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In this short article, we tackle some of the most commonly used, and need-to-know phrases related to CCTV monitoring.


For context, this article is written for those new to CCTV monitoring as a form of security and are looking to improve their knowledge.


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Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)


Otherwise known as a monitoring centre, an ARC is where alarm signals are received and monitored. When a CCTV monitoring system is triggered, an alarm is raised, your team is alerted, the footage viewed and the threat dealt with.


Audio Intervention


CCTV monitoring systems can be designed to incorporate audio speakers. When a potential intrusion is detected, your monitoring professional can warn the intruder they are being watched, and the keyholders / authorities have been called.




When a sensor or beam is triggered, and a potential threat is detected an ‘alarm’ signal is received at the CCTV monitoring station / ARC. Your footage is then reviewed and if the threat is considered real, the appropriate action is taken.




Infra-Read beams are used for the purposes of detection. If an intruder cross the beam’s path, the system will trigger and alert. Your monitoring centre will then view you footage in real-time, and take the appropriate action.


Remote CCTV Monitoring Detection Systems



For a remote CCTV system to operate, it must include detection equipment. Detection can include:


  • Sensors


  • Beams


  • Thermal imaging CCTV and video analytics


  • Passive Infra-Red detector


  • Dual technology detector


False Alarms


Due to the rural location of these sites, wildlife can occasionally trigger the system causing a ‘false alarm’. With the ongoing advancements in technology, particularly AI based video analytics, false alarms are fast becoming less of an issue.


Additionally, infra-read illuminators can be used in low-light situations (after dusk) to improve image quality, therefore improving detection and reducing false alarms.




This is a designated individual, responsible for attending site if an alarm is raised and your security professional at the ARC spots an intruder.


Typically, companies use 3rd party professional keyholders who attend site on behalf of the company to tackle and deal with any notified threats.


CCTV footage being monitored at a CCTV monitoring station


Monitored CCTV


This is another term used for CCTV monitoring. Other terms include:


  • 24/7 remote monitoring


  • Remote monitoring


  • Remote CCTV monitoring


  • Security Camera monitoring


  • Sensor activated CCTV monitoring


  • Security system monitoring


Operational Continuity


A key security objective for businesses with substantial assets to protect is operational continuity.


For example, if a warehouse is targeted by thieves and goods stolen, packages won’t be delivered, complaints will need to be dealt with, items re-ordered and time will be lost dealing with the fallout.


Furthermore, if a construction site is targeted and plant machinery stolen, works may grind to a halt. Project delays cost money and reduce profit.


As a final example, solar farms are often targeted by criminals. Copper wiring and solar panels command a decent price on the black market. Solar farms provide the National Grid with additional energy capacity, and this is how they make their money. If panels are stolen, the site will lose revenue.


CCTV monitoring station


Remote CCTV Monitoring Station


This is another term for the above-mentioned ARC. When your system is triggered, your monitoring station are alerted and deal with the threat accordingly.


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