CCTV in Hampshire

As specialist installers of security systems, we’re constantly working with businesses and property owners across Hampshire. Our job is to protect them against the potential impact of crime. 

Whether it’s a CCTV installation for a business in Southampton, or a high-end residential property in Romsey, the team at Safeguard Systems are on hand to help.

Crime in the form of theft and vandalism are daily occurrences across Hampshire. 

Businesses need to invest in security systems such as remote cctv monitoring to protect their premises and staff. 

Property owners are at risk of burglary and damage all the time. Therefore an effective HD CCTV system would help create some peace of mind.

Crime statistics in Hampshire

According to Hampshire Constabulary, there have been over 60,000 crimes committed this year. When it comes to burglary, there have been in excess of 4.500 crimes committed and a further 3,500 accounts of stolen or damaged vehicles.

Although known to be a county, blessed with natural beauty and low levels of crime, when compared to the national average, Hampshire has its fair share of crime to tackle.

During the 12 months between June 2019, and May 2020, the volume of burglaries in Hampshire ran at 98% of national average and vehicle crime at 85%. 

One of the stats that stood out will be of particular interest to shop owners. The incidents of Shoplifting in Hampshire currently runs at 112% of the national crime rate. It would be wise for any shop owners in possession of these stats to invest in a security system to help deter and catch shoplifters.

Shoplifting statistics for Hampshire

Source: Hampshire Crime Stats – Plumplot 

CCTV – helping to catch criminals across Hampshire

Over the past few months, there has been a steady stream of the media reporting crimes reported across Hampshire. 

We believe that one crime is too many. However, the reality is not all crimes can be prevented. Therefore, businesses and property owners should invest in security systems that help to prevent crime and catch the perpetrators.

CCTV being used to catch criminals

Here are some examples of news reports where CCTV has helped to catch criminals across Hampshire.

Residential CCTV: Police looking to trace vehicle after Stockbridge attempted burglary

CCTV footage is helping track down the culprits of an attempted burglary in Stockbridge. 

The footage shows two men, driving a large 4×4 and authorities are askingpeople to recall if they saw two men driving a similar vehicle in the area.

Although there is more work to do, the CCTV footage is playing a critical role in apprehending the culprits.

Source: Spire FM. You can read the full article here.

Business CCTV: Thieves strip roof lead from care company’s offices

Thieves have recently targeted Bluebird Care in Totton, after they stole lead from the roof of its offices.

What’s shocking about this crime is this family run business provides care-at-home for vulnerable people looking to live independently.

CCTV images and footage have been passed to The Police of the two men involved in the crime.

Source: Advertiser & Times. You can read the full article here.

CCTV – helping to prevent crime for businesses and homeowners across Hampshire

As experienced CCTV installation experts, Safeguard Systems can design and install a robust solution to match all requirements and objectives.

Here is an overview of the CCTV systems we design and install.

CCTV installation – HD & IP CCTV systems

We can design and implement a security camera system, providing 360 coverage for your business premises or property.

Using state of the art, HD and IP technology, we can upgrade an existing, out of date system or design and install one from new.

HD & IP CCTV systems

CCTV should act as a deterrent to crime and as a means to catch criminals. Therefore it’s imperative your CCTV systems are maintained regularly and in full working order.

Remote CCTV monitoring 

Otherwise known as CCTV monitoring or remotely monitored CCTV, these security camera systems provide businesses and high-end property owners with a range of benefits.  

In fact, we recently published an article on the benefits of monitored CCTV systems.

CCTV remote monitoring

With monitored CCTV, a dedicated security professional views the footage offsite, 24/7. This helps to:

  • Ease the pressure on stretched in house security teams
  • Reduce the cost of expensive security guards patrolling the site, and potentially missing threats
  • Catch more criminals in the act

Security and intruder alarms – integrated with CCTV

Security alarms are often considered the backbone of a business’s security.

Depending on the IT infrastructure in place, the team at Safeguard Systems can install either wired or wireless alarm systems.

Additionally, where the threat of crime is high, a fully monitored alarm system is a recommended option.

When integrated with a CCTV system, security alarms become even more powerful in managing and deterring the threat of crime.

When an alarm is triggered, the security cameras can pan and tilt to the relevant area to gain valuable footage of the perpetrator.


Based in Hampshire? Currently, looking at your CCTV requirements?

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