CCTV camera on a construction site

Construction companies have to deal with a range of security threats on a daily basis. When it comes to construction site CCTV systems there are many objectives to consider.


In this blog, we talk about the benefits of CCTV systems for construction sites, of which there are many. Some address security threats such as theft and others are more focused around health and safety, 


Construction site security – helping to deal with security threats


The common security threats construction companies deal with are:


  • Theft


  • Vandalism


  • General break-ins


Construction site CCTV


Construction site security objectives


When it comes to overall security, health and safety and operational objectives, construction site CCTV systems help to:


  • Prevent crime


  • Catch thieves and vandals


  • Provide a safe working environment


  • Prevent disruption on-site such antisocial behavior


  • Manage time, attendance, and productivity (spotting the subbies who are always late!)


Construction site security team


What are the different CCTV systems for construction sites?


Depending on the customer’s requirements, there are various CCTV systems that can be used to manage construction site security threats and objectives. They are:


HD & IP based CCTV systems – crystal clear, sitewide footage enabling details analysis of any security breaches and incidents.


Monitored CCTV – your CCTV cameras are viewed and monitored 24/7 by a remote team of security professionals. Remote CCTV monitoring helps to spot more threats and in many cases reduces the cost of onsite security.


Monitored CCTV


Perimeter protection and detection systems – for larger sites, where the perimeter is vast, we’d always recommend a perimeter protection system. Your CCTV cameras are set to trigger an alarm when an attempt to breach the perimeter occurs.


Thermal imaging cameras – since the outbreak of COVID-19, construction firms have started to use temperature screening, thermal imaging solutions to test employees on arrival for a high temperature.


Advanced video analytics – facial recognition cameras are used to spot and monitor known local criminal gangs who may be looking to break and enter 


CCTV Towers – Due to the expansive nature of larger construction sites, CCTV towers are often implemented to provide full coverage. This helps to spot and manage as many security threats and issues as possible. 


The benefits of CCTV systems for construction sites


For those in charge of construction site security, the benefits of CCTV are vast. 


We’ve summarised the main ones below:


  • Spot more security threats with remote CCTV monitoring


  • Crime prevention


  • Managing health and safety


  • Prevent operational disruptions


  • Catch thieves and vandals


Here is an overview of each.


1. Spot more security threats with remote CCTV monitoring


Many firms are now switching to remote CCTV monitoring. In the past, on-site security guards have been responsible for monitoring a construction site’s CCTV systems. Whilst, managing this as effectively as possible, this responsibility of monitoring the CCTV cameras is one of many. 


Unfortunately, some security breaches are missed resulting in loss of equipment, damage to property, and vandalism. 


A CCTV monitoring service ensures a dedicated team of security professionals, seamlessly watch over your site, helping to reduce security breaches and threats.


Additionally, CCTV monitoring, when compared to the cost of onsite security guards often provides cost savings. These savings can be anywhere up to 80% of the cost of on-site security.


Perfect for the construction industry, as projects often carry low-profit margins and barely any margin for error.


Building site CCTV monitoring

2. Crime prevention


Well placed, highly visible CCTV surveillance cameras will help deter crime.


Whilst criminals by nature are risk-takers, a functioning CCTV system will help deter most petty criminals looking to break in, cause damage, or attempt to steal tools and plant machinery.


That said, you regularly see reports in the media of crimes where CCTV images are being used to track down the culprits. Therefore it’s imperative your security cameras are monitored constantly by your security team.


When sites are particularly vulnerable to break-ins and theft, as discussed above, a 24/7 monitored CCTV system would be a wise investment. 


Certain security cameras can be integrated with an audio system, allowing your security team to issue warnings to intruders, advising them the authorities have been contacted.


3. Monitoring the site for health and safety issues and accidents


Whilst all responsible construction firms adhere to health and safety laws and guidelines, accidents on building sites are a regular occurrence. 


When accidents happen, reports need to be made.


CCTV monitoring cameras that provide crystal clear images, can be used to understand exactly what’s happened and the appropriate action (if necessary) can be taken.


There are also occurrences where altercations occur. If you know you’re being watched, you’re more likely to keep your behaviour in check.


Construction CCTV tower

4. Preventing operational disruption 


Construction companies often operate on tight margins.


Expensive equipment needs to be hired.


Projects need completing on time and to budget to ensure a profitable outcome.


When break-ins occur, property is damaged and tools & machinery are stolen, work can often grind to a halt. 


Insurance claims need to be made, reports need to be written, property repaired and tools replaced.


These operational disruptions only add to the pressure of completing projects profitably. 


A well maintained CCTV system, which acts as a deterrent to alleviate these construction site security threats. 


CCTV maintenance is often overlooked. Don’t fall foul of this mistake.If your cameras don’t work properly, they may as well not be there. 


Construction site security and safety

5. Catching criminals


Unfortunately, there are times when even the most robust deterrents get ignored by criminals.


Even with alarms and CCTV in place, criminals still take the risk and carry out crimes such as theft and vandalism.


A CCTV system, that provides high-quality footage, offers the means to catch and apprehend criminals. If you already have security cameras in place, it’s imperative they are regularly checked and maintained.


Furthermore, a well designed monitored alarm or perimeter protection system will help identify where the break-in has occurred. If your CCTV and alarm systems are monitored remotelyyour security teams can pinpoint where the threat is and can contact the authorities promptly.


The benefits of CCTV systems for construction sites – our summary


Hopefully from reading this blog, you’ll now be well versed in the benefits of CCTV systems for building sites.


Spotting threats, deterring criminals, managing safety, and preventing crime are all areas worth considering.


If you’re researching your CCTV options, have a read of our Construction Site Security Guide today. 


If you have any questions, you can always give us a call on 0800 689 1835 or ask a question via our contact form.