School CCTV cameras

In this short article, we round up some of our most recent articles on the subject of school security.

Schools face a range of security threats on a regular basis. Whether it’s drug dealing, fights breaking out in the playground, or assaults on teachers, these security threats in schools are ever-present.

The articles we’re sharing today are:

If you are responsible for school security, we hope these articles give you some insight into how best to tackle them.

School CCTV improves security

The Benefits of CCTV Camera Systems in Schools

The backbone of school security, a robust CCTV system designed to capture and monitor threats inside and outside of the classroom.

School CCTV systems help support pupil and teacher safety, as well as providing parents the emotional security that their children are protected.

Headteachers, management and those directly responsible for school security must deal with a range of threats including bullying, drug dealing, vandalism, anti-social behaviour and other forms of violent crime.

Trespass, theft and vehicle crime are further considerations for those in charge of school security.

What are the advantages of school CCTV systems?

How can they play an important role in school classrooms?

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School security risks and threats

School Security Threats & Risks: Six Examples of Crime in Schools

This blog focuses on:

  • Vandalism
  • Burglary
  • Violence and bullying
  • Drugs
  • Abuse and harassment

As experienced school and education security systems installers, the team at Safeguard Systems is well aware of the security threats faced within a school.

The threats and risks schools face, if unchecked and unmanaged can have a significant impact on the smooth running of a school.

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School security threats bullying

How to Improve School Security: Six Affordable Ways to Enhance School Safety

In this school security article, we cover a range of ways to enhance pupil and teacher safety.

As mentioned above, schools deal with a range of security threats.

The six affordable ways to improve school security we discuss in this article are:

1. External CCTV: Monitoring playgrounds and car parks

2. Internal CCTV: Monitoring classrooms and corridors                           

3. Access control systems: Keeping a log of who is in and out of the building

4. Developing a security checklist: Keeping on top of security

5. Security Guards or remote CCTV monitoring: Which is more affordable?

6. Talks and seminars: Helping students and teachers keep security front of mind

Within each section of the article, we highlight some of the security threats schools face, and how each solution mentioned above, can help.

Here are a couple of examples to get you started.

External CCTV

Externally placed cameras can help to:

  • Deter fights from breaking out in the playground
  • Catch drug dealers
  • Monitor the site for vandalism

Access control and door entry systems in schools

These security systems can help a school to:

  • Monitor attendance
  • Spot unauthorised absence
  • Lockdown the school in instances of significant external threats

Keen to learn more?

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