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In this article we cover the different types of CCTV systems for businesses. As experts in business security, we’ve written this article as a helpful guide for any business researching their CCTV and security system options.

Here at Safeguard Systems, we’ve been designing and installing a range of commercial security camera systems for over 5 years.

In fact, the team has around 30 years of experience in the security industry, so we are well versed to produce this helpful article.

What are the different types of CCTV systems for businesses?

When it comes to protecting a business, there are three main types of CCTV we recommend.

These are:

  • Remote CCTV monitoring systems
  • Ultra HD CCTV systems
  • IP CCTV systems

Let’s get started on our guide to the different types of commercial CCTV systems.

Commercial CCTV Monitoring

Remote CCTV monitoring systems

In this section of the article we run through an overview of CCTV monitoring.

At the bottom of this section are links to more detailed articles about CCTV monitoring, how it works and its benefits to businesses.

For businesses where the risk of security threats are high, and the value of the assets they are looking to protect, we fully recommend CCTV monitoring.

With remote CCTV monitoring, your security cameras are monitored 24/7 by a team of security professionals.

CCTV monitoring, helps to improve the effectiveness of a businesses CCTV systems as more threats can be spotted and dealt with.

In many cases CCTV monitoring can reduce the cost of security by up to 80%.

Why choose CCTV monitoring for your business?

Many businesses choose to monitor their CCTV systems in-house.

This decision is often reflective of the security risks the business faces, and the likelihood of a crime being committed.

These businesses often use CCTV as a means to monitor their staff, car parks, and other areas of their business.

Additionally, businesses with an on-site security team often choose to monitor their CCTV internally as they have the resources to do so.

Certain businesses operate in environments, where the risk of security threats is high, as is the value of the asset they are looking to protect.

This could be a car dealership, solar farm, construction site, large industrial business and more.

These businesses are often targeted by sophisticated criminals focused on stealing plant machinery, tools, valuable equipment, cars and more.

Additionally, if they have an in-house security team, the cost of security will be high. Security guards aren’t cheap.

With an effective CCTV monitoring system, you can improve security by spotting more threats.

And, in many cases a business can save a vast amount of money, on the cost of security, as the technology can replace the need for internal security guards.

How does CCTV monitoring work?

Here’s a quick overview of how CCTV monitoring works:

  • Your CCTV system is installed in the usual way
  • Your CCTV footage is broadcast via the internet to a remote monitoring station. In our industry, the technical terminology is an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)
  • If the CCTV monitoring systems picks up a potential threat, an event is logged and sent to the monitoring station
  • Your dedicated security professional immediately reviews the footage, and If a threat is spotted, the appropriate action is taken and either the keyholder or the relevant authorities are contacted

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What are the benefits of CCTV monitoring?

There are many benefits of CCTV monitoring including:

  • Reducing the impact of crime
  • Deterring criminals
  • Saving money on the cost of security
  • Spotting more security threats

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Ultra-HD CCTV systems

If you are a business looking for a robust security camera system offering fantastic image quality, Ultra-HD CCTV systems are a solid choice.

An investment in an Ultra HD CCTV provides your staff, students, site visitors, patients, customers and yourself with security for your business and peace of mind.

Why choose Ultra HD CCTV for your business?

Businesses often invest in HD CCTV systems to:

  • Catch and deter criminals – the most common form of crime a business suffers is vandalism, petty theft and criminal damage
  • Protect staff – businesses often install CCTV cameras providing coverage of their car parks to give staff peace of mind when they leave the office after dark.
  • Reduce workplace theft and anti-social behaviour – CCTV is an effective tool for internal monitoring purposes. The footage from a CCTV system can be used to solve internal disputes, and resolve instances of theft and more

How do Ultra HD CCTV systems work?

Unlike IP CCTV systems, Ultra HD security cameras are powered by mains electricity.

The technical term is Power Over Coaxial.

This means these systems can be installed easily if there are connectivity issues, i.e no available internet connection.

Our Ultra HD CCTV partners

Here at Safeguard Systems we work with a range of CCTV manufacturer partners.

One of these brands is Hikvision.

Here are some links to the various cameras and hardware we use to keep our businesses CCTV customers safe and protected.

Hikvision Turbo HD CCTV cameras

Hikvision DVRs

Hikvision PTZ cameras

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Commercial IP CCTV

IP CCTV Systems

IP CCTV systems are now the default choice for many businesses looking to invest in a robust security camera system.

Unlike analog-based HD systems, IP CCTV systems are integrated within a businesses current IP infrastructure.

What does this mean?

It means your CCTV system is installed and powered through your internet connection.

The technical term is Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The benefits of IP CCTV systems are vast and are covered below.

Why choose IP CCTV for your business?

Here are a few reasons why IP CCTV systems are a solid choice for many businesses:

  • IP CCTV offers improved footage quality over old fashioned, traditional analogue CCTV systems
  • IP based security camera systems can also deliver cost savings by using the current IT infrastructure in place – no need for additional power supply, and easier installation
  • IP CCTV cameras cover a greater area than analog security cameras
  • They offer more powerful search functions – fantastic when reviewing footage and providing evidence in criminal prosecutions
  • These systems offer superior expansion opportunities through the current IP network

IP CCTV systems help businesses to:

  • Catch and deter intruders
  • Monitor their premises for potential security threats
  • Provide peace of mind for business owners and staff

What are the benefits of IP CCTV systems?

The main benefits and advantages of IP CCTV systems are

  • Resolution
  • Analytics
  • Security
  • Ease of installation
  • Coverage

Read more: The Benefits of IP CCTV systems.

Our IP CCTV partners

If you are currently researching your IP CCTV options, here are some links to Hikvision’s IP-based CCTV camera systems and hardware.

Hikvision IP CCTV cameras

Hikvision NVRs

Hikvision data storage

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CCTV Case Studies:

Over the years we’ve helped countless businesses, improve their all round security.

Here are a few case studies for CCTV systems we’ve installed:

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