Business CCTV cameras

Business and commercial CCTV systems provide a whole range of benefits and advantages. An investment in commercial CCTV is therefor a wise choice for businesses looking to protect and secure its site, premises and property.

In this short article, we address the five key advantages of using a CCTV system within a business.

Benefits of CCTV surveillance systems for a business – the five main advantages of security cameras

In this article, we’ll take a walk through some of the main benefits and advantages commercial CCTV systems can offer a range of companies and organisations.

The main five benefits  and advantages of  business CCTV systems we cover in this blog are:

  • Deterring crime
  • Monitoring on-site activity
  • Collecting evidence for criminal prosecutions
  • Solving disputes (decision making)
  • Keeping records of attendance

Before we do, here’s an overview of the different types of businesses Safeguard Systems works with.

Business & commercial CCTV systems – keeping staff, equipment and premises secure

These CCTV systems help companies, and those in charge of security, manage a range of security threats and objectives.

Business CCTV systems require a far more sophisticated security camera installation compared to your average residential setup.

Our expert, specialist, business security system installers are always on hand to provide expert advice on a range of commercial CCTV systems.

Here at Safeguard Systems, we work with a range of businesses including:

  • Office-based businesses
  • Solar Farms
  • Hotels
  • Car Dealerships
  • Construction and building sites
  • Schools
  • Car parks
  • Shops and retail outlets
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Farms
Office CCTV system

Office CCTV systems

Firstly, here’s a quick overview of how office / business CCTV systems are an important part of an office-based business’ security system.

  • Office CCTV systems help secure office blocks and individual business premises with robust security camera systems
  • Office-based businesses are often targeted for vehicle crime, general theft and vandalism
  • Additionally, security cameras placed inside the building can help to deter employee theft, verbal and physical altercations
  • CCTV systems providing full coverage of the car park can also give staff the peace of mind they need when walking to their vehicles in the dark
  • Furthermore, remote CCTV monitoring for offices can help reduce the cost of onsite security

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Solar Farm CCTV system

Solar Farm CCTV systems

Here’s a quick overview of how solar farm CCTV systems are an important part of a solar site’s security system.

  • Solar farm security systems  protect sites from a range of threats, such as panel theft, vandalism, sabotage and more. 
  • Criminals are starting to target solar farms more and more. To combat this, an effective perimeter protection system on a solar site, integrated with CCTV, is an effective crime deterrent
  • We have years of solar farm CCTV experience – have read through of one of our recent solar farm CCTV case studies

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Hotel CCTV system

Hotel CCTV systems

Here’s a quick overview of how hotel CCTV systems are an important part of a hospitality business’ security system.

  • Hotel CCTV systems help to deter crime. The most common hotel security system objectives include
    • Securing car parks
    • Monitoring entrances and exits
    • Protecting guests
    • Detering theft
  • Keeping guests, safe and secure is paramount to the smooth running of any hospitality business.
Car dealership CCTV

Car showroom & dealership CCTV systems

Here’s a quick overview of how car showroom CCTV systems are an important part of an automotive dealership’s security system.

  • Car dealership security systems include CCTV monitoring systems that help car dealers reduce the costly impact of crime.
  • Car dealers are often targeted by criminals for their valuable stock. Unfortunately, they are also targeted by petty vandals, with cars being damaged on a regular basis.
  • If you’re reading this and are in charge of security for a car dealership, read through our recent car dealership CCTV guide
Building site CCTV

Construction site CCTV systems

Here’s a quick overview of how building site CCTV systems are an important part of a construction site security system.

School CCTV security system

School CCTV and security camera systems

Here’s a quick overview of how school CCTV systems are an important part of a school’s’ security system.

  • School and education CCTV systems help deter and reduce crime such as vandalism, theft and more
  • Schools are often the victims of crimes such as vandalism, break-ins and equipment theft (computers and sports equipment).

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Car park CCTV surveillance cameras

Car Park CCTV surveillance systems

Here’s a quick overview of how car park CCTV systems are an important part of a business’ security system.

  • Car Park CCTV systems provide a safe environment for people to park their cars through the implementation of robust HD, IP and CCTV monitoring systems.
  • These CCTV systems are set up to help protect customers against being mugged, or having their cars broken into
Retail security camera system

CCTV for shops and retail outlets

Here’s a quick overview of how office retail systems are an important part of a shops’  security system.

  • Shops and retail outlet CCTV surveillance helping to deter a range of security threats such as shoplifting 
  • We install highly effective CCTV systems for shops and retail stores covering IP CCTV, and offsite CCTV monitoring systems
  • These commercial CCTV systems help reduce the threat of shoplifting, employee theft and more

Warehouse and factory CCTV systems

Here’s a quick overview of how warehouse and factory CCTV systems are an important part of these business’ security system.

  • Warehouses CCTV systems help to deter theft and keep goods and assets secure
  • Warehouses are often targeted by criminals looking to steal expensive goods
  • Factories can be targeted often, to acquire experience machinery and parts
Farm image for CCTV blog

Farm CCTV systems

Finally, here’s a quick overview of how farm CCTV systems are an important part of a rural-based business’ security system set up.

  • Farm CCTV systems help protect and secure farms with security camera systems.
  • These security systems help reduce livestock and quad bike theft as well as vandalism
  • Due to their remote locations, farms often need a high level of security. Perimeters can often be breached easily through gaps in fencing and more
  • For more guidance around the security threats farms face, you can read our articles on reducing the impact of plant theft and our updated piece on the rise of rural crime

The benefits and advantages of commercial CCTV systems

Here are the main areas we feel provide the key benefits:

1. CCTV is an effective crime deterrent 

Through implementing a robust CCTV installation, you establish an effective crime deterrent for your business.

A solid HD CCTV system will provide crystal clear images of any suspicious activity, as well as this, it will provide solid evidence where required. 

IP CCTV systems will allow for seamless integration with your current IT infrastructure.

In addition to ‘CCTV in operation’ signs, making sure the security cameras are visible to intruders will provide an effective deterrent. The sight of a CCTV camera will make an intruder think twice, knowing if it’s being actively monitored, the Police could be on their way.

2. Monitoring on-site activity with CCTV surveillance

Peace of mind and employee safety is another important area of a business’s security system objectives.

CCTV surveillance systems can keep a watchful eye over what’s happening within the business. 

During the winter when you arrive at work and leave in the dark, employees may feel vulnerable walking across the car park. By having an effective CCTV installation in place, you create peace of mind for employees in this situation.

Security cameras placed inside the business can also help to monitor behaviour, workplace theft and bullying.

To ensure that you don’t miss security breaches and threats, we’d recommend considering a monitored CCTV system.

CCTV monitoring enables businesses to have their security cameras monitored 24/7 at an off-site location, and reduce the cost of security

3. Collecting evidence for criminal prosecutions

Although commercial CCTV systems are an effective way to deter crime, incidents do still occur.

Whether you invest in a HD or IP security camera system, the footage gained can be used in evidence when prosecuting criminals.

The security systems can help law enforcment solve crimes more easily. The evidence provided from your CCTV footage includes:

  • The time the incident took place
  • The location inside or outside the premise where the incident occurred
  • Audio and visual evidence  – faces, clothing worn and more

Unfortunately, there are instances where businesses neglect their CCTV systems. Effective CCTV maintenance will ensure the systems are in good working order and footage remains clear. 

There is nothing more heartbreaking for a business owner to be the victim of crime.

Even more so, should the security camera system be faulty and no footage obtained. 

Commercial CCTV system being installed

4. Decision making and solving internal disputes (crime and behaviour)

Anyone who has worked in a business knows various incidents happen from time to time.

This can include:

  • Verbal disagreements
  • Physical altercations
  • Theft
  • Anti-social behaviour

CCTV surveillance systems enable the business owner, or security team, to understand what’s happened, who’s to blame and what action needs to be taken.

Additionally, well-placed security cameras in a business will act as a deterrent to this kind of activity.

A happy, safe, and secure workforce is a productive one. A productive workforce helps create a good business environment.

In addition to CCTV, there are a number of other security systems businesses use to manage a range of threats.

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Ultra HD CCTV in use at a business

5. Keeping records of attendance, timekeeping and more (staff and visitors)

Some businesses have a high volume of employee footfall in and out of the premises.

Additionally, there are some companies that have a high volume of visitors.

An effective CCTV system can help to:

  • Monitor staff who are coming in and out of the site, for timekeeping and productivity purposes
  • Track visitors as they arrive and leave your premises
  • Keep an eye on delivery drivers entering and exiting your site, office warehouse and more

In addition to CCTV, when looking to manage these objectives there are other security systems that help fulfill these requirements.

An effective access control installation helps to manage and record access to and from a business.

These systems include:

  • IP Intercom systems – video & audio 
  • Video door entry systems (video intercom)
  • Door entry systems
  • Keyless door entry systems – keycards, key fobs and swipe cards

We’ve recently published an article on the benefits and advantages of access control systems for businesses.

If the above objectives are part of your current security systems requirements, then this article will help to broaden your understanding.

CCTV Monitoring Operative Viewing Camera Footage

The benefits of Business CCTV Systems – summary

By now, we hope you have a firm understanding of the benefits CCTV systems bring to a range of businesses. 

To summarise, the main benefits of commercial CCTV systems are:

  • Deterring crime
  • Monitoring on-site activity
  • Collecting evidence for criminal prosecutions
  • Solving disputes (decision making)
  • Keeping records of attendance

The CCTV systems we design and implement for businesses help deter crime, catch criminals, manage internal disputes and more.

If you’d like to discuss your business security system requirements, you can call us today on 0800 689 1835 or send us a message via our contact page.

Alternatively, you can send us a quick message via our live chat just below this article.

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