How to improve farm security

Rural crime has been an ever-increasing issue for the farming community over the past few years. In this article we offer helpful advice about farm owners can improve security, deter thieves, and reduce crime.

Due to the remote locations of farms, criminals see these sites as easy pickings.

Farms are often situated miles away from the nearest police station. For a criminal, this spells one thing; opportunity.

Safeguard Systems have designed and installed a range of farm security systems, so we are well versed in the threats they face.

Expensive farm equipment and machinery can fetch a pretty penny on the black market.

Furthermore, quad bikes, often used at farms, are highly sought after by criminals too.

A recent article in Farmers Weekly highlights how thieves are now scoping out farms using drones. Where there is a will (and technology) there is a way, it would seem.

6 ways to improve farm security

From a security point of view, there is a range of recommended systems and measures that can help deter and reduce the impact of crime.

In this article, we are focusing on 6 key ways to improve farm security.

These include:

  • Reviewing your farm’s security systems
  • Deploying effective CCTV and alarm systems
  • Remote CCTV monitoring – reduce security costs
  • Using security lighting to ward off criminals
  • Taking extra measures to protect vehicles
  • Investing in perimeter security, protection, and detection systems

Farm security

Improving farm security: Review your farm’s current security systems

Before considering an investment in security, you need to understand what you currently have in place and whether it is fit for purpose.

Put yourself in the shoes of a typical criminal.

How easy are you making it for a thief to gain entry to your land?

Are fences damaged?

How many potential access points are currently unprotected?

Are your outbuildings deadlocked overnight?

How about the hinges? Are they loose, rusting, and not up to the job?

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Improving farm security: Effective CCTV and alarm systems

Securing your outbuildings is one thing. If an intruder manages to breach your perimeter, how can they be deterred from carrying out their crimes?

Doors to buildings should be alarmed.

CCTV cameras need to be deployed to provide surveillance of any vulnerable areas, and key access points.

If you are currently considering security cameras for you farm, find out more about the range of commercial CCTV systems we design and install.

Farms are often constrained by budgets. If you are in charge of a farm, Hikvision has a range of CCTV cameras perfectly suited to those watching the pennies.

For farms where security is paramount, and the criminals targeting them are sophisticated, Safeguard Systems also recommends three other CCTV manufacturers and brands.

They are:




Improving farm security: Remote CCTV monitoring

Larger farms with onsite guards should consider CCTV monitoring as it can vastly reduce the costs of, and improve security.

With 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring services, CCTV cameras are fitted with sensors. If the system is triggered an alarm signal is sent to your off-site team. The footage is viewed remotely, and if a threat is spotted, the relevant authorities are called.

In many cases, monitored CCTV systems can reduce the cost of security by up to 80%.

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Improving farm security: Security lighting

Installing security lights around buildings and in yards can be an effective deterrent.

When triggered, the thief should know they are light on time (no pun intended) and should make a hasty retreat.

Quad bike on a farm

Improving farm security: Extra measures to protect vehicles

Farm machinery and vehicles have a high resale value on the black market.

Forklift trucks, quad bikes, diggers, horseboxes, rotavators, tractors, and other machinery are all targeted by thieves.

Many of these are essential to the smooth running of a farm.

Here are some of the measures we recommend taking on a daily basis:

  • Lock all vehicles and hide the keys
  • If the vehicle is stored outside, fit steering locks
  • Fit GPRS trackers
  • Chain up machinery and tractors

Back in 2021, rural crime was a real issue, and farms were being targeted regularly. A new Police unit to target theft on farms and construction sites was set up.

Farm perimeter security

Improving farm security: Perimeter security, protection and detection

A major reason thieves target farms is due to their vast perimeters. Boundaries are often left unsecured.

There are a number of ways to deal with this.

Perimeter fencing can be used as the first line of defence and can deter thieves and intruders from entering your land.

Electronic perimeter protection and detection systems can be deployed to alert security to an attempted break-in.

Geo-fencing, and perimeter beams can be used to trigger the alarm.

If you are currently concerned about potential breaches, find out more about our perimeter security, protection and detection systems.

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Rural crime report 2021

The latest rural crime report by the NFU stated in 2020, rural crime cost the United Kingdom over £43,000,000.

The below data highlights how each region of the UK has been affected.

The figures are quite astonishing.

In fact, the team at Safeguard Systems have put together our own overview of the latest rural crime report.

Rural crime report data

Is now a good time to be thinking about securing your farm, assets, livestock, and premises?

Looking to secure your farm?

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