There are many questions people need answering when looking at investing in a new security system. Here at Safeguard Systems, we’re specialists in security system installation for a range of businesses.

We’ve put together this comprehensive guide covering some of the main questions we get asked on a regular basis.

What are the main security system FAQs?

They are:

Different types of security system


What are the different types of security systems?

Here at Safeguard Systems we design and install a range of security systems for businesses. 

When it comes to the different types of security systems they are:

Business CCTV systems


CCTV Surveillance Systems 

When it comes to CCTV systems, we design and install the following:

  • HD CCTV systems – highly effective and robust HD security camera systems for businesses
  • IP CCTV – modern, IP based security cameras systems that help keep your business safe and secure 
  • Remote CCTV monitoring systems – looking to reduce the cost of security and have you CCTV cameras monitored remotely? Look no further than monitored CCTV

Looking for more information? You can learn more about our range of services by visiting our dedicated CCTV page.

Access control system


Access Control

Access control covers many areas including:

  • Door Entry Systems – access control systems that allow businesses to provide secure access to, around and from a company’s offices
  • Video Intercom and Video Door Entry  – see who’s at the door before letting them in! 
  • Audio Intercom – voice-based intercom systems
  • IP Intercom– video and audio intercom systems implemented over existing IP infrastructure
  • Fob Access Systems –  modern door entry systems replacing the need for old fashioned keys – monitor who”s in and out of the building and where they are

Looking for more information? You can learn more about our range of services by visiting our dedicated access control page.

Security Alarms

Security Alarms, otherwise known as intruder alarms, are an essential part of a business’ security systems.

The three most common types of security alarms are:

  • Wired alarms – hardwired, robust alarms systems for businesses
  • Wireless alarms – flexible, wireless alarm systems – easy to manage and scale
  • Monitored alarm systems – fully remotely monitored security alarms through an external security company

Looking for more information? You can learn more about our range of services by visiting our dedicated security alarms page.

security systems in operation


Why should I have a security system installed?

There are a variety of reasons why businesses should have a new security system installed. 

Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Security systems are an excellent way to protect your business premises, staff and property
  • Security systems, such as CCTV and intruder alarms, are installed to deter potential criminals such as trespassers and vandals 
  • Many insurance firms also require an intruder alarm to be installed in order for your policy to be validated. And in some cases, it also reduces your premiums. Some insurers require the alarm to be installed by a company carrying accreditations, such as SSAIB or SafeContractor
  • In addition to CCTV and alarms, access control systems also enable a business to manage the flow of staff in and out of the building, help to monitor productivity, and more
  • Considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are now replacing their key-based entry systems with key fob door entry. This helps reduce the number of times people are touching door on the way in and out 

How much do security systems cost?

This is often one of the first questions we’re asked when a new potential customer makes contact. 

Of course, we fully understand a business’s need to work to a budget, meaning the cost is therefore a consideration.

The cost of a security system is based on two factors:

  • The cost of the hardware – cameras, alarms, door entry units, cabling, sensors and more
  • The time it takes to install the system

This is why it’s always important to understand a customer’s budget and their objectives. 

As security system professionals, if we know the objectives and the budget we can make the right recommendations.

After all, it’s very hard to put a price on security. 

To help our customers with any capital outlay, we offer finance options across all our CCTV systems.

This helps to spread the cost out over three or five years.

Is there a lot of disruption while a security system is being installed? 

During any security system installation, there is always a little bit of disruption. 

However, all of Safeguard System’s security engineers are highly experienced, skilled and will be completely respectful to your site and your staff. 

As part of our processes, we provide our customers with a system design proposal. 

This details exactly where the cameras will be fitted, alarms installed and more.

Our system design proposals can also include information on timeframes and project management, so our customers are always aware if there is likely to be any disruption and they can plan effectively and accordingly . 

How trustworthy are your security system installers? 

Our engineers are very skilled, experienced and most of all trustworthy.

We are always happy to provide new customers with references for previous work carried out. 

Additionally, our engineers are all DBS checked.

For more information about our security industry accreditations, see the section below.

What accreditations should a security systems installation company have?

Security companies which hold industry accreditations, highlight their commitment to:

  • Quality of workmanship
  • A high degree of customer care
  • Operational processes which lead to a robust, effective security system being fitted which is fit for purpose and designed to the customer’s specific requirements

Here at Safeguard Systems we are:

Additionally, all our security system engineers are:

  • DBS checked
  • IPAF and PASMA certified and carry 
  • ECS cards
security camera system for a business


How quickly can security systems be installed?

The normal lead from a customer approving a proposal and having their security system installed is around 2 weeks.

When helping a business with their security system requirements, we follow a tried and tested process. This allows us to fully establish a customer’s security requirements and provide a concise, professional system design proposal.

It is as follows:

  • Initial Consultation
  • System design
  • Approval and order
  • Security system installation
  • Customer training
  • Ongoing service

If I have a security system installed, will it affect my insurance?

Insurance companies often stipulate businesses need to have an alarm fitted to industry standards to ratify the policy.

As an SSAIB accredited security system installer, we can easily help customers tick that box and get the insurance in place they need to help protect their businesses.

It’s not unusual for new customers to get in touch with us after speaking to their insurance companies. 

It isn’t always common knowledge that companies need security systems fitted to these standards to get the right insurance in place.

Once we fully understand the terms of the insurance policy, we can design and install the security system in line with the insurance company’s stated requirements.

cctv surveillance system


What are the benefits of security systems – CCTV, access control and alarms?

As mentioned in an earlier section of this guide, there is a range of security systems available to businesses.

They are:

  • CCTV
  • Access control
  • Security and intruder alarms

There are various benefits to these systems. Below is a list of a few for each system, with links to other articles we’ve written on the benefits of security systems. 

What are the benefits of security systems?

The main benefits of business security systems are:

  • Reduce and deter employee theft
  • Deter and catch shoplifters
  • Reduce vehicle-related crime
  • Peace of mind and all-round security
  • Catch and apprehend criminals
  • Prevent unauthorised entry – break-ins
  • Prevent unauthorised entry – restricted access for protected areas
  • Protection against on-site accidents and health and safety issues
  • Insurance premiums and cover
  • Monitor and deter incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • Deter vandalism 

Interested in learning more?

Have a read of our article on the benefits and advantages of security systems for businesses.

Benefits of CCTV for a business

What are the benefits of business CCTV systems?

There is a range of reasons businesses should invest in a robust CCTV system.

The main benefits and advantages are:

  • Deterring crime
  • Monitoring on-site activity
  • Collecting evidence for criminal prosecutions
  • Solving disputes (decision making)
  • Keeping records of attendance

You can read more about each of these in our recent article on the benefits of business CCTV systems.

remote CCTV monitoring station

How about CCTV monitoring? What are the benefits of these systems?

CCTV monitoring allows you to have you security cameras monitored externally for a fraction of the cost of an on-site security team and guards.

The benefits of CCTV monitoring are:

  • Preventing criminal activity


  • Reducing the costs of security 


  • As effective as having a manned security guard on-site 


  • Track every move of the potential intruder or criminal makes. 


  • Audio intervention

If you’re currently considering CCTV monitoring for your business, you can read a recent article we published on the advantages of CCTV monitoring

Alternatively, you can read our quickfire FAQ guide to CCTV monitoring.

Access control system benefits

What are the benefits of access control systems for businesses?

The advantages of access control systems are numerous, depending on your security objectives.

The main benefits of access control systems are:

  • Managing the safe flow of people in, out and around a business premises
  • Tracking employee and visitor whereabouts


  • Protecting a business from crime


  • Managing health and safety effectively


  • Improve competitive advantage

For more information on the above list of benefits, why not check out a recent article we wrote covering the benefits of access control systems.

As mentioned above, earlier on this article, there are a variety of access control systems.

We have recently written a couple of articles converting video intercom and IP intercom systems.

Here’s a quick over of the benefits of video and IP intercom systems. 

Video intercom at a business premises

What are the benefits of video intercom systems?

There are a whole range of reasons businesses invest in video intercom systems.

These range from:


  • Peace of mind – see who’s at the office door prior to granting them access


  • Enabling secure entry to a business premises where multiple companies need access to a shared building


  • Managing secure access to a building / offices or site in an efficient and secure way


  • Recording visitor data – see who’s coming in and out of the business.


  • Versatility and compatibility with other access control and security systems – video intercom can be integrated with CCTV systems


The main advantages and benefits of video door entry systems are:


  • Security – protect the business from unauthorised access


  • Customisation and integration – you can set these systems to grant access to all employees via the front door, but restrict access to secure areas


  • Data – track the flow of visors in and out of the building or premises


  • First Impressions – impress your visitors with a swanky door entry system


  • Remote Access – if you operate a business which isn’t always guarded or staffed, you can grant access remotely via an App.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our article which covers all the main benefits of video intercom.

IP intercom

What are the benefits of IP intercom systems?

The main advantages and benefits of IP intercom systems are:

  • Flexibility


  • Security and peace of mind


  • Fast, easy installation
  • Crime prevention
  • Data capture (site visitors)
  • Performance & quality


  • Scalability


  • Company image.  

Interested in learning more?

Have a read of our article covering the main benefits of IP intercom door entry systems.

What are the best business security systems? 

It all depends on the objectives.

To help guide you on the right security system for your business, here’s a quick overview of each security system and the objectives each one satisfies.


The main objectives of a robust CCTV system are:

  • Deter criminals – intruders and vandals
  • Provide all-round peace of mind
  • Catch criminals
  • Prevent and address workplace anti-social behaviour
  • Monitor staff for attendance and productivity

Access Control

The main objectives of access control systems are to:

  • Manage the flow of staff and visitors, to, from and around a business premises
  • Limit access to secure areas of a site or building
  • Capture data on timekeeping, attendance and productivity
  • Reduce the need for traditional key-based door access

Security Alarms

The main objectives of security alarm systems are to:

  • Deter criminals from breaking and entering
  • Provide the business with all-round piece of mind
  • Catch criminals with silent alarm systems

Security system maintenance – is it necessary?


For the same reason, you have a car, computer or other IT equipment serviced and maintained periodically.

Here at Safeguard Systems, we always recommend you have maintenance carried out on your 

security systems at least once a year.

What happens if I have an issue with my security system?

Like with all IT equipment, from time to time they require ad-hoc fixes.

As a professional security systems installer, within all of our proposals are our call out charges.

When engaging a security company, we always recommend fully understanding their ad-hoc call out charges and hourly rates.

Additionally, as you’ll see below, a good supplier should provide 12 months parts and labour warranty.

As an SSAIB accredited installer we do this as standard.

Are security systems covered under any form of warranty?

It depends on the supplier. 

We always provide a 12 month warranty on new systems, providing we are installing new hardware and cabling. 

Looking for a new security system for your business?

As specialists in CCTV, access control, and security alarms we’d be delighted to help you in your search for a new system.

You can find out more about our services and solutions by visiting our page dedicated to security systems.