Benefits of security systems

There are many benefits of security systems for businesses. When looking to deter and reduce the impact of crime, businesses invest in security systems such as CCTV, security alarms, and access control.

In this blog we will cover the:

  • Security threats businesses face
  • Benefits of security systems for businesses

The security threats businesses face – theft, vandalism, antisocial behaviour, and more. 

As experienced security systems installers, we’ve worked on a range of projects for customers with varying objectives.

We’ve installed numerous systems for businesses looking to protect themselves from crime and invest in security as a deterrent. 

Unfortunately, some of the businesses we’ve supported, have been the victims of crime and are looking to improve security to deter further incidents and threats.

Typically the security threats businesses face are

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Health and safety issues
  • Unauthorised access 
  • Break-ins
  • General staff and visitor safety
  • Anti-social behaviour

A well designed, robust security system will help deter the above threats. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean you can deter all threats. In the event of a crime taking place, security systems such as CCTV can help catch the perpetrators. 

Security system for a business

The Benefits of security systems for businesses

In our experience, every business has a different set of objectives when looking to invest in a security system.

Our bespoke services enable us to cater for a wide range of security needs and objectives.

When considering the benefits of security systems for businesses, the below list covers the majority:

Reduce and deter employee theft

Many businesses have to address incidents of theft on-site. An effective CCTV installation, with strategically placed cameras can help deter and spot theft. In the event of a crime taking place, CCTV footage can track down the perpetrator.

Additionally, where there is a risk of employees stealing expensive equipment, an access control system can protect and limit entry to certain areas of the business. 

Using CCTV to deter theft


Deter and catch shoplifters

Shops and retail outlets are often the victims of shoplifting. Occasional isolated incidents, however irritating, can be dealt with easily. However, when thieves consistently target a store, a robust CCTV system can act as a strong deterrent. 

Footage can also help to apprehend criminals in the event of a crime taking place. 

Additionally, a monitored CCTV system can be used to spot threats as they occur and swift action taken to prevent a crime taking place.

Office car parks are often the target of vandals and thieves. When cars are left overnight in the car park, the threat of crime increases. 

To reduce the threat of vehicle related crime, we’d always recommend an IP based CCTV system. IP based CCTV systems provide crystal clear images, which can be used in evidence. 

Where possible a monitored CCTV system, is the optimum choice. With remote CCTV monitoring systems, your security cameras are viewed 24/7 by a specialist team of security professionals. 

Not only do monitored CCTV systems help spot more threats, in many cases they can reduce the cost of on-site security.

CCTV for businesses

Peace of mind

Running a business is stressful. A well thought out security system can bring peace of mind to the business owner, knowing they have taken all necessary steps to prevent and deter crime.

Many business owners leave expensive machinery and IT equipment onsite overnight. Cars and vans are often left in the car park, unattended. 

An integrated CCTV and alarm system will provide a strong deterrent to criminals and thieves.

Catch and apprehend criminals

Criminals are always looking at new ways to go about their business. Whilst a security system can be a strong deterrent, it’s an unfortunate fact crime still takes place.

In the past we’ve worked with businesses where the current CCTV installation isn’t fit for purpose. For some instances businesses were using outdated, grainy black and white footage. In some cases the security cameras hadn’t been maintained and were unreliable at best. We can’t stress highly enough the need for ongoing CCTV maintenance

Business security system - CCTV

To help catch and apprehend criminals we would recommend:

  • IP based CCTV systems – high-quality footage and images
  • Monitored CCTV systems – peace of mind knowing your security cameras are monitored 24/7
  • Security Alarms – when triggered, alarms are a strong deterrent to crime

Prevent unauthorised entry – break-ins

Attempted break-ins happen all the time. 

If criminals know the site is alarmed they are less likely to attempt a break in.

Couple this with a monitored CCTV system and you have a fantastic deterrent in place.

However, preventing unauthorised access doesn’t always relate to criminal activity. An effective video intercom system can be used to manage the flow of site visitors in and out of the building.

Prevent unauthorised entry – restricted access for protected areas

It’s common for businesses to want to limit access to certain areas of the building or site.

For example, in a retail outlet, management may wish to restrict access to areas holding large amounts of cash.

An import / export business may wish to provide staff full access to the office but restrict employees from entering the warehouse. Busy warehouses can present a health and safety threat, if staff are allowed to come and go as they please.

Many businesses also look to protect sensitive information and expensive IT equipment in secure server rooms and more. 

An access control system will help restrict unauthorised access effectively. 

Access control for businesses

Protection against on-site accidents and health and safety issues

Employee and visitor safety is paramount to the smooth running of a business. 

One of the benefits of security systems for businesses, particularly access control, is you can protect the safety of staff by restricting access to certain areas of the building. There are many benefits of access control and this is just one of them.

Access control and door entry systems can help protect against accidents involving chemical waste, forklift trucks, and more.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to prevent every accident from occurring. Internal CCTV cameras are a valuable tool when investigating accidents on site. The footage can be used to review the situation and come to a reasonable, evidence-based conclusion.

Insurance premiums and cover

As SafeContractor and SSAIB accredited security professionals, we are well versed in the stipulations insurers require businesses to adhere to.

Security system accreditation - SSAIB

To benefit from an optimum level of cover, or in many cases, to get covered,  businesses need to show insurers their security systems have been installed to an industry-standard, by an accredited security system installer. 

When it comes to security, you should never cut corners.

Monitor and deter incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB)

In a busy working environment, businesses face many challenges on a daily basis. 

From a security point of view, this can include bullying, theft of personal property, and other forms of anti-social behaviour. On its own, ASB can be a driving factor in low staff morale, attendance, and productivity.

If someone is being treated unfairly at work, they are more likely to take sick days, suffer with mental health issues and in some cases leave. 

One of the benefits of an internal CCTV system within a workplace is the footage and audio files can be used as evidence if ASB is reported. 

Furthermore, when looking to tackle ASB, schools can benefit from security systems, particularly CCTV. School CCTV systems help to spot threats such as drug dealing, bullying, and inappropriate behaviour. 

Additionally, access control systems for schools can be implemented to maintain staff and pupil safety. A robust door entry system will restrict access to authorised members of staff, visitors, and pupils. 

Deter vandalism 

Many businesses are the victims of vandalism, 

It can either be opportunistic or planned.

Car dealers suffer the impact of disgruntled customers, petty criminals or drunk passers-by keying cars or smashing windows. 

In fact, due to the ongoing threat of such incidents, more and more car dealers are investing in security systems to protect their stock from theft and vandalism. When it comes to car dealership security, CCTV, access control and alarms are all worthwhile investments. 

Operators of office car parks have to deal with criminals damaging vehicles on a regular basis.

Shops, hairdressers, schools, and other local businesses often have windows smashed by petty criminals looking to cause as much damage as possible. 

Those in charge of construction site security, often have to deal with damage to property, equipment, and vans.

Looking for a new security system for your business?

Here at Safeguard Systems, we work with a range of businesses including:

  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Shops
  • Office-based businesses
  • Local businesses such as hairdressers, doctors surgeries and more
  • Factories 
  • Solar farms
  • Property Developers
  • Farms 
  • Construction firms

With over 30 years collective security industry experience, there are many threats we’ve helped businesses overcome.

If you are actively looking or simply have a question, you can give us a call today on 0800 689 1835 or you can visit our security systems page for more information.