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It’s fair to say right now, the focus of many businesses is on their staff, business continuity and getting to grips with the new realities brought about by Covid-19.

There are many challenges facing our security system customers at the moment, ranging from paying their staff, meeting their financial commitments and generally navigating their way through this terrible situation.

Whilst we’d love to help as many businesses in every area possible, we’ll stick to what we know best – installing security systems. 

This means protecting our customers from the impact of crime. 

Security systems installers – how we can help protect your business from crime right now?

As expert installers of CCTV, access control and security alarm systems, we’re on hand to help any business with their current security systems needs.

This includes:

  • CCTV – new requirements, upgrades and maintenance of current video survillance systems
  • Access control – at the moment where onsite staff numbers are low, video intercom systems can help manage deliveries to a businesses premises 
  • Security alarms – crime is an unfortunate fact of life at the best of times. Right now businesses are being urged to take extra precautions.

According to Eurpol, the unfortunate answer is, yes.

Commercial premises and medical facilities are anticipated to be increasingly targeted for organised burglaries.

We’re being very careful with conversations we’re having with businesses at the moment, making certain they’re looking to invest in security systems for the right reasons.

We’re making sure if we do business with a customer it’s because they need it, not simply out of fear.

As you can imagine the last thing we want to do right now is use this current situation to make money but the facts are the facts. Criminals are on the hunt for easy targets. The security systems we install and upgrade are designed to protect our customers from crime.

So how are we doing this? A FREE review of your CCTV, access control and security systems

We’re offering all new and existing customers a free security system review to determine their full requirements and whether the current systems already meet the objectives.

In addition to the security systems review, we are offering both new and existing customers a 20% reduction on any new order during this ongoing crisis.

Our directors, Chris Clifton and Steve Blackwell have released the following statement:

“So many businesses are suffering at the moment. It’s terrible to see the impact this pandemic is having on the lives and livelihoods of good people.

As a gesture of goodwill during this terrible time, we feel it’s only right to do more for our existing and new customers.

Where businesses are concerned about the impact of crime on their premises, we will be offering a free security review and a 20% discount for all orders during this pandemic.” 

A recent article in The Times highlights the growing concern that thieves are targeting unmanned businesses.

We work across many industries, installing a range of security systems such as

  • HD and monitored CCTV – helping to catch criminals in the act
  • Access control systems such as door entry systems, video, audio intercom, and key fob door entry systems
  • Security and intruder alarms – helping to deter criminals from entering a business’ premises 

Here’s a quick run-through of how we can help protect businesses in the current climate:


A school CCTV system review will help spot any areas of your site where your current cameras aren’t effective. 

Video intercoms can help to manage any deliveries to your premises, helping you see who’s at the door before letting them in. 

A review of your school’s alarm system will help identify any potential problems which could lead to the alarm system being impotent.

Gyms and leisure centres

Gyms were part of the first batch of businesses closed during lockdown.

CCTV systems for gyms, help spot any criminals trying to break in and steal expensive equipment such as treadmills, bikes and the like.

A review of your gym door entry system will help determine if your current setup could be breached allowing criminals access to your premises and commit vandalism and theft.

A quick check of your gym security alarms could help reduce the threat of break-ins too.


By looking at your office’s CCTV system we will help determine if your cameras are in good working order and provide the image quality you need should anyone try and break-in.

A quick check of your business access control systems will help spot any potential problems that could lead to criminal activity at your office.

If you haven’t had any maintenance on your office alarm systems for a while, are you sure they are fit for purpose?

Nightclubs and bars

Thieves could be on the lookout for easy targets. Are your nightclub security systems up together and in good working order?

A quick review of your nightclub or bar CCTV surveillance system could prevent the theft of expensive audio equipment. 

Let’s have a look at your alarm systems too, to see if we can prevent criminals from stealing your remaining stock.


Hotel CCTV and alarm systems will help prevent break-ins at the best of times.

A quick review will help keep your premises protected. Maybe a quick installation of a remotely monitored integrated CCTV and alarm system will help spot and deal with any threat?

Shops and retail outlets

Have you had to close the door, leaving thousands of pounds worth of stock behind?

Are your CCTV cameras, door entry and alarm systems in full working order?

Let’s run a quick security system review on your retail outlet to see if we can help.

For shops that are still trading such as newsagents and convenience stores, your CCTV systems are there to deter and catch thieves and shoplifters. A review of these as well as your shop’s intruder alarms will help keep you protected.


A review of your restaurant’s CCTV, access control and alarms will give you some peace of mind.

Expensive kitchen equipment is currently left unguarded – let’s run a security system review to make sure you’re protected.

Warehouses and factories

The majority of warehouses and factories are still open for business.

In a recent BBC article, thieves are targeting hospitals and trying to steal medical supplies and equipment.

Is your warehouse part of the supply chain to the medical industry? This could present significant risks to your operations right now. Thieves could be targeting warehouses carrying stock such as masks, ventilators and other equipment, vital to the fight against COVID-19.

A review of your current security systems could help keep your role in the supply chain protected.


When it comes to CCTV for Abattoirs, owners have been under pressure for a while now due to a change in the law that is being enforced. 

If you’re still in the process of getting your CCTV systems updated to comply with the law, the team at Safeguard Systems are on hand to help. We can fit a HD CCTV or remotely monitored system for you abattoir easily, giving you peace of mind.

Abattoirs and slaughterhouses are still open for business and could be the target of animal rights activists looking to cause havoc whilst the police are concerned with more pressing matters.

Farms and rural businesses

In a recent blog, we detailed how rural crime has been on the rise across the South East of England. 

If your farm’s CCTV systems aren’t up to scratch you could be leaving yourself wide open to criminal activity.

A quick review of your security alarm systems could be the difference between being protected and not.

Recent reports in the farming industry press, shows farms have seen a spike in crime during this pandemic.

Are you fully protected?

Construction sites

Security systems for construction sites are so important during the best of times.

In a recent blog, we discussed how to protect your construction site against plant theft

A robust CCTV system for your construction site can be the difference between spotting potential break-ins and being the victim of theft and vandalism.  

A fully working construction site alarm system can be a valuable deterrent to all forms of vandalism or general crime.

Reports in the trade press are showing that construction site break-ins are on the up during COVID-19.

Get yourself protected with our FREE security system review.

Car dealerships

With many car dealers forced to close their forecourts, they are at risk from rising crime.

Many independent traders will have hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of stock sat on their forecourts. 

Are the CCTV cameras in your car forecourt in full working order?

Do your security alarms need an upgrade or some urgent maintenance?

The team at Safeguard systems are here to help.

Safeguard Systems – taking the right precautions during COVID-19

Before we get started, have a read of our recent article detailing the precautions we are undertaking during COVID-19.

We’re committed to taking the right measures to protect our customers and staff during the testing times.

Need a security system review?

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