CCTV monitoring

Many businesses use CCTV monitoring to act as a robust deterrent to would-be criminals, vandals, and intruders. For companies looking to reduce the impact of crime and save money on the cost of security, CCTV monitoring is an effective addition to their security systems. 


Normally businesses manage and monitor their CCTV internally, via their facilities team or onsite security guards. This can be quite a costly exercise as security guards cost anywhere between £12 – £15 per hour (£25,000  – £30,000 per year).

In addition to saving money, remote CCTV monitoring systems provide numerous benefits to businesses looking to improve all-round security.


Monitored CCTV systems help reduce the cost of security and help spot more threats.


The benefits and advantages of CCTV monitoring


A remote CCTV monitoring system can offer you the benefits of an on-site security guard but at a fraction of the cost. This cost-saving can often reach up to 80% against the cost of employing an on-site security team. 


Additionally, CCTV monitoring can be integrated with your security alarm system. When the alarm is triggered, your cameras will tilt and point to where the problem is. When an event is received at the Alarm Receiving or Monitoring Centre  (ARC), an off-site security professional will manage the threat accordingly.


In this comprehensive guide on the benefits and advantages of CCTV monitoring, we cover a range of topics. If you’d prefer a shorter read, head over to our short article covering the main CCTV monitoring FAQs


In this article cover:


  • How does remotely monitored CCTV work?


  • What happens if a risk to your business premises is identified?


  • What are the benefits of CCTV monitoring?


  • Can CCTV monitoring reduce the cost of security?


  • What are the features of monitored CCTV systems?


  • Which industries would benefit from remotely monitored CCTV?



How does remotely monitored CCTV work?


Your internet connection will route the pictures from your CCTV cameras on your business premises or site, straight to an external remote monitoring station.


These images are monitored and viewed by an experienced security systems professional.


In our industry, this is called an ARC. Here at Safeguard Systems, we work alongside NSI Gold approved, CCTV monitoring company, Arc Monitoring.


Your CCTV system will monitor all criminal activity on your site in the usual way. As soon as an alarm is activated or triggered on your CCTV system, the incident is routed to the screen of a security professional.


With CCTV monitoring your systems can be triggered and an alarm sent to the monitoring station in two ways:


  • Video analytics – theses CCTV cameras systems use an algorithm to spot shapes that look like a human being. If the cameras spot something, an alarm is raised at the monitoring station for them to check the cameras and take appropriate action.


  • Infrared beams / sensors  – these systems are set up to send an alarm signal to the monitoring station if the system is triggered by someone crossing the beam or triggering the sensor.


Furthermore, by having a fully monitored security system in place, you will have an experienced set of eyes consistently and monitoring your premises.


What happens if a risk to your business premises is identified?


The keyholder or person in charge of security will be notified immediately, directly from the monitoring station – your 24/7 security guard will miss less than an onsite team.


Fully licensed security professionals will call the key holder and anyone else you would like to be notified – the owner of the business, facilities manager, or whoever is in charge of site security. 


Advanced CCTV monitoring systems allow for an audio connection to communicate with and warn the intruder.


With remotely monitored CCTV systems, because images are generated and viewed in realtime, the Police may prioritise call outs to your premises. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure.



remote CCTV monitoring

What are the benefits of CCTV monitoring?


The benefits of monitored CCTV and remote CCTV monitoring are:


  • Preventing criminal activity – CCTV monitoring helps to spot more threats as they occur


  • Catch more criminals – if a security threat is identified, the keyholder is notified immediately and in some cases can be on site in less than 20 minutes


  • Reducing the costs of security – when compared to the costs of onsite security guards, CCTV monitoring can save a company vast sums of money


  • As effective as having a manned security guard on-site – when threats are spotted, they are dealt with 


  • Track every move the potential intruder or criminal makes. You’ll miss less and convict more. Peace of mind.


  • An online portal is installed to see what actions were taken by the external monitoring station – peace of mind knowing the job is being done correctly 


  • Audio intervention – communicate over public address speakers to deter the intruder – alert them to the fact they are being watched 


  • Integration capabilities to work alongside security systems such as security alarms and access control systems


CCTV monitoring and security guards


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Can CCTV monitoring reduce the cost of security?


Yes. CCTV monitoring can definitely reduce the cost of security.


Typically speaking, security guards are paid between £12 – £15 per hour. This equates to around £25,000 – £30,000 per year, based on an 8 hour day.


When it comes to CCTV monitoring, there are businesses requiring 24/7 support, and some who only need their cameras monitored overnight.


Here are some simple maths highlighting the costs of security and the potential savings associated with CCTV monitoring.


  • 24 hours at £12 – £15 = £288 – £360


  • 12 hours at £12 – £15 = £144 – £180


So, that’s £144 – £360 per day based on the premises being covered by guards over 12 or 24 hours.


Based on  a 30 day month this equates to:


  • £4,320  – £5,400 per month based on 12 hours per day


  • £8,640 – £10,800 per month based on 24 hours per day


In 90% of cases, the cost of CCTV monitoring would be a fraction of these figures.


Of course, there may be other tasks a security guard needs to perform as part of their role in addition to monitoring security cameras.


However, based on these figures, there are some clear cost savings a business can make from an investment in CCTV monitoring.



What are the features of remotely monitored CCTV systems?


The features of remotely monitored CCTV systems are:


  • Your CCTV cameras are monitored 24/7 by an offsite security team


  • Your security cameras can be managed remotely – pan, tilt, and zoom 


  • CCTV monitoring systems can be integrated with audio – letting the intruder know you are watching them is an effective form of crime deterrent 


  • All monitored CCTV operators are trained and licensed to industry standards – our CCTV monitoring partner is NSI gold Accredited 


  • Bespoke design, installation and integration capabilities compatible with intruder alarms, fire prevention & detection systems and access control


Business CCTV monitoring

Which industries would benefit from remotely monitored CCTV?


We work with a range of industries, helping to secure their premises with CCTV installations, access control systems, and security alarms solutions.


In our experience, the following industries would benefit from a monitored CCTV system:


  • Solar and renewable energy sites – critical infrastructure


  • Farms and rural business


  • Offices


  • Pubs, bars, and clubs


  • Car Dealerships


  • Construction sites


  • Car parks


  • Hotels


  • Shops and retail outlets


  • Schools


  • Gyms and leisure centres


Remotely monitored CCTV in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire – the areas we cover


We tend to stick to a fairly concise geographical location where it comes to CCTV monitoring.


We have offices in various locations providing CCTV installation services in and around:

  • Newbury and the West Berkshire


  • Southampton and Hampshire


  • Reading and Berkshire


  • Oxford and Oxfordshire


  • Swindon and Wiltshire


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