Commercial CCTV Cameras for a Range of Businesses

The commercial CCTV camera systems we design and install cover both internal and external settings. Well placed surveillance cameras are key to meeting and managing a range of threats.

When designing a new or upgraded commercial CCTV camera system, device selection is key to ensuring all known security objectives are met.

The different types of CCTV cameras we deploy within our systems typically comprise of:

  • Dome
  • Turret
  • Bullet
  • PTZ
  • Corner
  • Thermal cameras

Scroll through the rest of this page for insights into each camera type and their most suited application.

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Commercial CCTV Cameras - Leading Brands & Manufacturers

At Safeguard we work with owner managed businesses, SMEs and enterprises companies. Covering internal and external CCTV camera installations in a range of sectors, we can work to all budgets and requirements.

Turret CCTV cameras

Turret cameras are the perfect choice for businesses focused on internal and external surveillance. These HD cameras are ideal for businesses and organisations seeking to:

  • Reduce internal theft
  • Manage internal security
  • Spot incidents and accidents
  • Improve productivity
  • Detect and deter intruders

Typically these commercial CCTV cameras are most commonly found in offices, schools, warehouses, showrooms, hospitality and leisure venues.

Dome CCTV cameras

Dome cameras can be seamlessly deployed in external and internal settings. When deployed internally, these CCTV cameras cover the same threats as turret cameras.

When it comes to external security, these cameras help to:

  • Spot intruders and vandals
  • Deter break ins and deter thieves
  • Secure external areas such as bike sheds, stores and entrances

Typically these commercial CCTV cameras are ideal for schools, offices, apartment blocks,  showrooms, hotels, shops and gyms.


PTZ cameras

PTZ surveillance cameras offer the unique ability to detect and manage threats in real-time. Typically deployed where sites cover vast grounds or have substantial perimeters, PTZ cameras are often installed at:

  • Warehouses, industrial sites and logistics centres
  • Office car parks
  • Factories and industrial; sites
  • Schools
  • Farms and equestrian centres
  • Car dealerships

These advanced commercial CCTV cameras help protect premises, site perimeters and all external areas.

Fisheye surveillance cameras

Fisheye CCTV cameras offer 180° and 360 ° panoramic coverage of the area they are monitoring. These advanced commercial CCTV cameras are well suited at:

  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses & logistics sites
  • Hotels
  • Car dealerships
  • Office car parks
  • Petrol stations & shops

Suited to internal or external uses, these advanced cameras help businesses and organisations secure their premises against a range of threats.

Smaller fisheye cameras can be deployed internally to offer discreet surveillance, helping security teams to detect incidents where the culprit may not know they are being watched.

Bullet CCTV cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras capture high-resolution surveillance footage, helping to detect and deter threats in a range of settings. Locations that use this type of camera include:

  • Offices & other commercial premises
  • Warehouses and industrial sites
  • Schools & colleges
  • Shops, bars, and restaurants
  • Site entrances

Ideally suited to outdoor settings, bullet cameras will monitor any external areas of your site or premises.

They are the ideal commercial CCTV camera solution to monitor specific, designated areas.

Corner surveillance cameras

Corner cameras offer a discreet level of security. They are usually fitted in corners of internal rooms, providing full coverage of the designated area requiring surveillance.

Corner cameras are also known as ‘anti-ligature cameras’. This makes them a suitable choice for:

  • Prisons and hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Mental health institutes

Essentially, they are best suited to organisations and settings where there is the risk of self-harm or suicide.

Thermal cameras

Thermal cameras offer an advanced detection solution for sites where threats unfold at long range, in low light, or in harsh weather conditions.

These advanced CCTV camera solutions are most effective at sites such as:

  • Solar farms and critical infrastructure sites
  • Warehouses, factories and logistics centres
  • Care dealerships and vehicle storage centres
  • Government and high-security sites

Where reducing false alarms and accurate threat detection is paramount, thermal surveillance cameras are highly recommended.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the different types of CCTV cameras?

    There is a range of different types of commercial CCTV cameras. Each has its own features and benefits in protecting commercial premises.

    The types of CCTV cameras deployed in commercial settings include dome, turret, PTZ, bullet, ANPR, corner, and thermal.

    This really depends on your security objectives, budgets and the areas you need to protect.

    For example, PTZ cameras are fantastic when deployed to monitor site perimeters and vast areas. Bullet cameras are best deployed to target specific, designated areas. Dome surveillance cameras are well suited to cover wide areas and thermal cameras are effective when you require advanced threat detection in low-light situations.

    If you required guidance on the best commercial CCTV cameras to protect your site, talk to the team today.

    When looking to protect external areas of your site, there is a range of commercial CCTV cameras we’d recommend.

    They are, PTZ, turret, dome, and thermal CCTV cameras. Each type of CCTV camera has its own benefits when deployed in an external setting.

    Therefore, when looking to achieve full site coverage and protection, a mix of commercial security cameras will help to deliver on your surveillance objectives.

    The best internal CCTV cameras are dome, corner, and fisheye surveillance cameras.

    Both dome and fisheye cameras are perfect for covering wide areas and can be integrated with IR illuminators. This offers effective internal surveillance (when the lights are out) in case an intruder enters the building undetected.

    Corner cameras, AKA anti-ligature cameras are best deployed when there is a risk of suicide, and self-harm. These specialist cameras are often deployed at hospitals, mental health facilities, and prisons.

    Yes, we offer CCTV on finance.

    We offer CCTV leasing agreements over 3-5 year terms. This covers the cost of equipment, installation, ongoing maintenance, and callouts.

    At the end of your finance term, we will come back and upgrade your CCTV system to the latest technology. If you need to add cameras to your system, during your firm we will simply adjust your payment plan.

    There is a range of options here. Thermal cameras are a solid security camera solution for sites requiring a commercial CCTV solution robust in low-light, and no-light settings. When coupled with IR sensors, illuminators, and AI-driven analytics.

    Surveillance cameras integrated with motion sensors, and night vision capabilities offer advanced threat detection solutions for commercial premises with significant assets and operations to protect.

    This depends on a range of factors. Some CCTV camera brands are more expensive than others. This comes down to quality, durability, and technical factors. 

    Furthermore, Advanced thermal cameras integrated with IR sensors will cost more than a standard IP bullet camera.

    Lastly, The higher the resolution the more a camera will cost. There are other factors but these are the main ones.

    Yes, absolutely. We offer a free CCTV site survey and system design proposal.

    One of our experienced CCTV system estimators and solution designers will visit your site and conduct a survey. They will then provide a system design proposal based on your objectives and within your budget.

    They will also take into account cabling requirements, whether the system needs to be aligned with your current IT network infrastructure, and more.

    This depends on various factors. Essentially, it comes down to how many surveillance cameras you need to protect your site.

    If you require internal and external surveillance, you will need more devices than if you just need a CCTV camera system to monitor your office car park

    If you are looking to protect a site covering vast grounds with a large perimeter, you will require a broad mix of cameras in comparison to a small office block.

    At Safeguard, we work with a range of leading CCTV surveillance camera brands.

    For owner-managed businesses, we install Hikvision, and Hanwha (Wisnet) CCTV cameras. For SMEs we recommend Hanwha and for larger enterprise businesses we recommend installing Avigilon and Axis CCTV cameras.

    These recommendations are based on the technical capabilities of each brand’s offering, and the settings they are deployed in.

    Yes, this requires the deployment of PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) cameras. PTZ cameras can zoom in on a target in real-time or retrospectively.

    The type of commercial CCTV cameras are often deployed in car parks, warehouses, industrial sites, solar farms and other sites with vast perimeters.

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