Protecting a rural business

Amid rising concerns of burglary, machinery theft, and fly-tipping, the farm owner sought the guidance of an experienced security company.

The overall objective was to provide a cutting-edge security system capable of detecting and deterring intruders while offering precise threat detection.

Another key requirement was crystal-clear CCTV footage in low to no-light conditions, considering the peak occurrence of security threats occurs after dark.

Read this case study to discover how our tailored solution addressed these challenges head-on, fortifying the farm’s security and granting the owner much-needed peace of mind.

The recommended security system

Following in-depth discussions with the farm owner, we performed a thorough site assessment to tailor our recommendations precisely to the above objectives.

Given the rural setting, our solution recommendation entailed night vision bullet and turret CCTV cameras augmented by GJD’s IR illuminators for precise threat detection, after dark.

To address potential cabling challenges, we proposed an IP CCTV system integrated with Ubiquiti WIFI bridges, ensuring seamless and efficient installation across the expansive farm premises.

The farmer gave the go-ahead and we promptly scheduled the installation.

The CCTV system installation

Our expert commercial CCTV installers seamlessly implemented the system, ensuring optimal coverage of critical areas.

Cabling complexities were effortlessly tackled using WIFI bridges, which facilitated seamless system connectivity throughout the farm.

Additionally, the integration of night vision bullet ad turret cameras, coupled with IR illuminators, resulted in crystal-clear footage, and accurate threat detection accuracy even after dark.

As a result, the farm’s comprehensive security system was operational with minimal disruption to operations.

What did we install?

To summarise, the CCTV security system we installed included:

  • Storage: A Network Video Recorder (Deep in Mind) – 16 channel
  • CCTV cameras: Multiple Hikvision Darkfighter turret and turret surveillance cameras
  • Connectivity: Ubiquiti wireless bridge to link buildings
  • Threat detection devices: GJD IR Illuminators

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