Different types of security systems

If you’re looking to learn about the different types of security systems, you’ve landed in the right place! Here at Safeguard Systems, we design and install a range of security systems for businesses. In this guide, we run through the range of security systems we design and install for business and their benefits.

When it comes to the different types of business security systems they are:

  • CCTV Surveillance / Security Cameras
  • Access Control
  • Security & Intruder Alarms.

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CCTV is one of the different types of security systems for businesses

Part 1 – The Different Types of CCTV Surveillance Systems 

Here at Safeguard Systems, we design and install a range of security camera systems for businesses including:

  • HD CCTV systems
  • IP CCTV systems
  • Remote CCTV monitoring systems

HD CCTV systems

HD CCTV systems offer fantastic image quality and enable you to see everything that’s happening in and around your business. 

By investing in a robust, quality HD CCTV security system, you will be providing your staff, students, site visitors, patients, customers and yourself with security and peace of mind.

Businesses often invest in HD CCTV systems to:

  • Catch and deter criminals
  • Protect staff
  • Reduce workplace theft and anti-social behaviour

We work with a range of leading CCTV manufacturers. 

One of these brands is Hikvsion. 

Interested in HD CCTV? You can find out more by watching this video:

Alternatively, click the link for more information on the range of Hikvision’s HD CCTV systems.


IP CCTV systems are becoming incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. 

Unlike analog-based HD systems, these security cameras are integrated within the current IP infrastructure.

Why invest in IP CCTV?

Here are a few reasons why:

  • IP CCTV systems provide improved image quality over old fashioned analogue CCTV systems
  • They can also deliver cost savings by using the current IT infrastructure in place
  • IP based security cameras cover a greater area than analog CCTV cameras
  • They offer much more powerful search functions
  • These systems offer superior expansion opportunities

IP CCTV systems help businesses to:

  • Catch and deter intruders
  • Monitor their premises for potential security threats
  • Provide peace of mind for business owners and staff

If you’re currently looking into IP CCTV for your business, why not watch Hikvisions latest video:

Alternatively, you can learn more about these systems by visiting HIkvision dedicated page on IP CCTV.

CCTV monitoring is one of the different types of security system a business can use to deal with threats

Remote CCTV monitoring systems

More and more businesses are investing in CCTV monitoring services, due to the range of security-related benefits on offer. 

With remote CCTV monitoring, your security cameras are monitored 24/7 by a team of security professionals.

There are many benefits of CCTV monitoring including:

  • Reducing the impact of crime
  • Deterring criminals
  •  Saving money on the cost of security
  • Spotting more security threats 

We work in partnership with leading CCTV monitoring company, Arc Monitoring. For more information you can watch their video below:

Alternatively, we’ve recently published a couple of articles on this topic. If you’re looking to learn more, these articles are a fantastic place to start:

The Benefits and Advantages of CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring FAQs

CCTV Case Studies:

Over the years we’ve helped countless businesses, improve their all round security. 

Here are a few case studies for CCTV systems we’ve installed:

Business CCTV Case Study

Residential CCTV Case Study

Access control system example

Part 2 – The Different Types of Access Control

In this section of our security system guide, we focus on access control. 

Access control is a security method focused on securing access to, from and around business premises or site.

For example, this could be:

  • A fob based system granting front door access to all staff, but restricted access to IT and server rooms
  • An intercom system – video or audio, either analog or IP

Access control covers many areas including:

  • Door Entry Systems
  • Video Intercom and Video Door Entry 
  • Audio Intercom
  • IP Intercom
  • Card and Fob Access Systems
Business door entry system

Door Entry Systems

Businesses invest in various door entry systems to provide secure access to, from and around their premises.

Door entry systems include:

  • Video Intercom and Video Door Entry 
  • Audio Intercom
  • IP Intercom
  • Card and Fob Access Systems
Video intercom unit

Video Intercom and Video Door Entry 

Video intercom systems, otherwise known as video door phones, offer an additional layer of security for a business when allowing people access to its building or premises. 

With video intercom, you get to see who’s at the door before letting them in.


As part of an overall access control system, video door entry systems are a fantastic way to:

  • Restrict access to a business premises
  • Provide security and peace of mind – you get to see who’s at the front door before letting them in
  • Impress visitors
  • Manage health and safety

Here at Safeguard Systems, we work with a range of video intercom system manufacturers including:

  • Hikvision 
  • Paxton 
  • Videx

Hikvision Video Intercom

Hikvision has a range of video intercom systems, catering for most door entry needs and requirements.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hikvison video intercom systems, you can watch their product video below:

Alternatively, you can read more by visiting the video intercom page on the Hikvision website.

Paxton Video Intercom 

Like Hikvision, Paxton has a range of video intercom systems for businesses.

If you’re interested in learning more about Paxton video intercom systems, you can watch their product video below:

Alternatively, you can read more by visiting the video intercom page on the Paxton website.

Videx Video Intercom 

Videx has a range of video intercom systems for businesses.

If you’re interested in learning more about Videx video intercom systems, you can watch their product video below:

Alternatively, you can read more by visiting the video intercom page on the Videx website.

Audio Intercom

Audio intercom systems are an effective form of access control for businesses looking to secure access to, from and around their building.

Like many access control systems, audio intercoms can be integrated with other security systems including:

  • CCTV systems
  • Security alarms 
  • Gated access control systems

The way in which these security systems are implemented can vary.

Normally they include:

  • Door access and security situations,
  • 1-2-1 communication and 
  • Integrating with public address systems

If you’re interested in learning more about the range of audio intercom systems, Safeguard Systems can install, here are some helpful links.

Videx Audio Intercom

Paxton Audio Intercom

IP Intercom

IP intercom systems are growing in popularity for companies committed to providing secure access to, from and around their building.

These systems can be used:

  • Externally – at outside access points such as the car park gate,  entry doors and more
  • Internally – to restrict access to certain areas of the building such as server rooms, areas holding petty cash and more

Whether you’re considering a video door entry or an audio intercom system, we would highly recommend an IP based solution.

There are a huge range of benefits IP Intercom systems for businesses including:

  • Flexibility 
  • Security and peace of mind 
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Crime prevention
  • Data capture (site visitors)
  • Performance & quality
  • Scalability
  • Company image

Both video and audio intercom systems can operate easily over IP.

If you’re in the process of researching your options, here are some helpful links:

IP Intercom Systems

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example of keyless and fob door entry system


Card and Fob Access Systems

Fob door entry systems, otherwise known as keyless door entry systems, are a secure means for a business to control access to and from its building and premises. 

Fob entry systems help businesses negate the risks of lost office door keys and the associated costs of replacing door locks. 

In addition to being lost, keys can be cloned creating additional security risks for a business.

Fob entry systems can be programmed allowing you to know who is in the building and where they are located.

You can use these systems to monitor staff :

  • Attendance
  • Timekeeping
  • Productivity 

There are various uses for fob door access systems:

  • External – at the entry gate, office front door or external facilities such as bins stores
  • Internal – to allow and restrict access to certain areas and monitor who is where in the building  

Thinking about switching to a fob access system for your business?

Here are Safeguard Systems,our recommended fob access systems is Paxton. Net2 Paxlock is the product we work with for fob access systems. You can watch it below:

Here are some helpful links to the Paxton website.

If you’re non-technical and are looking for an overview of the systems and how they work, have a look at the dedicated page on the Paxton Net 2 Access Control System.

If you are in a technical role, here is a link to various Paxton Data Sheets.

Different types of intruder alarms wired and wireless

Part 3 – The Different Types of Security Alarms

When it comes to intruder and security alarms, we can design and install a range of systems.

These include:

  • Wired alarm systems
  • Wireless alarm systems
  • Monitored alarm systems

Wireless alarm systems

Wireless Intruder alarms are growing in popularity for businesses we work with. 

There are a number of reasons for this – they are:

  • Fast to install
  • Incredibly flexible and 
  • Offer complete scalability. 

New sensors can be added in new positions, they can be moved with ease and the lack of cabling required offers limited disruption and a smooth installation process.

Wireless Alarms are also compatible with a remotely monitored alarm system allowing for additional security, fast response rates and greater peace of mind.

As opposed to wired security alarms, a wireless intruder alarm system is completely portable. 

This means if you have a change of location, the system can move with you. 

This can help reduce the need for further operational expenditure whilst retaining the highest level of security.

If you anticipate your business growing or a change of location, wireless security alarm could well be a sensible choice. 

Different types of  security alarm sensors

Wired alarm systems

For businesses looking for reliability and durability, a wired security alarm system is an incredibly sound choice.

Although wireless security systems are growing in popularity, they can be unreliable and more prone to system outages. This needs to be a consideration for any business when looking to improve its security.

Wired Intruder Alarm Systems offer the same functionality and help manage the same security threats as a wireless system. 

Like any intruder alarm, wired security alarms are designed to detect intruders and notify you via the alarm sounding and by a notification to your smart device. 

There are some key points of difference to consider when choosing between a wired or wireless system. Here’s a helpful blog, comparing wired and wireless alarms.

One of the key benefits of a wired Alarm System is they only require minimal ongoing running costs. 

Unlike wireless alarms, there’s no need for replacement batteries. In the event of any of the cabling becoming dilapidated or severed, the system will notify you of a fault. 

What are the benefits of wired alarm systems?

  • Completely compatible with Remotely Monitored Alarm systems
  • Low ongoing running costs – no batteries to replace regularly
  • Highly secure and reduced risk of false alarms
  • Compatible with other security systems such as CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Aesthetics – no need for extensive cabling and trunking around doors and skirting
  • Low hardware costs compared to wireless alarm systems

Monitored alarm systems

For businesses looking for the optimum level of security in and around their premises, a remotely monitored alarm system is an excellent choice.

It’s common for businesses to monitor and manage their own security systems, and in many cases this gives them the peace of mind they require. 

However, for businesses requiring additional security, a monitored alarm system should be considered. 

The security systems can be set up, to alert The Police when the alarm is triggered. Clearly visible signs will act as a deterrent – having The Police on hand will help catch the culprits.

How do monitored alarm systems work?

Security alarm monitoring is where your business alarm system communicates with a central station. In the event of a security threat, your control panel triggers an event and sends an alarm signal to the central monitoring station. The alarm monitoring station will then notify the relevant authorities, in most cases, this is The Police.

What are the benefits of monitored alarm systems?

If you’re currently considering an alarm system for your business, here are some of the benefits:

  • The systems help reduce the impact of criminal activity around your premises
  • The authorities are notified immediately, reducing the time criminals have to carry out the activities
  • Fast response – your control team won’t miss a thing, unlike onsite security guards who may be on patrol 
  • Peace of mind when you are away from your premises – your business is still being monitored effectively for criminal activity 
  • You can integrate your monitored security alarms with your CCTV systems to help catch intruders in the act. 
  • Insurance – some insurers require businesses to have alarm to be in place to rectify the policy. Make sure you read the small print as some insurers require the alarm to be fitted by an accredited security systems specialist.  
  • Remote locations – the person in charge of security for a business may live over an hour from the office, warehouse or premises. A monitored alarm system offers a much faster response time, helping to reduce the impact of trespass, intrusion and more.

As SSAIB approved security system installers, we have the right accreditations in place to enable your system to be connected to the Police.

Alarm systems for businesses – who are our preferred manufacturers?

Here at Safeguard Systems, as experienced installers of alarms systems for a range of businesses, we work with many of the leading alarm manufacturers.

These include:

Orisec alarms






Orisec is a UK based, specialist manufacturer of security alarm products. We find their products and systems highly reliable and perfect for our commercial customers.

For more information on their alarm systems, here is a link to the Orisec website.

Here is an overview video:



Texecom is a leading manufacturer of security alarm products. In their own words:

Texecom’s electronic security products and services protect millions of people and properties around the world.

Texecom is leading the way with digital and cloud-based solutions, adding value and providing interoperability with wider security and building management systems – offering increasingly connected, intelligent and dynamic solutions to meet the world’s future security challenges.

For more information on Texecom’s range of security alarms systems, you can visit their website or view their YouTube channel.


Honeywell is an international brand focused on multiple areas of business.

They have a range of commercial security products, to meet a range of objectives.

Honeywell has recently released a video, celebrating 100 years of Innovation. You can watch it here:

For more information on Honeywell’s intrusion products, you can visit their dedicated page on security alarm products.

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