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Our specialist security camera monitoring services are designed to protect your site 24/7 while removing the need to employ guards.

Take a journey through this page to learn how we protect businesses with our advanced security camera monitoring systems.

To help companies with varying budgets access these effective security solutions, we partner with:

  • Hikvision
  • Avigilon
  • Hanwha Vision
  • Axis Communications

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Security Industry Accreditations

Long range thermal cameras

Thermal cameras are designed to operate and detect incidents even in low-light and harsh weather conditions.

Integrated with AI video analytics, these cameras offer accurate visual identification capabilities.

When spotting threats is critical to site integrity, thermal cameras tick all boxes.


PTZ security cameras

For sites covering vast grounds and with substantial perimeters requiring protection, PTZ cameras are our go-to device.

With built-in pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, these security cameras spot threats at range.

Furthermore, this functionality allows us to track intruders around your site.

While our monitoring station contacts the authorities, we won’t lose sight of their movements around external areas of your premises.

Bullet & turret cameras

These cameras are the perfect choice for monitoring external areas of your site. Highly visible, they offer a sold deterrent to intruders and trespassers.

Each camera and device has its purpose.

At Safeguard, our system designers are dedicated to creating dependable security camera monitoring systems.

They ensure each system is equipped with the optimal combination of cameras and detection devices.

Intruder detection solutions

Detecting intruders and other security incidents is a critical part of this service:

Here’s how we will do it for you:

  • External security cameras for enhanced surveillance
  • AI video analytics for sophisticated visual recognition
  • Thermal security cameras for detecting threats, accurately
  • Sensors and beams, initiating immediate alerts.
  • Public address systems for issuing live warnings to trespassers

No stone is left unturned. Our CCTV monitoring system designers will tailor a solution that provides total site protection. 24/7.

How security camera monitoring systems work

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Complete site coverage is ensured through effective system design
  • Cameras are installed in line with your requirements
  • System integration with sensors and various detection devices.
  • Handover to an external monitoring station
  • Alerts immediately notify your dedicated offsite team upon activation
  • Keyholders are contacted if a review of the footage warrants action

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Our CCTV Monitoring Partners

CCTV monitoring system design - our process

To help our customers get the right system for their needs we have developed a 6 stage process covering initial contact through to ongoing support.

Protect Your site & assets with a monitored CCTV system.

  • Initial Consultation

  • Site Survey & System Design

  • Quote Approval and Order

  • System Installation

  • Customer Training

  • Ongoing Service

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