Those in charge of car dealership security have two core objectives; protect the business’s premises and its assets.

In this article, we focus on CCTV monitoring.

We discuss how remote CCTV monitoring helps protect assets, reduces the cost of security, spots and deter more threats.

At any one time, these businesses can have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds worth of assets on display.

As experienced security systems experts, we know there are a range of systems that can be designed, installed and deployed to help protect a car dealership.

These include:

Typically car dealerships, like many businesses, employ physical guards to patrol their sites, monitor CCTV footage and more.

This approach is designed to complement the electronic security systems, particularly CCTV, providing all-round peace of mind to the owner.

However, it is expensive. Guards aren’t cheap, with monthly costs being in the thousands.

Car Dealership Security. Protecting Assets with CCTV Monitoring

To provide optimum security, reduce costs and spot more threats, CCTV monitoring is the security solution that will meet these needs.

When it comes to protecting a car dealership and its assets, CCTV monitoring will:

  • Reduce the cost of security
  • Deter criminals through audio intervention
  • Detect threats such as thieves, trespassers in a more efficient way than on-site guards

Let’s look at each area:

Reducing the cost of security with CCTV monitoring

As mentioned above, guards cost money. To summarise:

  • They are paid a salary every week or month.
  • Uniforms cost money
  • Holiday cover costs money
  • Pensions cost money

With CCTV monitoring there are three costs:

  • System hardware, software and installation – CCTV cameras, sensors, and detection equipment
  • Ongoing monitoring via an ARC / CCTV monitoring station – a monthly cost dependent on camera volume
  • System maintenance – regular checks and maintenance carried out to maintain system efficiency, and operational effectiveness

Typically, when comparing the costs of CCTV monitoring and employing physical guards, the outcome is staggering.

The saving can be anywhere up to 80%.

Let that sink in.


If you are reading this, and are currently spending thousands per month on guards, how much would you save if you reduced those costs by

50%, 60% or 80%?

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Deterring criminals with audio intervention

Typically, a security guard deals with any threats relating to intruders.

Dependent on whether the level if threat the guard must make a judgement call.

Do they tackle the intruder, or contact the authorities?

The alternative is audio intervention.

If a criminal is spotted trying to breach a site’s perimeter, or gain access to a building, your off-site 24/7 CCTV monitoring team can engage the intruder via audio.

A simple warning they are being watched, could and should deter the intruder.

Let’s think about costs again

On one hand you have an expensive guard watching over the cameras, dealing with threats as and when they occur.

With audio intervention, you can achieve the same outcome at a fraction of the cost.

thermal cctv for remote monitoring system detection

Detection equipment, thermal CCTV, and video analytics.

For a CCTV monitoring system to be effective, detection is paramount.

Effective detection spots more threats and reduces false alarms.

Here is an overview of the different types of recommended CCTV monitoring detection equipment and software.

Thermal CCTV

Thermal imaging CCTV cameras are highly effective in detecting human presence. This is the perfect solution for sites operating in low-light conditions.

Infra-red (IR) lighting and illumination

Infra-red illumination is another, highly effective means of improving detection. Like thermal CCTV, IR lighting improves detection and CCTV camera footage quality.

Increased footage quality = improved detection.

Improved detection = more threats spotted and less false alarms.

PIR sensors and beams

Sensors are fitted to cameras to detect human presence. When triggered, an alert is sent to the ARC and the threat is dealt with accordingly.

For car dealerships operating sites with large perimeters, IR beams are used to detect potential intruders approaching the perimeter and attempting to access the site.

CCTv camera footage being monitored

Detecting and managing threats: CCTV monitoring vs onsite security.

Industries across the world use technology to reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and save time.

Advancements in tech is having an irreversible effect on the security industry and the customers we serve.

We feel this change is positive.


Let’s look at an example.

Car Dealer ‘A’ vs Car Dealer ‘B’

Dealer ‘A’ has invested in a CCTV monitoring system, including:

  • Infra-red lighting – to spot threats after dark
  • Thermal imaging and video analytics – to detect human presence
  • Infra-red beams – which send an alarm signal to the monitoring centre when triggered
  • Audio intervention – to communicate with, and warn a suspected intruder
  • 24/7 off-site remote monitoring – a team of security professional ready to deal with and tackle security threats

Dealer ‘B’ has an IP-based CCTV system, fitted with IR lighting, sensors and two guards who watch over the cameras, and patrol the site.

Both systems are well designed.

  • Car Dealer ‘A’ invested £40,000 in their monitored CCTV systems and pays £1,000 per month in monitoring fees.
  • Car Dealer ‘B’ invested £20,000 in their CCTV systems and incurs costs of over £6,000 per month employing physical guards

Car Dealer ‘A’ saves £5,000 per month or £60,000 per year.

That’s just the costs.

Or, more to the point, the savings.

And they are substantial.

Would any business owner look at these figures and dismiss CCTV monitoring as a viable alternative to employing security guards?

Now let’s consider, security management and dealing with threats.

Off-site CCTV monitoring vs on-site security guards

In a recent article, we asked whether CCTV monitoring will eliminate the need for security guards.

You can read the full article, linked above for a detailed overview.

Here are the main points.

AI and video analytics can detect human presence near a site and can spot the difference between shadows, wildlife and people.

Therefore there is no need for expensive security guards, watching over your footage 24/7.

Your off-site monitoring team will do the job for a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, for sites operating in low-light conditions, infra-read illumination is a good tool for improving detection and reducing false alarms.

Whilst this will help an on-site guard detect the presence of an intruder, with offsite monitoring, audio intervention can tackle the threat.

The decision can then be made to contact the designated keyholder, or the authorities.

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