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When it comes to car dealership CCTV there is a range of systems available to retailers catering to a range of budgets and objectives. Organised criminals often target car dealerships due to the significant opportunities presented on the forecourt. Often cars are stolen and shipped abroad where they can’t be traced or recovered. 

Further to organised crime, vandals also target car forecourts. Dented panels, smashed windows and more are often reported in local newspapers. Angry youths and drunk idiots often cause this type of damage.

Car dealership security should have one objective; to protect assets.

There is a range of car forecourt CCTV systems that will meet this objective. Where security is managed on-site, perimeter CCTV and forecourt security cameras can be monitored internally by guards.

For dealerships looking to reduce the costs of physical guards, and embrace technology, remote off-site CCTV and alarm monitoring provides a perfet solution.

A guide to car dealership CCTV & forecourt security camera systems

In this short, informative guide to CCTV for car dealerships, we will run through:

  • The security threats car dealers face
  • The benefits of CCTV for car dealerships
  • The range of CCTV systems available to car dealers
  • Technology partners we work with
Car dealership crime and theft

The security threats car dealers face

There is a range of threats business owners, dealer principles and those in charge of security tackle on an ongoing basis.

As discussed at the start of the article, the main security threats we are asked to deal with are:

  • Vehicle theft
  • Vandalism and damage
  • Staff and customer safety

Vehicle theft

Despite the introduction of sophisticated car alarms, immobilisers, and more, criminals still find ways to ensure they have their fill.

Whether it’s teenage joyriders, looking for a cheap thrill or sophisticated criminals looking to profit from their crime, car theft can be a major headache for car dealers.

Whether you’re a used car dealer or a franchised main dealer, dealing with the loss of stock and time spent on insurance claims has an impact on sales, profit and ongoing insurance costs.

A recent report in the news highlights the ongoing threat car dealers face when it comes to vehicle theft.

When it comes to vehicle theft, CCTV can act as a preventative measure. Clearly visible cameras that tilt and turn can act as a deterrent. 

Car vandalised at car dealership

Vandalism and damage

It’s a sad state of affairs that businesses have to deal with vandalism. 

Here at Safeguard Systems, we couldn’t think of anything more infuriating than arriving at our yard to find our vans and kit vandalised by criminals.

So we fully appreciate how this car dealer felt when he arrived on site to find nearly 40 of their cars had been damaged.

Luckily they had a CCTV installation in place to help the Police with their enquiries.

Staff and customer safety

During the autumn and winter months, people come to work and leave in the dark.

Those responsible for locking up the site, can often feel vulnerable and exposed to potential criminals who may have been scoping out the site for a while.

A quality IP or Ultra-HD CCTV system will provide an extra layer of security for the business and can give the employee the confidence they are safe.

CCTV protecting a car forecourt

The benefits of CCTV for car dealerships

When considering an investment in security cameras, there are a range of benefits on offer. 

These include:

  • Crime prevention
  • Supporting criminal prosecutions
  • Insurance compliance and cost

Crime prevention

Some criminals are more persistent than others.

However, a quality CCTV installation can act as a deterrent. Highly visible cameras, that tilt, pan and zoom can help to deter an opportunistic criminal looking for an easy win.

Additionally, car dealers who invest in monitored CCTV systems with audio integration, act as a further deterrent. If your security team spots a criminal, they can let them know they are on camera and they have contacted the authorities.

Supporting criminal prosecutions

Prevention is always better than cure.

However, seasoned criminals are smart. On the other hand drunken louts who key cars on the way home from a night out aren’’t.

If a crime occurs on a car forecourt where security cameras are present, the recordings will act as evidence in supporting the Police’s efforts.

Insurance compliance and costs

Certain insurers will stipulate a CCTV installation as a requirement for taking out a policy.

Some insurers will specify a minimum spec too and If their terms aren’t met, they don’t pay out.

Always read the small print to ensure you’re covered.

CCTV cameras monitoring a car dealership

Car dealership and showroom CCTV – which security camera systems do we recommend?

As experienced experts in CCTV installation, the experienced team at Safeguard Systems can design and install a range of CCTV systems for car dealerships.

They include:

  • Ultra HD and IP CCTV systems
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Perimeter CCTV – protection and detection

High definition (HD) and Internet Protocol CCTV systems

These systems provide crystal clear images and the systems can be integrated with smart devices or fixed monitors.

Therefore depending on the size and set up of your operation, we can design a security camera system to fit your needs.

Upon completion of a site survey, we’ll be able to recommend the right system, volume of cameras and the right technology to complement your requirements.

Car dealership CCTV monitoring

CCTV Monitoring for car dealerships

Monitored CCTV systems for car dealers are becoming more popular as they provide a cost-effective way of having your security cameras viewed 24/7.

With CCTV monitoring, your security cameras are viewed by a security professional or team of operatives at an off-site location. 

When you crunch the numbers and compare like-for-like, you can reduce the cost of security by up to 80% if you have your CCTV cameras monitored as opposed to employing an on-site team.

Perimeter CCTV at a car dealership

Perimeter CCTV

Car dealerships, particularly main dealers often operate sites with a large perimeter.

Perimeter CCTV systems can incorporate motion sensors, and Infra-Red beams helping to spot potential security threats.

These security cameras can be monitored internally, or remotely at an alarm receiving centre.

ANPR CCTV cameras

ANPR is a term often associated with average speed chack cameras on motorways.

The main advantage, of ANPR for a car dealer, is the detection of potential intruders and criminals. ANPR systems are set to capture number plates.

This is the perfect way to keep an eye on suspicious vehicles, potentially scoping out the site.

CCTV system maintenance

Too often we hear horror stories, where a crime occurs and the affected business realises (when it’s too late) its CCTV camera lenses are filthy and the recording of the incident is blurry at best.

The result? 

A reduced chance of convicting the perpetrator.

CCTV system technology partners

Here at Safeguard Systems, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide our customers with.

To enable us to provide a quality service, we work with quality security systems and technology.

When considering car dealership CCTV options we would tend to work with.

Hikvision Logo


Hikvision is a global provider of electronic security products and solutions including CCTV cameras, access control systems and more. 

With an experienced and highly capable R&D work-force, Hikvision manufactures a broad range of comprehensive security systems and solutions for a range of vertical markets.


Dahua Technology is a global, market leading solution provider in the global CCTV surveillance industry. 

With in excess of 13,000 employees all over the globe, Dahua solutions, technology, and services are used in over 180 countries and regions worldwide.

Avigilon logo


Avigilon CCTV cameras not only offer the level of image detail a security-conscious business requires, but are also built with the intelligence to help you understand what you’re seeing. 

Looking for a CCTV system for a car dealership or second-hand car site?

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