In this short article, we take a look at six diverse ways to protect super yachts against critical security threats. Owners and operators can protect their superyachts against the impact of crime in a multitude of ways.

Typically, super yacht security systems are sophisticated solutions. To secure the vessel, its assets and protect people, a well-protected superyacht and megayacht will deploy a mix of security systems and solutions.

Firstly, let’s get started with this short informative article on the different types of super yacht security systems.

The different types of security systems for superyachts

When it comes to the various security solutions for superyachts, they are:

  • Early-stage inbound threat detection (ESITD)
  • Advanced CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Drones
  • Deck Sensors
  • Vessel Lockdown systems
  • Armed guards and physical security

Firstly, superyacht owners are often billionaires. This makes them a target for organised criminals. Secondly, when out at sea criminals will try and isolate the vessel due to the remote setting.

Criminals target them for several reasons, including:

  • Theft of high-value assets for financial gain
  • Kidnapping the owner or their family members to secure ransom payments
  • Sabotage and espionage

Now, let’s take a look at the different ways to protect superyachts with advanced, sophisticated security systems.

Early-stage inbound threat detection (ESITD)

ESITD systems can spot threats at distance, this allows security personnel the opportunity to respond as the event unfolds.

ESITD systems include:

  • Infra-read beams & long range sensors
  • FLIR and thermal CCTV cameras
  • High-definition surveillance cameras
  • Advanced human detection solutions

In the following section of this article on how to protect superyachts, we naturally move on to CCTV and surveillance systems.

Using advanced CCTV surveillance cameras to protect superyachts

Sophisticated CCTV surveillance systems are deployed to meet a range of critical security objectives.

These video surveillance systems often include:

In addition to CCTV and surveillance camera systems, drones offer another layer of visual threat detection and verification.

Avigilon & Axis Surveillance Camera systems

At Safeguard Systems we partner with a network of key security and surveillance camera partners.

Avigilon and Axis, are premium security brands and the optimal choice for those looking to protect superyachts.

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How drones are deployed to protect superyachts

Drones play an important role in super yacht security. They act as a digital form of security patrol and help to:

  • Spot threats at a distance
  • Provide a birds-eye view of the vessel
  • Follow and track suspicious vessels as they unfold

The following two sections of this article focus on the deployment of deck sensors and vessel lockdown systems.

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Securing & protecting super yachts with deck sensors 

Criminals targeting superyachts are often of a highly organised, sophisticated nature. Additionally, in certain geographical locations, piracy is an issue impacting the industry.

Should criminals go undetected and breach a yacht’s first line of security, deck sensors offer an advanced form of detection solution.

You can use deck sensors to:

  • Detect minute changes in pressure on deck
  • Trigger security alerts for the onboard and onshore security teams
  • Send a signal to security personnel to lock down external doors and internal areas of the yacht

In the next section of this short guide, we focus on vessel lockdown systems.

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Vessel lockdown systems 

Vessel lockdown systems are deployed in the event of criminals reaching the deck, having breached the first line of security.

These advanced security solutions can:

  • Protect the owner and their family
  • Secure the boat and protect guests and crew
  • Protect valuable assets onboard
  • Reduce the risk of hostage situations

In the final section of this guide, we focus on the use of armed guards.

Deploying armed guards – physical security & human surveillance

Highly trained and skilled armed guards offer human surveillance in addition to physical onboard security.

Armed guards will:

  • Act as the owner’s personal security detail
  • Take action against identified human threats approaching the vessel
  • Create peace of mind for guests and crew knowing all eventualities are covered

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How to protect superyachts – quick summary

To conclude, the five key ways to protect superyachts from the impact of crime are:

  • Early-stage inbound threat detection (ESITD)
  • Advanced CCTV surveillance cameras
  • Drones
  • Deck sensors
  • Vessel lockdown systems
  • Armed security guards

Each device, system and solution has its own specific purpose and meets a range of critical security threats. In short:

  • ESITD systems, surveillance cameras and drones are the first lines of defence.
  • Should sophisticated criminals go undetected, deck sensors and vessel lockdown systems can be deployed.
  • Lastly, the presence of onboard armed guards will complement digital and electronic security solutions and devices.

That wraps up this article on how to protect superyachts. We hope you found the article and the insights offered of value.

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