In this article, we offer an overview of the different types of warehouse CCTV cameras and systems. Warehouses by design, hold and store lots of valuable items that are attractive to thieves. From larger retailers holding their own stock, to third parties operating on behalf of clients, warehouses need protection from a range of security threats.

To ensure these valuable assets are protected at all times, having the right CCTV cameras in place is an essential measure. 

Warehouses often have vast grounds, buildings, goods, and perimeters to protect. Therefore,  internal and external surveillance cameras are required. 

There are many security cameras available to protect commercial premises. However, when it comes to warehouse surveillance, there are some key CCTV systems best suited to protecting these sites.

In this quick guide, we will provide insight into all of the different types of CCTV cameras for warehouses.

In each section, we provide the key benefits of each.

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What are the different types of security & surveillance cameras for warehouses?

When it comes to protecting warehouses from critical security issues, accurate threat detection is key. Therefore thermal, PTZ, covert (spy cameras), dome, and bullet surveillance cameras are good choices.

Perimeter surveillance and CCTV monitoring systems offer the perfect solution for securing sites and protecting assets.

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Types of warehouse CCTV & surveillance cameras

In this section of our guide to the different types of warehouse CCTV cameras and systems, we focus on the best cameras to deploy.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) surveillance cameras

PTZ cameras come with built-in functions to pan left and right, and tilt up and down. Additionally, these cameras can zoom in on targets. 

Due to their significant viewing capabilities, these cameras are perfectly suited to warehouses.

These features make them well-suited for use in warehouse security systems.

A single camera can cover a large area by itself. Furthermore, they can focus on specific objects. This offers optimum threat detection, especially if you need to monitor and track suspicious activity.

If an intruder breaches the site perimeter or is seen trying to find an access point, they can be easily tracked and dealt with.

This is especially possible when coupled with audio intervention/challenge.

Covert surveillance cameras

Warehouses often have to deal with internal and employee theft. As mentioned at the start of this guide, warehouses by nature hold and store valuable items.

iPads, phones, IT equipment, and vapes can be easily sold on the black market. 

Whilst the impact of a box of iPads may not be financially disastrous itself, employee theft can result in the client losing confidence in a third-party warehouse operation.

If a business loses a key client account, this could be financially disastrous. 

To manage and deal with this threat with accuracy, covert CCTV cameras can be deployed. Detecting these threats with accuracy can be a challenge. Employers need to tread carefully if and when they accuse an employee of theft.

Therefore, covert surveillance cameras can provide undeniable evidence of employee theft with the culprit easily dealt with. 

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Thermal CCTV cameras

As mentioned above, threat detection is key to managing warehouse security. Thermal cameras boast the very unique and versatile ability to produce images the human eye cannot. 

This function is achieved through using a built-in infrared sensor which converts objects into a colour scale image. This feature makes them ideal for use in warehouses.

Thermal cameras have the capability to detect threats in no-light and low-light settings. Organised thieves are most likely to target a warehouse at night. 

Therefore, thermal CCTV cameras, coupled with advanced AI-driven video analytics can easily detect human presence with far greater accuracy than standard surveillance devices. 

Dome CCTV cameras

Dome CCTV cameras seamlessly blend in with their surroundings, thanks to their compact design and circular shape. 

Their versatility means they can work in both indoor and outdoor settings. 

For warehouses, they can effectively monitor employees and goods without being invasive. Furthermore, they can protect outdoor areas with a level of stealth, again thanks to their inconspicuous design.

Turret CCTV cameras

As specialists in this sector, we believe turret cameras are a solid CCTV solution for warehouse operations focused on internal and external surveillance. 

To provide quality surveillance footage, Turret surveillance cameras often integrate with IR lighting which helps with threat detection after dark. 

They are small, compact, and easy to adjust, making them versatile surveillance cameras for warehouses.

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Bullet CCTV cameras

Bullet cameras also offer a compact design with high-performance levels. 

Where dome surveillance cameras offer an element of stealth, bullet cameras work best as a visible deterrent. 

For warehouses, these surveillance cameras act as a strong and constant reminder to criminals and employees that they are under surveillance. 

As a threat deterrent, this certainly helps to keep the warehouse and its goods protected.

Types of warehouse CCTV & surveillance systems

In this section of our guide to the types of warehouse CCTV cameras and systems, we focus on CCTV monitoring and perimeter protection 

To summarise, sensor-activated CCTV monitoring can improve threat detection whilst reducing the cost of security.

Additionally, perimeter protection systems provide the opportunity to detect threats early and deal with them before they unfold. 

Sensor-activated CCTV monitoring systems

CCTV monitoring systems are the perfect security solution for warehouses looking to improve threat detection and reduce the cost of employing physical guards.

As the name suggests, these cameras activate when movement is detected. 

When a sensor is activated, an off-site security team can immediately review the footage, and take the appropriate action.

CCTV monitoring & perimeter protection

For warehouses, these cameras are especially useful for perimeter protection, which we will go into more detail about later in this article. 

In short, criminals looking to break in and steal valuable goods are likely to enter through or over the perimeter fence. 

Therefore, immediate detection and action are critical to managing and reducing the impact of the threat posed by thieves and trespassers.

Audio challenge and intervention

Additionally, as mentioned earlier in this article, ‘audio challenge’ can be incorporated into the design of these systems. When an intruder is spotted, your offsite team can communicate with the individual(s), warning them their presence is known – another effective threat deterrent!

Reducing the cost of warehouse security

The cost of deploying 24/7 or after-hours guards can be expensive. In reality, the threat of warehouse theft is infrequent. The impact can be significant, however, threats need to be balanced against budgets and risk.

Sensor-activated CCTV monitoring provides the perfect solution to managing security threats, whilst reducing costs.

The cost of deploying a CCTV monitoring system can be up to 80% cheaper than deploying security guards.

If you are interested in reading more about thermal sensor-activated cameras and remote monitoring, you can find articles we published on all of their uses here.

Perimeter security and protection 

For warehouses, the first line of defence is a secure perimeter.

There are various types of perimeter security systems, available to protect and secure warehouses.

Perimeter surveillance for warehouses

Perimeter surveillance systems help secure warehouse operations by detecting and deterring threats before they enter the site. 

Long-range PTZ, thermal and ANPR cameras can detect, track and deal with security threats efficiently. 

Perimeter protection for warehouses

Furthermore, perimeter protection systems such as alarms, fitted with beams and sensors offer an exceptional level of threat detection. 

When a potential intruder crosses a beam or activates a sensor, an alarm signal is sent to your onsite, or offsite security team.

To summarise, protecting your warehouse’s perimeter helps to nip threats in the bud before they unfold and become more challenging and dangerous to deal with.

Article summary – the different types of warehouse CCTV cameras & systems

The intention of this guide to the different types of warehouse CCTV cameras and systems is to help owners and operators of warehouse operations make the best security choices to protect their sites. 

Each type of warehouse CCTV camera type we have covered offers certain features that can help keep sites and the goods stored securely at all times.

Often, when designing a robust commercial CCTV system, you will need to deploy a range of cameras. This is where specialists like the team here at Safeguard Systems, deliver massive value to our customers.

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