A Commercial CCTV System

In this short article, we cover the five main reasons companies should invest in a commercial CCTV system.

CCTV systems provide businesses with a range of benefits. This article is a short read, if you’re looking for something more in-depth, have a read of our guide to the benefits and advantages of business CCTV.

Here at Safeguard Systems, we work with a range of businesses including:

  • Office-based businesses
  • Construction companies
  • Car Dealerships
  • Shops and retail outlets
  • Solar Farms and other rural-based businesses
  • Businesses operating in the hospitality sector
  • Warehouses and Factories

Five Reasons to Invest in Commercial CCTV

When it comes to commercial CCTV, the reasons to invest are vast. The five areas this blog covers are:

  • Protecting staff, assets and property
  • Monitoring staff and visitors (safety and productivity)
  • Deterring and catching criminals
  • Providing evidence for internal disputes
  • Avoiding operational disruption

We’ll now cover each of these areas.

Protecting Staff, Assets and Property

Businesses of all sizes should invest in CCTV, to provide safety and security to their staff.

Well placed cameras in the car park give employees peace of mind when leaving work after dark. As they walk through the car park to their car or the train station, CCTV can provide an effective layer of security and safety.

CCTV will also be an effective deterrent to muggers and other criminals, who may target people leaving work.

For companies, an investment in CCTV will also help protect its property from vandals, intruders and thieves looking to break-in, cause damage and steal company property.

We always recommend business owners balance the cost of CCTV against the cost of an employee being mugged, company cars being damaged or company property being stolen.

Then there is the cost of disruption to business operations – more on that later in this article.

Monitoring Staff and Visitors (Safety and Productivity)

In all businesses there are those who consistently arrive late, take long lunch breaks and spend half their day chatting by the photocopier. That’s not to mention the ten toilet breaks they take too!

Internal CCTV cameras can help a business monitor staff for timekeeping and productivity.

Footage can be used where needed in disciplinary situations.

Furthermore, internal security cameras can provide visitors with peace of mind knowing they are visiting a business that takes security seriously. This particularly applies to:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Construction sites and other businesses operating in potentially hazardous locations

Deterring and Catching Criminals

The staple of a solid commercial CCTV system.

Businesses are the target of all sorts of crime. Petty criminals look to vandalise vehicles. Sophisticated, organised criminal gangs target businesses to break in and steal valuable equipment.

Either way, without CCTV in place the only deterrent a business may have is a guard patrolling infrequently. Crimes could be missed, property damaged and major disruption caused.

Where crimes are still committed, security camera footage can be used to convict the perpetrators.

To secure a criminal conviction, camera footage must be of a high quality and the system needs to record the time and date stamp accurately.

One of the most effective forms of security for a business is CCTV Monitoring.

Remote CCTV monitoring is where your security cameras are moniorred 24/7 by a team of security professionals. If a security threat is detected, your off-site team can communicate with the intruder via tannoy and will contact the keyholder or the relevant authorities, to take the appropriate action.

In fact, CCTV monitoring can save businesses up to 80% of the cost of employing physical guards.

Providing Evidence for Internal Disputes

Unfortunately, from time to time there are incidents at work such as:

  • Staff bullying
  • Altercations
  • Theft
  • Accidents

A solid CCTV installation can provide the necessary evidence to solve internal disputes and take the appropriate action.

Businesses need to consider the implications of accidents at work, staff bullying, and theft on their reputation. No business owner wants to preside over an aggressive culture, where staff are treated poorly. This can lead to a high degree of staff turnover and worse.

Disgruntled employees could seek to take legal action against an employer for negligence.

Furthermore, internal CCTV cameras can help avoid bogus personal injury claims made by employees looking to make a fast buck. With the right evidence in place, these claims can be dealt with before they reach a solicitor’s inbox.

Avoiding Operational Disruption

Seamless business operations help the smooth running of an organisation.

When a business is the victim of crime, The Police need to be called, insurance claims made, paperwork filled out and more.

This all adds up to hours of unexpected work and disruption to the business’s commercial activities.

Therefore an investment in CCTV will help reduce crime and negate the time it takes to deal with it.

Looking For a Commercial CCTV System?

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