at a site of critical national infrastructure. The service they gave was extremely professional, with a high level of customer service and technical competency at all stages on this sometimes technically challenging project.

Wayne Dietrich

Arc Monitoring

Chris and the team are fantastic, we had them in at work to upgrade the office security, install CCTV and alarms at a new facility and now they have done my home. The job was done quickly and to an extremely high standard. Would recommend to any and all, and I have.

Matt Wilkinson

Liberty Leasing

We used Safeguard Systems to have a video entry system added to our GP Surgery entrances. They were so helpful from our initial site survey right through to installation and handover. A pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend.

Andrea Thava


We have worked with Safeguard Systems on a range of security projects covering commercial IP CCTV, access control and door entry systems. They are professional, flexible and meet deadlines. Highly recommended!

Alice Moore

PBM Property Management

Steve and the team are a partner we require services from on a regular basis, they are both cost-effective and efficient to deal with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who requires assistance or support with CCTV or access control requirements.

Alistair Junga

Sand Communications

I've partnerred with Safeguard on several projects before and I wouldn't go anywhere else for a quality security system installation. Our client, a high-end hair salon required a full studio design and fit-out along with a highly effective CCTV system to help protect and watch over their premises.

Guy Richardson

Lakewood Ltd

We are a trustee organisation responsible for a recreational facility and its associated pavilions and buildings. We approached Safeguard Systems to upgrade our security CCTV systems. The customer experience has been first class from start to finish.

Stuart Anstie

Kintbury Recreation Ground

Safeguard Systems fitted a complete camera and intruder beam system for my storage compound, started the job very quickly and explained what was possible clearly. Really happy with the system, the remoter viewing capabilities and I've had no reliability issues either.

Harry Timbrell

Timbrell Farms

I got in touch with Safeguard Systems to help secure our warehouse unit with an intruder alarm and CCTV system. They were incredibly helpful and came out to conduct a survey on our premises when others just wanted to provide a quote over the phone.

Azim Mohamed

Elite Autos

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is business CCTV?

    Business CCTV is a security solution that helps protect and secure commercial premises.

    Businesses are often targeted by thieves, intruders, and vandals. Sites with inadequate protection are at risk. The different types of CCTV systems for businesses we design and install protect assets, premises, and staff.


    The cost of a commercial CCTV system depends on a variety of factors.

    The volume of cameras. The more cameras required for your CCV systems, the higher the cost.

    The types of CCTV cameras. A small internal CCTV system comprising four dome cameras would cost less than one requiring internal and external surveillance, remote monitoring, PTZ, thermal, and fisheye cameras.

    Hardware costs. This covers NVRs, DVRs, sensors, and wifi-bridges where required.

    The cost of installation. In addition to the above factors, there is the cost of installation to consider. A system that takes 5 days to install, will cost less than one that takes 2 days.



    The different types of CCTV systems for businesses are IP, ANPR, thermal, and perimeter surveillance. Each has its own benefits and advantages when securing and protecting a business’s site and premises.

    Additionally, for businesses looking to lower the costs of employing guards, or those who require 24-hour surveillance, CCTV monitoring systems meet these objectives.


    Yes, there are.

    You can use CCTV cameras in your business. Nevertheless, there are some rules and regulations you need to abide by. For your business CCTV systems to be legally compliant, you must:

    • Have a visible CCTV signage on display letting individuals know CCTV footage is being recorded and why
    • Share CCTV images within one month to anyone who has been recorded by your surveillance cameras
    • Share CCTV footage with the authorities (Police), when required
    • Only store surveillance footage as long as your business or organisation requires to do so

    The different types of business CCTV cameras include dome, fisheye, turret, bullet, corner (anti-ligature), PTZ, thermal and panoramic.

    Dome, turret and bullet cameras meet the requirements for most internal and external business CCTV systems.

    Fisheye, PTZ, panoramic, and thermal CCTV cameras tend to be deployed in complex CCTV systems for large sites, or where a business has significant assets and operations to protect.

    PTZ and thermal cameras are also used where advanced human detection and situational analysis are required.

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