When it comes to business security, video surveillance systems are a key part of a company’s armoury in protecting it against the impact of crime. Companies operating from offices, warehouses, logistics centres and car dealerships have significant assets to protect.

Furthermore, construction sites and solar farms are often targeted for hardware, wiring, plant machinery and tools. Schools get targeted by trespassers and by other criminals looking to steal IT equipment, such as laptops and iPads.

Airports and train stations need to deal with the threat of terrorism and anti-social behaviour.

In this article, we are looking at some of the benefits and advantages of video surveillance systems.

What are the benefits and advantages of video surveillance systems?

In this article we cover:

  • Deterring external theft and catching criminals
  • Monitoring suspicious objects
  • Protect a site against trespass
  • Deterring employee theft and catching culprits
  • Protecting assets and revenue

Deterring external theft and catching criminals

Well-placed surveillance cameras act as a deterrent to external threats such as break-ins and theft.

In addition to the interruption to business operations, the impact of theft can:

  • Impact the peace of mind of staff
  • Contribute to a loss of revenue
  • Raise insurance costs

If you are looking to deter and catch criminals, invest in a robust, professionally installed video surveillance system.

Monitoring suspicious objects & individuals

Those in charge of airport and train station security, not only need to keep a watchful eye over people.

They need to remain vigilant to potentially suspicious objects such as suitcases, and bags left on the platform, in departure lounges and more.

The deployment of PTZ cameras can be used to zoom in on the object, make decisions on a course of action and guide other security operatives to its whereabouts. PTZ surveillance cameras can also be used to track individuals behaving suspiciously.

Protecting a site against trespass

Trespass can a significant issue for businesses.

Kids jumping fences, and others looking to explore sites pose a risk to themselves and the site owner / operator.

Accidents happen, and can often be sorted easily.

However, where more serious accidents occur the impact can be seismic. The individual involved could be seriously harmed, and the business will need to address the event accordingly.

Surveillance monitoring and audio intervention can stop a trespasser in their tracks.

Deterring employee theft

People often think video surveillance is exclusive to monitoring a site for external threats.

Employee theft, particularly at warehouses, construction sites and offices can be an issue.

Well-placed internal surveillance cameras will help to catch the cuplrits.

Protecting assets and revenue

Some of the sites we have protected hold stock worth well over £1,000,000.

They provide logistical support for brands such as Apple, Dell and other internationally recognised brands.

If they were the victims of theft and didn’t have an appropriate surveillance system in place, clients would lose trust and could leave.

Litigation could ensue.

Some of the solar farms we protect deliver millions in revenue to their owners and operators.

If panels are stolen or sabotaged, revenue is lost. Loss revenue is a headache for any business.

Looking for a video surveillance company?

Safeguard Systems are specialists in video surveillance for a range of businesses with significant assets and revenue to protect.

We have a page dedicated to video surveillance systems and a section of our website dedicated to the sectors we operate in.