Customer requirements & project background

Situated amidst the scenic beauty of West Sussex, Seaford College stands as a distinguished independent school offering an outstanding educational journey for students ranging from 5 to 18 years old.

Due to the affluent nature of their customers, site security is key. Therefore, to offer a secure learning environment, security starts at the front gate. As a result, the client required an upgraded, fully automated access solution to allow only recognised vehicles to enter the site.

After an initial fact-finding meeting, one of our skilled estimators attended the site to conduct a thorough assessment.

Reviewing the legacy gate automation system

Upon reviewing the legacy system, we encountered a significant issue that impacted security. The efficiency of the system was compromised due to inconsistent performance of ANPR cameras in capturing number plates.

This posed an inconvenience for authorised drivers trying to access the school premises.

As a result, this impacted the credibility of the school, and caused operational issues for the school, in addition to customer complaints.


The proposed gate automation system

The site had two entrances – the east and west gate. After reviewing the customer’s requirements, we proposed an entry ANPR camera to be fitted onto an existing bollard, and an exit ANPR camera to be mounted to the existing gate controller enclosure at the west gate.

For the east gate, we proposed an entry ANPR Camera to fitted onto the existing sliding gate framework, below the current keycode pad.

To offer an integrated solution, the ANPR Cameras would integrated with the existing Paxton Net 2 Access Control system.

To meet the customer’s requirements, we recommended Nedap ANPR Lumo cameras to manage vehicle access.

An overview of the system: Nedap ANPR Lumo cameras

Nedap’s ANPR Lumo solution offers a comprehensive all-in-one number plate camera with embedded software, data analyser, and IR illuminator.

These cameras offer a significant range of benefits including a read range of 2 to 10 meters, ensuring efficient vehicle recognition and deep learning algorithms. Nedap’s ANPR Lumo cameras accurately capture numbers in challenging conditions and read plates with various font formats.

These ANPR cameras are ideal for applications such as vehicle access control and free-flow parking, helping to keep sites secure whilst maintaining the free flow of authorised visitors and vehicles.

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