Paxton Access Control

In this article, we discuss the ten key advantages of Paxton Access Control systems for businesses. Like in many crowded sectors, there are a whole host of access control system manufacturers, each with their own USPs, differentiators, price points and more.

The team here at Safeguard Systems has over 30 years of collective experience in designing and installing access control systems for a range of businesses.

We’ve worked with many well-known brands, however we are yet to find a range of security products as flexible, user-friendly and effective as the ones manufactured by Paxton. 

As proud SSAIB members and committed to customer service, we only look to work with quality manufacturers. It is for this reason that we use Paxton equipment for the majority of our access control customers.

If you’re currently in the market for a new access control system and are weighing up your options, we hope you find this article useful.

By the end you should know if a Paxton Access Control system is right for your business.

Paxton Net2 Access Control Systems – Introductory Video

Before we start, for those completely new to Paxton and the world of access control, here is an explanatory video about the products and software:

If you’re interested to learn more about its products and services you can find more information at the Paxton Access Control website.

Paxton Fob Door Entry System Readers

Ten Advantages of Paxton Access Control

Now we’ve had the introduction to Paxton Access Control, let’s explore the benefits and advantages of their door entry systems.

Let’s begin.

1. No need for keys with fobs, PINs and keycards

Gone are the days where businesses need to assign physical keys to members of staff. With modern access control solutions, this has been eliminated.

Modern door entry and access systems include:

  • Fob access systems
  • Keypad entry (PINs)
  • Keycards / Proximity Cards

You can set up these door access systems in multiple ways, offering universal access to some parts of a building / site and limiting and restricting access to others.

Not only are fobs and keycards cheaper to replace than traditional keys, they are also more secure. 

If a traditional key is lost, the business owner needs to consider changing the locks.

If a fob or keycard is lost,  you simply remove it from the system. Nice and simple.

When a disgruntled employee leaves the business, along with their key, there could be challenges ahead. If they leave with a fob; just switch it off.

Paxton Access Control & Door Entry Installation

2. Fantastic technical support

One of the main reasons we love working with Paxton Access Control is their technical support is second to none.

We often receive requests for integrations and other unique customer requirements.

The team at Paxton are always incredibly helpful and provide exceptional levels of service.

This feeds through all the way to their product range.

3. Time, attendance and productivity 

Access control isn’t just about managing and gleaning data for those entering and exiting the building.

It’s way more than just replacing keys with fobs.

Paxton’s management software allows the system administrator to monitor who is in the building, who isn’t and where they are.

When it comes to monitoring staff, as the system collects data from the fobs, you can start to build a bigger picture of who is always late, who leaves early and who is taking too many breaks.

This data can be used to improve productivity and help improve persistent lateness. 

Net2-Entry Paxton Access Control Keyless

4. Restricting access

Paxton Access Control systems such as Net2 are administered and managed via user-friendly software. 

This software can be used to:

  • Control and restrict access to certain areas of the building. For example, you may wish to grant access to the main entrance for all staff but limit access to server rooms. Paxton Access Control systems allow you to do this
  • Enable and disable fobs, PINs and cards. If you have a new employee starting, you can program a fob in seconds. When someone leaves, you can disable them in seconds
  • Monitor the movements of individual staff members within your premises. This information can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to spot those taking unauthorised breaks or when compiling evidence in the case of employee theft

This intelligent software really puts you in the driving seat when it comes to managing safe, secure access into and around your building.

5. Hands-free access (proximity readers)

Advances in technology now allow you to open the office door without getting your keys out of your pocket.

This even applies to your fob!

There are certain instances where you don’t want to be digging your keys out of your pocket or bag, particularly on a cold winter’s morning. 

Paxton’s modern, technologically advanced proximity readers will grant you access as soon as they detect that you are within a predefined radius of the reader. 

Proximity card systems are becoming more and more common. Here are some of the applications:

  • Offices – providing access to the front door, lift areas, meeting rooms and more
  • Hospitals – providing and restricting access for staff
  • Schools – wallowing both pupils and staff access via the main entrance but prohibiting access to other areas 

6. Easy-to-use software

Paxton’s software is easy-to-use to use and can be installed on pretty much any desktop computer or laptop. 

Once installed on a desktop device, you can then access it via a smart device (tablet or phone).

The software offers you complete control over your entire access control system from the comfort of your desk. 

Paxton’s software allows you to:

  • Assign access zones across your site
  • Give and restrict access to individuals – server rooms, hazardous environments and more
  • Monitor staff and visitor movement in and around your site
  • Enable and disable key cards, fobs and PINs
  • Access a complete suite of other features depending on the specific system you have purchased

7. Be alerted to security breaches remotely 

Particularly for smaller businesses, Paxton Access Control systems can be designed to alert you of any security breaches. 

There may be instances where the administrator isn’t always in the business so having the means to alert them to any potential security breaches is a fantastic security solution.

In terms of the security breaches, this could be an individual:

  • Trying to break in through a door or 
  • Attempting to access a restricted area
Paxton Video Intercom Door Entry Unit

8. Overall peace of mind

Peace of mind is often one of the biggest drivers behind business owners investing in security systems.

When coupled with an effective CCTV system, access control can give you overall peace of mind, knowing your business is safe, secure and protected.

If somebody loses a fob – you can simply cancel it.

No need to worry about a key falling into the wrong hands.

9. Attracting the right calibre of staff

For many businesses, image is everything.

This often applies not only in how a business wants to be viewed by its customer base, but among its employees.

Businesses looking to attract the best talent need to convey the right image.

A smart access control system speaks volumes about a business, not just from an image point of view but from a security point of view too

10. Reduce Employee Theft

Incidents of employee theft can be reduced or even removed by the effective use of an access control system. 

The easy-to-use Paxton software enables businesses to keep track of employee movements around the building by seeing whose fob / card was used to access which doors at what time. 

In the event of theft being reported, you can use the data from the software to see who was in the area and when.

Paxton keyless door entry keypad


The benefits & advantages of Paxton Access Control – summary

As you can see, there are a whole host of benefits and advantages of deploying a Paxton access control system in your business.

The benefits are vast for the business owner, those in charge of security and its employees.

Looking to invest in an access control system for your business?

Give us a call today on 0800 689 1835, or you can read about key fob door entry systems.