Warehouse CCTV footage of a man on a forklift

Security is about protecting assets. Warehouses, by nature, offer rich pickings to ad-hoc criminals and organised gangs alike. Distribution centres may have hundreds of TVs, laptops, iPads and other goods generally sought after by thieves.

Other warehouses may contain tools, car parts and toys. All of these items are a source of income for criminals. That’s not to mention, warehouse workers stealing goods from under the noses of their bosses.

In this blog, we take a quickfire look at how to improve warehouse security in five easy steps.

They are:

  • Have a security checklist
  • Reduce the costs of security with remote monitoring
  • Improve the first layer of defense with perimeter detection systems
  • Make sure you have an effective CCTV system installed (internal and external)
  • Use access control systems to manage access and track staff whereabouts

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CCTV, remote moniroting, access control and intruder detection.


Have a security checklist

Security is the responsibility of the business owner. However, everyone can play their part. We always recommend having a daily security checklist.

Are all the windows locked? Even the ones in the toilets?

Have you locked the doors and set the alarm?

Is there a designated keyholder?

What happens when they are on holiday?

Is the perimeter fence checked regularly? Any easy access points through rusting fence wire?

Looking for ideas? You can get some by reading our business security checklist.

CCTV monitoring at a warehouse

Reduce the costs of security with remote monitoring

Many warehouses employ physical guards who cost a lot of money in salaries.

Remote monitoring enables businesses to have their cameras viewed remotely by a team of security professionals.

When an alert is triggered, your off-site CCTV monitoring team views the live footage and performs the role of a security guard.

They can contact the authorities or even communicate (warn) the intruder via Tannoy that they have been spotted.

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Perimeter detection at a warehouse

Improve the first layer of defence with perimeter detection systems

A site’s perimeter is the first layer of defence.

Security lighting is often deployed to warn off would-be intruders. This is fine, but only serves one purpose- a deterrent. Criminals are smart, they know they have time.

Safeguard Systems has designed and installed many perimeter protection and detection systems at a range of sites in the UK.

Here are a few systems that can be deployed to boost a site’s perimeter protection.


Cameras monitoring the perimeter should be deployed to spot threats and deter criminals.


These number plate recognition cameras can be installed to tracks number plates of vehicles approaching the perimeter. If the system logs the same plate late at night several times, this could mean you have someone scoping the premises.

Beams and sensors

Just like in Mission Impossible, beams can be set to trigger and alert when the path of the beam is broken.

CCTV system being designed for a warehouse unit

Make sure you have an effective CCTV system installed (internal and external)

You would be surprised to learn that not all warehouses have CCTV. The bare minimum is having alarms, as it is a requirement by insurers.

External cameras can and will deter criminals.

Internal cameras can be used to deter employee theft, keep staff safe, and spot incidents of anti-social behaviour.

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Acceess control system restricting access to oarts of a warehouse

Use access control systems to manage access and track staff whereabouts

Here we will look at two types of access control.

  • Key fob door entry
  • Intercoms

Key fob door entry

These door entry systems help to manage access effectively in, out and around the site.

Staff can be provided access to the areas they work in. Access can be restricted, to areas they don’t or where sensitive information, hazardous areas or cash needs protecting.


Video intercom can be used to screen guests and visitors giving reception staff peace of mind.

Furthermore, audio intercoms can be used to grant access internally to sensitive areas of the site where access is generally restricted.

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