This article offers a guide to turret CCTV cameras. Turret security cameras are one of the most popular and recognisable types of commercial CCTV cameras on the market. Highly regarded for their flexible application, night vision capabilities, and accurate threat detection, these compact surveillance cameras offer businesses a host of benefits when protecting their commercial premises. 

In this guide to turret CCTV cameras, we’ll take a look at the various features and benefits these security devices offer. The aim of this guide is to offer businesses insight into whether these commercial CCTV cameras are the right choice for their new or upgraded surveillance systems. 

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The features of turret CCTV cameras

In this section of our guide to turret CCTV cameras, we cover their key features. Turret surveillance cameras boast a range of useful and effective features including:

  • Ball and socket design
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Compact Shape
  • Waterproof

Ball and socket design

This feature explains why the camera is given its name.

The ball-shaped camera is slotted into a socket mound, allowing it to move in any direction (much like a turret). 

This gives the camera a lot of flexibility when it comes to viewing angles and coverage. They can pivot and rotate in nearly any direction from where the camera is fixed. 

Night vision capabilities (IR LED integration)

In comparison to some other camera types, turret cameras offer an excellent resolution in low-light and no-light settings. 

Where the glass casing around a dome camera creates an IR glare at night, seriously hindering vision and footage quality, the turret camera’s lack of glass casing negates this issue. 

Most turret cameras also come with built-in IR night vision, providing high-quality resolution and surveillance footage 24/7.

Compact shape

Another feature of the turret cameras is their inconspicuous design and compact shape.

Turrets have a relatively small shape and design, compared to bullet cameras.

Therefore, this makes them far less susceptible to being noticed.

Considering these factors, they are ideal for companies at risk of their CCTV surveillance cameras being vandalised, tampered with, and damaged.


Turret CCTV cameras are waterproof making them ideal for external surveillance.

If your network cable is exposed to the elements, turret surveillance cameras can be fitted with a grommet to ensure they are waterproof.

In the next section of this guide to turret CCTV cameras, we take a look at the benefits and advantages they offer.

The benefits of turret CCTV cameras

The benefits and advantages of turret surveillance cameras are clear when comparing them against their two main competitors, anti-vandal dome and bullet cameras. 

Where all three offer something different, and all have their own strengths depending on what you desire, turret cameras are widely regarded as the best of both worlds.

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When it comes to the benefits and advantages of turret CCTV cameras, they are:

  • Effective surveillance in no-light settings
  • Discreet and unobtrusive
  • Anti-IR glare improves footage quality 
  • Easy installation – lower install costs

Effective surveillance in no-light settings

The night vision capabilities of turret CCTV cameras are equal to bullet cameras. 

Bullet cameras are often considered an excellent choice for no-light surveillance settings.

However, turret surveillance cameras offer a less bulky body and a far greater viewing range due to the ball and socket design.

Discreet and unobtrusive

When compared to vandal-resistant domes, turret CCTV cameras don’t offer the same damage protection (glass casing). Nevertheless, they make up for it by being more difficult to spot.

This is perfect for businesses looking to detect and catch criminals, as opposed to having a visual deterrent. 

Who needs strong glass protection and tamper-proofing if your camera can’t be seen in the first place? 

Anti-IR glare improves CCTV footage quality 

Turret video surveillance cameras’ compact design and flexibility mean they can be placed well out of sight and reach.

Furthermore, compared to domes, they don’t have the same infra-red (IR) glare issues.

Easy installation – lower install costs

Whilst we don’t recommend any business installing their own commercial CCTV camera systems, these easy-to-install surveillance cameras can reduce installation costs.

The simple design of turret CCTV cameras makes installation a straightforward process. 

Most turret cameras come in three components:

  • The ball camera
  • Socket mound
  • A collar for fastening the two together

This makes for a relatively simple installation process.

Furthermore, the flexibility of the turret camera viewing capabilities means that most install positions will provide effective surveillance and coverage for your commercial premises.

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A guide to turret CCTV cameras – article summary

We hope you have gained value from reading our guide to turret CCTV cameras. 

To summarise, turret CCTV cameras are a versatile security device, ideal for those wanting an effective solution to internal and external surveillance coverage. 

Their night vision capabilities enable 24-hour coverage and accurate detection after dark. Considering this factor, this offers businesses peace of mind at all times, knowing that their commercial premises are protected 24/7.

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Lastly, turret surveillance cameras’ inconspicuous design makes them harder to vandalise or tampered with.

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