The best warehouse surveillance camera systems getting footage

Looking to learn more about the best surveillance camera systems for warehouses? Read this article today. Surveillance systems play a crucial role in securing and protecting warehouses. With the increasing demand for security measures to protect assets, operations and warehouses. 

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the best CCTV camera systems for warehouses. We will give an overview of each and how they can help improve overall warehouse security.

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Let’s start with this guide.

The first section covering the best warehosue surveillance systems is external CCTV.

External surveillance camera

External CCTV is critical in ensuring the security of a warehouse.

By deploying surveillance cameras covering key external areas of the site, you are providing a visual deterrent to potential intruders. Furthermore, external surveillance cameras help detect any security breaches, meaning they you can deal with them fast. 

Warehouses often have significant assets to protect, therefore a well-designed CCTV system will keep goods and other items secure.

The best external surveillance cameras for warehouses are:

  • PTZ 
  • Bullet 
  • Thermal 
  • Dome

PTZ cameras are ideal for covering large areas and you can remotely control them to zoom in and pan around the site. 

Bullet surveillance cameras provide high-quality images and are best suited for outdoor use. Additionally, a dome camera’s anti-vandal design and discreet design will help keep a warehouse safe from crime.

Lastly, thermal surveillance cameras are ideal for detecting potential security threats in low light or no light settings. They are also the perfect solution for delivering accurate human detection. 

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Perimeter surveillance

Perimeter surveillance cameras are an essential component of warehouse security. 

Surveillance cameras fitted with infrared beams and sensors are used to detect the presence of intruders. Sensors are also used to detect movement, but they are less visible and more discreet than infrared beams. 

Perimeter surveillance cameras provide a visual deterrent and can monitor the perimeter for any security breaches. When coupled with audio intervention, they act as a further deterrent.

When it comes to protecting a site perimeter, the best surveillance cameras for warehouses are:

  • PTZ 
  • Thermal
  • Long range bullet 
  • ANPR (number plate recognition 

PTZ surveillance cameras can be deployed to spot and monitor suspicious activity. Furthermore, thermal cameras provide accurate human detection capabilities in low and no-light settings.

Additionally,  bullet cameras can be deployed to spot threats at range. Lastly, ANPR cameras can be used to spot and track suspicious vehicles approaching the site perimeter. 

Monitored surveillance (CCTV monitoring)

In this section of our guide to the best surveillance camera systems for warehouses, we focus on monitored CCTV.

Monitored surveillance camera systems can significantly reduce the cost of security when compared to employing security guards. This makes a monitored surveillance system the perfect security choice for budget-conscious warehouse operations. 

With remote surveillance monitoring, cameras are fitted with sensors. If a sensor is triggered an alarm signal is sent to an offsite team. If a threat is spotted, the authorities are alerted.

Audio intervention can also warn an intruder that they you have spotted them and are being monitored. This can provide a strong deterrent to potential intruders and prevent them from proceeding with any criminal activities.

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Internal surveillance cameras

Internal surveillance cameras are for monitoring the warehouse, office areas and corridors to prevent theft. Furthermore, these cameras help protect and ensure the safety of employees. 

Well placed CCTV cameras help to deter and deal with a range of internal threats and safety issues.

They help to detect bullying and theft and can monitor the warehouse for accidents.

Dome, turret and bullet cameras are among the best surveillance cameras for warehouses looking to detect and deter internal threats. 

Here’s why:

  • Dome cameras are discreet and can be mounted in a variety of positions, making them ideal for monitoring the office areas
  • Bullet & turret surveillance cameras are ideal for monitoring corridors and other high-traffic areas

In the next part of this guide to the best surveillance camera systems for warehouses, we focus on covert CCTV.

Covert Surveillance

Covert surveillance cameras can play a crucial role in catching internal theft. You can place hidden cameras in strategic locations throughout the warehouse.

As covert surveillance cameras are not easily noticeable, it makes them ideal for monitoring employees or detecting any internal theft. 

The footage captured by these cameras can provide valuable evidence and assist with investigations.

If you have an issue with internal theft, read our guide to covert CCTV cameras today!

ANPR surveillance cameras

ANPR CCTV cameras are specifically designed for use in the surveillance of vehicles. Furthermore, they can be deployed as part of an effective site access control system. 

They are effective in detecting and storing the number plates of vehicles that approach the site, making it easier to track any suspicious vehicles. In the event of this situation unfolding, you can use the vehicle number plate captured by the ANPR cameras to identify the perpetrators and assist with investigations.

If these vehicles approach the site again, an alarm signal can be sent to an onsite or offsite security team.

ANPR cameras can also protect and manage site access seamlessly. You can program number plates of approved vehicles into a system to grant site access.

This is fantastic for security.

Furthemore, it can help reduce the cost of deployed security guards to manage access manually. 

Thermal surveillance cameras

In the last section of this guide to the best surveillance camera systems for warehouses, we look at thermal CCTV.

Thermal CCTV surveillance cameras use thermal imaging technology to detect heat signatures. In layman’s terms, this means they can detect individuals or vehicles that are not visible to the naked eye. 

This makes them an ideal solution for improving threat detection in low light and no light settings. When coupled with advanced AI-driven video analytics, they provide an accurate human detection solution.

As discussed earlier in this guide to the best surveillance systems for warehouses, thermal CCTV cameras can monitor the perimeter of the warehouse. When coupled with a monitored surveillance system, they provide 24/7 coverage.

The best surveillance camera systems for warehouses – summary

As discussed in this article, there are a host of surveillance cameras and systems available to protect warehouses. From internal CCTV cameras to perimeter surveillance systems, warehouses have the means to deal with threats and meet security objectives seamlessly. 

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