CCTV monitoring at a warehouse

In this article, we are joined by a long-standing customer, Gary Campbell of Flex.

Gary is the General Manager for Flex, a leading manufacturing and distribution business based in Swindon, Wiltshire. He came to us 5 years ago, as he was looking at ways to reduce his after-hours security costs.

After an initial site survey, we fitted a multi-camera, IP CCTV system complete with sensor-activated off-site CCTV monitoring.

In this article we discuss:

  • How Flex approach security
  • The security threats his business faces
  • The impact theft would have on the operation
  • Switching to CCTV monitoring
  • The advantages of remote CCTV monitoring for Flex

Gary, tell me about the business, and what Flex does?

Primarily we are a logistics business and have some pretty high-profile clients such as Dell. Apple, and companies of that standing. At any one time, we can have a significant quantity of products on site, so security is paramount. When dealing with large corporates, we must adhere to their security protocols and meet their standards. Therefore, our security system must reflect the needs of our customer, and deter the threats we face.

Warehouse CCTV footage of a man on a forklift

What are the main security threats you face?

Obviously, theft is potentially a major issue. It needs to be said, we don’t except to be targeted daily, monthly, or even yearly. However, if we were the victims of organise theft, the impact would be disastrous for our customers and us. Therefore, the CCTV system has to be of the highest standard. The footage quality needs to be razor-sharp. I have a screen next to my desk, with 16 cameras on. And fisheye cameras I can Zoom in and out on. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on things during the day.

Do you have issues with internal theft?

Not really, most of my guys are long-termers. We’ve had a couple of issues with short terms hires but in the main, I’ve got a good team of guys. So, a few light-fingered temps looking to sneak a bit of IT equipment into their bags? Indeed. One of the trucks of the trade is to nick a box and pop it up in the suspended ceilings. That’s an old trick. As it hiding things in the toilet system.

What external threats do you face?

It’s theft. Organised theft is the biggest threat. But at night we switch our CCTV system to remote monitoring. This is why, we started working with Safeguard Systems. We had an enormous security budget, as guards aren’t cheap. Safeguard designed and installed a system that would deter and catch thieves, and save me a lot of money! Although the outcome of a burglary would be disastrous, we’re not targeted all the time. So having a sensor activated CCTV monitoring system in place reduced these costs massively.

In a recent conversation with someone from the industry, he mentioned criminal gangs often infiltrate sites to boost their chances of making a decent haul. Have you even seen such a thing at Flex?

Funny you should say that. We did have a temp who stole a load of kit. He was recruited by a firm to be the guy on the inside. He didn’t get far though, everything is serial numbered and all the kit was traced to a shop in London. It wouldn’t have happened with the current system.

What would be the impact on Flex if the business was the victim of burglary or theft?

It would be absolutely devastating. Crippling. At any one time we have millions of pounds of stock in our warehouses. OK, everything is insured, but when you have high profile clients, all confidence will be lost if their stock is stolen. And their supply chains disrupted. The impact would be global.

Before working with Safeguard, how did you approach security?

CCTV by day, and guards at night. We brought a company in to be our security partner. They had a network of guards, and we’d generally have a couple of guards patrolling the site.

What was the main reason you decided to switch to CCTV monitoring? 

I discovered Safeguard Systems and found them to be a very professional company. The old system was poor, and the service was terrible, from the old supplier. The main reason was to improve security. I believe in technology, and haven’t looked back since working with Safeguard.

CCTV Monitoring a business premises

What have the main advantages been?

Improved security and massive cost savings. There is nothing else to say, really. The team at Safeguard Systems are fantastic. They have overhauled and improved my security whilst saving money. It’s clear that CCTV monirtoring does save money, without impacting security. In fact, it improves it.

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