Advanced superyacht security systems. Protect your vessel, assets, staff and guests.

The superyacht security systems we design and deploy detect a range of critical threats. At Safeguard Systems, we deliver bespoke security systems for superyachts and other high-value maritime assets.

Owners and operators require sophisticated bespoke surveillance systems to deal with both external and internal threats.

Firstly, hijacking, theft, and kidnap are key external threats. These threats are typically dealt with by a range of advanced surveillance solutions and security devices.

Secondly, our superyacht security systems cover internal CCTV surveillance. These sophisticated systems are critical to protecting physical assets, the owner and other individuals.

Threat detection and advanced surveillance systems are the first lines of defence. Furthermore, vessel lockdown and alert reporting complete our key super yacht security services.

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Advanced Security Systems for Megayachts & Superyachts

  • Advanced Surveillance Systems

  • Early-Stage Threat Detection

  • Drones, Thermal Cameras & FLIR

  • Deck Sensors & Vessel Lockdown

  • Security Event Management

Our Security System & Detection Solution Partners

Advanced, optimised security solutions for super yachts

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Early-stage inbound threat detection for superyachts

These prestigious vessels are targeted by sophisticated criminals. Therefore, system design and device selection is key to an appropriate super yacht security system design.

Dealing with potential hijacking, kidnap and other inbound threats is critical to protecting physical and human assets.

Our ESITD solutions cover:

  • Monitoring marine traffic from a safe distance
  • Thermal cameras & advanced FLIR threat detection
  • Identifying ribs & wooden skiffs
  • Sensors, IR beams & sonar offer advanced detection
  • AIS transponders & security alert management

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Advanced surveillance systems, thermal CCTV & FLIR cameras

Ultra-high net worth individuals require protection across all of their property assets; whether on land or sea.  When it comes to securing super and mega yachts, threat detection is vital.

Dealing with situations in real-time is of paramount importance. Coupled with an understanding of maintaining the vessel’s aesthetic. our bespoke, sophisticated security solutions cover:

  • Long range ultra-HD CCTV, FLIR & thermal detection solutions
  • Discreet unobtrusive surveillance infrastructure
  • PTZ surveillance cameras – human detection & real-time threat resolution
  • Internal interior stealth detection

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Internal CCTV surveillance cameras

To deliver on client requirements, securing super yachts against external threats is key to delivering on critical security objectives. Furthermore, there is a range of internal security threats requiring onboard surveillance systems.

Theft and general guest protection are all security objectives requiring dedicated attention. To deliver on these objectives, we design and deploy a range of sophisticated CCTV video surveillance systems and devices covering:

  • High-definition CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Discreet, unobtrusive installs where required
  • Sensors, illuminators and IR beams
  • Internal monitoring and alarm verification

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Drone security & surveillance cameras

Drones operated by onboard security professionals provide a 21st Century, digital form of security patrol. Drones offer an advanced form of security and an improved level of threat detection.

Coupled with our early-stage inbound threat detection solutions, the deployment of drone CCTV cameras adds another layer to detecting critical threats including:

  • Hijacking
  • Theft
  • Sabotage
  • Kidnap

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Deck sensors & vessel lockdown

To deliver complete protection and all-around threat detection, our security systems for super yachts include deck sensors.

If sophisticated intruders or hijackers breach your vessel, an array of deck sensors are deployed to detect minute changes in movement. In these highly unlikely situations, vessel lockdown solutions are deployed to:

  • Detect intrusion & trigger alerts to the onboard security team
  • Lockdown the vessel offering protection of physical and human assets
  • Provide an invisible secondary layer of detection and advanced security
  • Reduce false alarms through digital detection solutions

Additionally, where required and recommended, we deploy vessel lockdown solutions to protect the owners, crew and guests.

Security event management & reporting

Dealing with significant threats immediately is key. To offer a fully integrated approach from detection through to human intervention, our security event management and reporting solutions fulfil these requirements.

Communication between the onboard security team and shoreside management is vital. Our security event management and reporting solutions cover:

  • Onboard monitoring & alarm verification
  • Onboard security & onshore management communication
  • Alerting maritime authorities

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Why choose Safeguard Systems as your super yacht security partner?

Our security solution designers and operations team offer explicit and in-depth knowledge of advanced asset protection systems. Coupled with unrivalled experience in deploying advanced threat and intruder detection solutions, our bespoke super yacht security systems meet all required needs and objectives.

  • 1. Situation Analysis & Objectives

  • 2. System Design & Recommendations

  • 3. System Approval & Order

  • 4. Installation & Commissioning

  • 5. System Handover & Sign-Off

  • 6. Ongoing Service & Support

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    Super Yacht Security FAQs

    Do superyachts have security?

    An investment in a superyacht security system protects assets, people and the owners. Ultra-high net worth individuals and billionaires own superyachts. Therefore, sophisticated criminals and pirates target them.

    Well protected super and mega yachts typically deploy a range of CCTV, detection, surveillance and lockdown solutions to meet their security needs.

    If you would like to find out more about your options, contact one of our security professionals today.

    Owners and operators can protect and secure superyachts in several ways. Typically, security systems for super yachts cover sophisticated solutions covering:

    • Early-stage inbound threat detection – beams, long-range sensors and FLIR cameras
    • Advanced CCTV surveillance camera – thermal, PTZ and ultra-HD long-range devices
    • Drones – digital security solutions offering regular spot-checks
    • Deck Sensors – triggering alerts if sophisticated criminals breach the first line of security
    • Vessel lockdown systems – push button systems protecting the owner, crew and guests

    Each device and solution meets a range of needs and security objectives.

    The benefits of installing security systems on superyachts are vast. They include:

    • Protecting people
    • Deterring organised criminals
    • Securing valuable assets

    To secure assets, protect people and deter criminals, a well-protected yacht will deploy a mix of CCTV, surveillance devices, detection solutions and lockdown measures to meet their security needs.

    Superyachts are vulnerable to pirate attacks and are prone to be targeted by organised criminals. Therefore, so it is important to invest in security and protect the most susceptible parts of the vessel.

    For example:

    • High value assets, and individuals are targeted for financial gain and kidnap, respectively.
    • The owner’s family members can be targeted to secure ransom payments


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