There are many reasons businesses invest in commercial key fob door entry systems. The benefits and advantages are endless. In this short article, we cover 11 advantages and benefits of fob door entry systems.

To summarise, these systems enable businesses to manage access, track employee whereabouts and productivity, and restrict entry to designated areas of a site.

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Let’s begin.

1. Managing time and attendance

Each employee is given a unique fob, which is linked to a managed system. Key fob entry systems enable businesses to track key metrics such as when employees arrive at work, leave for the day, or go out for lunch.

This information is invaluable when looking to manage employees effectively and spotting issues around timekeeping. More on this below.

Case study: Door entry system for a school

2. Monitoring productivity and unauthorised breaks

One of the key benefits of fob door entry systems is the ability to manage productivity and detect unauthorised breaks. Productivity is a huge part of how a business determines the performance of its staff. Key fob door entry systems allow businesses to track the whereabouts of an employee in a building.

Each time they leave or enter an area of a premises the system tracks this movement. This is highly valuable for a business looking to monitor unauthorised breaks. including employees who take excessive toilet breaks or nip out for a break without permission.

You can monitor entrances to canteens, toilets and break-out areas to see if certain employees spend more time relaxing than working.

3. No need to worry when keys are lost

Typically in the past, when someone loses an office key, mass panic ensues. Many businesses have highly valuable items inside the building, alongside staff needing protection from intruders.

If somebody does lose a key and it falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to access the building.

Then there is the cost of replacing keys and locks. With commercial key fob door entry systems, if a fob is lost, it simply gets wiped from the system and access is retracted.

In this case, peace of mind, saving money and protecting assets are the main benefits of commercial key fob door entry systems.

4. No Requirement for office ‘keyholders’

Traditionally a business would assign keys to people it can trust, as well as those who are often first in and first out. Historically, a list is usually kept in a file and can be rotated when people are on holiday or out of the business.

By implementing a key fob door entry system, gone are the days of some saying ‘Who’s locking up tonight?’ – only to find out the keyholder has left!

Key fob systems for businesses negate this concern. There is no longer a need for designated keyholders when each employee has a fob.

5. No criminals picking your locks

Key fob systems for business eliminate the need for traditional locks. Aside from the stress caused by someone losing the office keys, these solutions also remove the threat of crooks picking their locks.

Furthermore, commercial key fob door entry systems can be set up to raise an alert, if the readers are tampered with.

Therefore, these solutions offer a modern approach to security but also protect buildings and sites against break-ins and theft.

In the next section of this guide to the benefits of fob door entry systems, we focus on ‘restricting access’.

6. Restricting access to areas of your site or business

Many businesses don’t grant access to all areas of a site to every employee. Key fob solutions can be designed to grant universal access to part of a building or site, whilst restricting entry for approved personnel only, to others.

For example:

  • Server rooms need protection from unauthorised access
  • Designated offices containing large amounts of cash will need protection too
  • Warehouses and factories will often restrict access to hazardous areas of the site

To summarise, these systems can help protect sensitive information, IT equipment, cash, and more.

Case study: Access control and intercom system for a car dealership

7. Health and safety and internal theft

In the event of a security threat or fire, door fob systems provide those in charge of health and safety with attendance invaluable data. If you need to know who is in or out of the building, you can simply access a list of personnel who are present. This makes it easier to manage fire lists, reducing the likelihood of someone being trapped in the building.

Additionally, as door fob systems provide information on employee whereabouts, you can use this data to support resolving internal disputes and employee theft. If a bag, phone, or other personal item goes missing from office ‘A’, you can pull off a list of who was in that area and when.

In addition, to deploying key fob systems, you should consider investing in some covert CCTV cameras to deter employee theft.

8. Easy administration

Door fob systems are easy to administer. When an employee leaves the company, they are removed from the system and their fob becomes obsolete. When someone joins, you can easily assign them a fob.

Unlike when someone loses a set of office keys, with fob-based systems, these incidents are easily managed. Lost fobs can be deleted from the system, without the need to replace keys and door locks.

9. Conveying a modern, safety conscious company image

For many companies, image is everything. Old fashioned door locks (external and internal) are a bit clunky and by definition, out-of-date.

Sites with a modern door entry system convey professionalism. From a safety point of view, it will impress guests to know that you can monitor their whereabouts to protect them, in the event of a security threat.

10. Access to remote sites

Some organisations operate across sites in remote locations and staff, contractors and suppliers often require access to perform their duties. For any business, it isn’t time and cost-efficient to have someone visit the site just to let someone in and out.

Site access control systems enable a company to provide secure, remote access to a site. This helps save time and money, which is just another one of the benefits of door fob entry systems.

11. Integration With Other Security Systems

Like many security systems, fob door entry systems integrate well with solutions such as alarms, CCTV, and fire alarms. If you are looking for a fully integrated security system, talk to our experienced team today.

The benefits of fob door entry systems – summary

Hopefully after reading this article, you are now well versed in the main benefits of fob door entry systems for businesses.

To summarise, these increasingly sought-after solutions help keep sites secure, and track attendance and timekeeping. Furthermore, they provide a professional image of the businesses, and provide vital data in the event of a fire or other security incident.

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