Dome CCTV cameras are some of the most popular surveillance camera options for security-focused businesses. Due to their design, they capture surveillance footage perfectly and are hard to vandalise.

In this article about dome CCTV cameras, a closer look at their benefits, types and uses.

What are dome CCTV cameras?

As their name suggests, they are dome-shaped surveillance cameras that form part of a business’ security cameras system. Their dome shape allows for 360-degree surveillance, providing an overt presence that can help deter criminal activity.

Additionally they provide the camera better protection against vadalism and the elements through their design and build.

Where are dome surveillance cameras used in a business?

The primary reason for installing security cameras is to deter theft and vandalism and to collect surveillance footage.

Where crimes are committed, prosecutors can use footage in evidence where an investigation is necessary.

Dome security cameras are usually installed at business premises where security is essential, like offices, warehouses, commercial premises and at entry and exit points of hotels.

What are the benefits of these CCTV cameras?

Dome CCTV cameras offer several benefits, including:


The design of dome CCTV cameras means they can be as discreet or noticeable depending on the requirements of the business. Because of this, these highly effective cameras can discreetly monitor activity or as part of a visible threat deterrent


The dome casing protects the camera from extreme weather, birds, and vandalism attacks. Additionally, you can use infrared lenses to monitor sites in low-light and no-light environments.

Easy installation

For offices and commercial premises requiring a fast install. dome security cameras are a fantastic choice. They also require minimal maintenance once installed. A yearly visit from your security company, some simple cleaning, and checks will suffice.

What are the different types?

Dome CCTV cameras differ depending on their location in or connectivity options. Some of the options available include:

Outdoor dome cameras

They withstand harsh weather and other natural elements such as rain, sleet and cold temperatures, thanks to their design.

Indoor dome cameras

Well-positioned and professionally installed dome cameras, provide exceptional levels of internal surveillance. From this, you can deploy indoor dome CCTV cameras to:

  • Spot incident of internal theft
  • Deal with anti-social behaviour
  • Resolve internal disputes

Non-IP cameras

These dome cameras connect to a DVR through a co-axial cable. Mains electricity powers them. These CCTV cameras are ‘analog’.

IP dome cameras

These dome cameras connect via an organisation’s IP infrastructure.

Once connected, they can be managed as part of an IP network, which is music to the ear of most internal IT departments!

Infrared dome cameras

Infrared-enabled dome CCTV cameras contain various IR light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that allow the camera to see in complete darkness.

These cameras offer an element of stealth. They spot intruders, while remaining undetectable.

Dome CCTV cameras – a few things to consider

If you are thinking about installing dome CCTV cameras, there are a few things to consider:

  • How many cameras are needed for the area you want to cover?
  • The type of monitoring you require (discreet monitoring or overt surveillance)
  • The video quality and footage storage requirements
  • Any environmental or occupational hazards?
  • The type of installation most suitable for your needs (cabling, supporting equipment)

Article summary

Dome CCTV cameras are versatile and easy to manage.

To summarise, you can deploy them in a range of settings, with a range of types available. Dome surveillance cameras are versatile, and robust and even come with built-in IR capabilities.

They are a great choice, but only if you pick the right ones for your premises. To deliver optimum security, CCTV systems typically compromise of multiple cameras including:

  • Turret cameras
  • PTZ cameras
  • Bullet cameras
  • Corner cameras

If you are in the process of considering your security system options, talk to us today by calling 0800 689 1835 or visiting our page dedicated to commercial CCTV.