Business video intercom system

Video intercom systems are currently in high demand for businesses looking to provide safe and secure access to their premises. 

In this article, we cover some of the main reasons businesses invest in video intercoms, otherwise known as video door entry systems.

When it comes to the peace of mind of reception staff, video intercom is an effective access control solution, as you get to see who is at the front door before letting them in.

Before we get to these key points, for anyone new to security we’ll answer some important questions:

What is video intercom?

Video intercom (also known as video door entry or video access control) is a stand-alone intercom system used to manage access to premises, either a business or home.

A video intercom is a form of access control system. These video door entry systems are operated and managed via audiovisual communication from outside and inside the building.

The overriding feature of video door entry is that it enables the person inside the building to easily identify the visitor, and then decide whether to grant them access to the building. 

How do video intercom systems work?

As mentioned above, a video intercom door entry system is a two-way digital device that transmits and receives video communications. 

A quick overview of how video intercom systems work in practice is as follows:


  • The video intercom system is installed on the outside of the building
  • The unit connects to a monitor on the reception desk or on a smart device, such as a mobile phone or tablet


  • When someone approaches the premises, they ring the bell which then alerts you to the presence of a visitor
  • You will be able to see exactly who is looking to gain access, speak to them and then grant them entry to the business – or not!

As you can see, with these security systems, the process is slick, safe and secure.

If you want to see who is at the front door before letting them in, video intercom is the answer.

You should by now, have a good understanding of what video intercom is and how it works.

In the following part of this article, we’ll discuss:

  • The main advantages of video intercom systems
  • Other reasons businesses invest in video door entry / video access control

The advantages of video intercom and video door entry

The main advantages of video intercom are as follows:

  • Peace of mind and security. Video intercom systems enable you to see who is at the door before letting them in. From a security perspective, this helps keep the business secure and prevents people simply walking in and out of the premises


  • Providing secure access to a building. Many businesses have high levels of footfall in and out of their premises. Whether it’s deliveries, visitors or staff, video intercom systems help to manage this flow effectively


  • Recording visitor data. As mentioned above, many businesses have to manage a high level of footfall. Having an understanding of who is in the building is imperative to health and safety for a business. In the unfortunate event of other security threats occurring in a business, such as theft and anti-social behaviour,  recording visitor data can help when dealing with these issues. If someone is assaulted, or property stolen, knowing who is in the building and where can help to solve the issue


  • Integration with other access control and door entry systems. A business can integrate its video door entry system, with access control enabling them to track who is in the building, as well as where they are, and more

If you’re looking to learn more about these systems, we’ve recently written an article on the benefits of video intercom.

Reasons to invest in video intercom

So far in this article, we’ve covered:

  • What is video intercom?
  • How does video intercom work?
  • The advantages of video intercom

Finally, we cover some of the other reasons to invest in these business intercom systems.

Additionally, there is information on:

  • The different types of business that will benefit from a video intercom installation
  • The main video intercom system manufacturers
  • The other types of business intercom systems
  • Further reading – other articles we’ve published on the benefits and advantages of security systems

Why Video Intercom? Reasons to invest.

  • You get alerted to visitors looking to access your premises. Not all businesses have a designated reception team. Some businesses can’t afford that luxury. Therefore, your video intercom system can be managed by multiple people internally, helping to manage the flow of deliveries and visitor into your premises easily
  • Creating good first impressions. A professional video intercom system for a business can help to promote a strong image for the company. When important guests arrive, instead if banging the door or ringing an old fashioned bell, you can impress them with a modern approach to welcoming visitors 
  • Managing deliveries. Businesses receive expected and unexpected deliveries and parcels all the time. Imagine how disruptive it can be to a business operation if someone has to meet all delivery drivers at the front door – just to accept a parcel. A video intercom system enables you to quickly see who’s there, approve access and tell them where to leave the items
  • Time efficiency. As mentioned above, not all businesses have a meet and greet reception team. For businesses operating in large premises, video intercoms can help save time when directing visitors to the right area of the building. You can also notify the right member of staff their visitors have arrived. This reduces the need for members of staff, operating the system, having to leave what they are doing to answer the door 


  • Health and safety. As previously mentioned, your video intercom can be integrated with an access control system to capture visitor data. In the event of an emergency, you can use this data to understand who is in the building and where


  • Crime prevention. These business intercom systems can record video. If someone is trying to gain access via the front door, the video intercom system can take a recording  – just in case they are a criminal trying to scope out the premises


  • Remote viewing and access. Not all business premises are staffed 24/7. There are some sites that may not be staffed at all, but access is still required from time to time. As mentioned earlier in this article, video door entry systems can be managed via a smart device. You can therefore provide access to suppliers, delivery drivers and contractors easily, from anywhere in the world. 
  • Improve inter-office communication. In addition to providing security and peace of mind to a business, video door entry systems can improve communication between offices, or within the same office. 
  • Internal access control. Furthermore, for businesses that have restricted access to certain areas of their building, video intercom can play a role in managing access appropriately. Restricted areas can be protected via keyfob door access in addition to other forms of door entry systems. However, to provide an added layer of security, a video intercom can help to visually identify whoever is looking to gain access 

What types of businesses use video intercom systems?

The answer here is fairly simple. If you have a front door, or a means to access your site then video intercom would well be a good security system investment. 

Here at Safeguard Systems, we work with a range of businesses, including:

  • Construction sites


  • Schools


  • Gyms


  • Office-based businesses


  • Solar Farms


  • Farms


  • Car Parks


  • Nightclubs, pubs and bars


  • Hotels
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Depots

Who are the main video intercom system manufacturers?

Here at Safeguard Systems, we work with leading security industry brands.

When it comes to access control and video intercom we work alongside:

Paxton –  With over 30 years of experience, Paxton designs and manufactures market-leading security solutions for a range of buildings.

Gallagher Gallagher Security is a global leader in the innovation, manufacture and marketing of security solutions. 

VidexWith years of security industry experience, Videx is one of the leading manufacturers of door entry & access control systems in the UK.

What are the different types of business intercom systems?

In addition to video, there are other forms of business intercom systems.

These include:

  • Audio intercom – these systems operate in the same way as their video counterparts, only they work over audio.
  • IP intercom – these internet-based intercom systems cover video and audio. There are many benefits and advantages to IP intercom systems. 

Further reading

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