Remote CCTV Monitoring Example

For businesses looking to protect significant and valuable assets, CCTV monitoring will deliver on a full range of security measures and objectives. Whether you are looking to deter thieves, catch intruders or prevent sabotage, CCTV monitoring should be considered by businesses seeking to protect their assets.

In this article, we focus on the costs associated with CCTV monitoring.

In fact, this may be a little misleading.

Yes, there are costs associated with CCTV monitoring.

However, when comparing these costs to the expense of employing physical guards, the argument for remote monitoring becomes even stronger.


CCTV Monitoring Costs – What Are They?

There are three costs related to remote CCTV monitoring. The costs are split between system hardware and installation costs, ongoing monitoring, and system maintenance.

The purpose of this article is to focus on both the costs related to CCTV remote monitoring and the significant savings on offer when compared to deploying physical guards.

Let’s get started with this article.

System Hardware and Installation Costs

We’ll base the following on a 20 camera system.

A 20-camera CCTV system would comprise of cameras, cabling, connectivity / power, sensors, Illuminators / IR beams, CCTV server, and NVR / DVR.

The system could take weeks to install, test, and commission.

The different types of cameras used can vary. These include:

  • High-resolution IP
  • Thermal imaging
  • Video analytics
  • Ultra HD

Depending on factors such as camera resolution, camera type, length of the installation, and site perimeter a 20-camera system could cost £50,000.

For businesses keen to minimise capital expenditure and manage cash flow, Safeguard Systems offer finance and leasing solutions through a network of trusted partners.

Monitoring & Maintenance Costs

To monitor a 20-camera system, you could pay in the region of £4,000 per year.

CCTV system maintenance could be anywhere up to £2,000 per year.


The Cost of Physical Guards

Businesses employ physical guards to patrol the site and monitor CCTV cameras.

A security guard is usually paid £25,000 – £30,000 per annum, or £12-£15 per hour. That’s if they are employed in-house.

If they are a contractor and have been sourced by an agency, the security guard is paid the same but the agency takes a premium.

Each business has a different set of security requirements.

Some require a security presence 24/7.

Some at specific times, usually overnight.

If we use these figures and apply them across a 12 or 24-hour period, we can see the daily cost of employing a security guard.

  • 24 hours at £12 – £15 = £288 – £360
  • 12 hours at £12 – £15 = £144 – £180

That’s £144 – £360 per day.

When we run these figures over a month, the cost of employing a physical guard is:

  • £4,320 – £5,400 per month based on 12 hours per day
  • £8,640 – £10,800 per month based on 24 hours per day

Over a year the figures are:

  • £51,840 – £64,800 per year based on 12 hours per day
  • £103,680 – £129,600 per year based on 24 hours per day

If guards work a 12-hour shift, you need two to cover 24 hours.

If guards work in tandem, you need 4 guards to cover 24 hours.

The sums are astronomical – £51,850 – £129,600 per year.

Onsite CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring Costs Vs The Cost of Physical Guards

To summarise, based on a 20-camera system, CCTV monitoring can cost:

  • Up to £50,000 for the system installation
  • In the region of £4,000 per year to monitor and up to £2,000 to maintain

That’s up to £56,000 in year one, and £6,000 per year thereafter.

Physical guards cost between a minimum £51,850 – £129,600 per year.

After the installation cost and year one monitoring and maintenance, CCTV monitoring could save up to £123,000 per year – based on this example.

Based on these figures, is there any reason a business wouldn’t consider CCTV monitoring?

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