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Security is about protecting assets. In this short blog, we provide a concise list of ways to protect your rural business from the impact of crime.

There are various forms of crime currently impacting the farming and rural communities:

  • Fly-tipping
  • Tractor GPS theft
  • Quad bike theft
  • Livestock rustling
  • Pet theft

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Rural Security Checklist – How to Protect Your Rural Business

This checklist splits into three areas, as well as some useful links related to the topic:

Tractor on a farm

Physical – tools, equipment and buildings

  • Make sure you keep farm vehicles and plant machinery out of sight. Lock them up, remove the keys and keep them in a safe
  • Review the site perimeter for access points; block them if they aren’t regularly used
  • Ensure hedgerows and plants are well-trimmed. Thieves use them when carrying out surveillance
  • Make sure you store your tools securely
  • Anchor down quad bikes, and block them in (if they aren’t stored in a building overnight)
  • Remove Tractor GPS systems wherever possible, as they are highly sought after. Mark your kit with forensic or indelible ink
  • Outbuildings. Make sure all hinges work and locks are fit-for-purpose
  • Makes sure you lock all windows and doors, even when you are at home
  • Have a tick box process at the end of each shift; make sure all security measures are being adhered to
Farmers community market produce

The local community – working together to deter crime

  • If there is a local Rural and Farm Watch scheme, join it. Working together as a community to deter crime.
  • Create a local WhatsApp group to share information about local criminal and suspicious activity
  • Get to know your neighbours and build a relationship with your local rural crime team
  • Involve the Police. Report all crimes and suspicious sightings to them
  • Use the Crimestoppers number to report rural crimes anonymously. If you are worried about criminal taking revenge, this option keeps you nice and safe
  • Post incidents on social media, involve the wider community
CCTV at a farm

Tech – modern electronic security systems and recommendations

  • Implement intruder detection systems in and around your outbuildings and property
  • CCTV. If you have it, get it. Make sure it is a quality system; clear images, day and night
  • Make sure you fit all quads and tractors with tracking devices and immobilisers
  • Use security floodlights and movement detection alarms on farm buildings
  • Perimeter Security. Do you have CCTV monitoring the perimeter? Is there effective fencing in place?
  • Use CESAR vehicle marking to deter criminals and aid recoveries
  • Make sure fuel tanks are alarmed
  • Consider an ANPR camera to monitor the main entrances. If the system picks up the same number plate regularly, you might have a criminal casing your premises

Our business covers Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire.

Here are some useful links related to rural crime in the counties we cover:

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Wildlife Crime Unit

ACE (Agricultural and Construction Equipment) Police Unit

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