Education security project requirements

A respected local college recognised the necessity for an upgraded CCTV infrastructure to secure vital areas – the car park, sports centre, and crucial external zones of its expansive campus.

In a bustling college environment with a high student footfall, the challenge was to minimise cabling complexities and disruptions.

Collaborating with an SSAIB-certified security firm was imperative to ensure a superior installation and operational excellence.

Upon contacting Safeguard Systems, an education security specialist, a date was agreed to carry out a full site assessment,  needs analysis, and project scope.

Site audit & system recommendations

One of our experienced security systems estimaters conducted an exhaustive site evaluation and needs analysis, laying the foundation for our tailored recommendations.

To streamline the system’s efficiency, we proposed Hikvision Panovu cameras, efficiently reducing cabling and camera count.

Addressing car park entry, DeepInView ANPR cameras were recommended, while Hikvision Darkfighter bullet cameras were proposed for safeguarding the sports centre.

The recommended system aligned with the college’s key requirements – budget-conscious, minimal disruption, and limited cabling.

The installation phase & sign off

Safeguard Systems’ experienced CCTV installers, all DBS-checked, undertook the project with meticulous care and flexibility.

Executed during and beyond core hours to ensure minimal disturbances, the installation was thoughtfully divided into two phases.

Phase one tackled the main car park, followed by phase two encompassing the college grounds and sports centre.

Throughout the process, our engineers collaborated seamlessly with the college’s facilities team, adhering to rigorous health and safety protocols.

The outcome left the college better protected against a rage if threats, fortifying their security overall efforts.

Education system overview - what we installed

Here is a concise overview of the system:

  • Car parks: DeepInMind ANPR & Darkfighter bullet CCTV cameras
  • Sports centre: Darkfighter bullet & Panovu surveillance cameras
  • College grounds: DeepInMind ANPR, Panovu & Darkfighter bullet CCTV cameras
  • CCTV Footage: 64-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR)

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