Commercial Dome Security Cameras for a Range of Businesses

Dome CCTV cameras are designed to be deployed for internal and external surveillance. Quality models of these advanced surveillance cameras are fitted with built-in infra red LEDs. Therefore, dome cameras can be deployed in low-light and no-lights settings. 

For internal surveillance they can be deployed to monitor employees, protect guests and act as a secondary form of detection, if intruders gain access to a business premises. When deployed in external settings they serve to provide surveillance at site entrances and building exteriors.

Typically, they are best suited to protect:

  • Hotels & restaurants
  • Schools & nurseries
  • Warehouses & logistics centres
  • Offices & commercial buildings
  • Farms & abattoirs
  • Car dealerships

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Features of dome CCTV cameras

Dome cameras come with a host of in-built features. As part of a well designed commercial CCTV system, the features of dome CCTV cameras are:

  • Built-in infrared LED light for night vision
  • Designed to negate vandalism and tampering
  • Solid design and build to reduce damage
  • Discreet when deployed internally 
  • A solid option for internal and external surveillance

If you are looking for a small, compact CCTV camera offering a host of valuable features and benefits, dome’s tick all of these boxes.

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What are the benefits of dome CCTV cameras?

Dome cameras offer plenty of advantages and benefits. They are:

  • Vandal resistance  – ensures system effectiveness
  • Weatherproof – won’t be impacted by the element
  • Versatile & discreet – can be deployed in a range of settings
  • Offer high-quality footage – aids threat detection and evidence where required
  • Designed with built-in IR lighting – effective in no-light and low-light settings

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Some things to consider

When it comes to protecting commercial premises, camera selection is key.

Here are a few things to think about if you are considering dome cameras:

  • What are your overall security objectives?
  • How many cameras do you need to cover the desired area?
  • What level of visibility do you need?
  • Are you looking for a discreet installation?
  • Do you require night vision?

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    Frequently asked questions about dome CCTV surveillance cameras

    What are dome CCTV cameras?

    Dome CCTV surveillance cameras are a type of closed-circuit television commercial (CCTV) camera that are encased in a dome-shaped housing and mounted on a ceiling or wall.

    These popular surveillance cameras are highly flexible and able to pivot in any direction. Dome surveillance cameras are often used in indoor and outdoor environments for surveillance, crime prevention, intruder detection, and security purposes.

    Dome CCTV cameras are typically more discreet and unobtrusive than other types of commercial CCTV cameras. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit different applications and security settings.

    There are a host of reasons! Here are just three.

    Dome surveillance cameras have a sleek, compact design that blends in well with their surroundings. Secondly, dome surveillance cameras offer a  range of viewing angles and are highly flexible.

    Lastly, dome surveillance cameras are typically easy to install and can be mounted on a ceiling or wall. This makes them a solid choice for many security settings and application.

    Here are some examples of businesses where dome CCTV cameras can be deployed effectively.

    These surveillance cameras can be deployed n a warehouse, car dealership, school, or manufacturing facility.

    Dome CCTV cameras can be used in an office building, gym, or restaurant to monitor working areas, dining areas, lobbies, and in the gym itself.

    Lastly, dome CCTV cameras can be used in a retail store, shop, or supermarket to used to monitor customer and employee activity, prevent theft and shoplifting and improve overall security.

    Yes, they are! If you are concerned about your commercial CCTV cameras being vandalised, dome surveillance cameras are a fantastic choice.

    One of the key benefits and advantages of dome cameras is their durability. These surveillance cameras are able to withstand rough treatment and harsh conditions, such as vandalism and strong winds.

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