When it comes to access control there are a variety of options for businesses to invest in. Here at Safeguard Systems, we’re experts in access control installation, having worked with many companies, helping to secure and monitor access to various sites and buildings.

Whether it’s office blocks, factories, schools, hotels, farms, car dealerships, and more, the list is endless.

As experts in access control system installation, with over 30 years of experience, we’re well placed to recommend the right solution to meet a business’s objectives.

If you’re looking to monitor time and attendance, we’ve got a system that’ll work for you!

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Looking for a system that provides access to the front door for everyone, restricts access to the warehouse for some and requires delivery drivers to call through via an intercom? we’ll get the right system in place for your needs!

In this short blog, we’ll run through:

What is access control?

Access control is a form of security system which regulates and restricts access to certain areas within a business’s premises. 

You can implement access control to limit access to construction sites, office buildings, rooms containing sensitive information, and physical IT assets, and more.

For example, businesses can provide staff access via the main entrance but restrict entry to certain areas such as:

  • Areas where they may be hazardous waste
  • Other potentially dangerous areas of the site such as the warehouse
  • Server rooms and other areas guarding critical business infrastructure

Additionally, access control systems can:

  • Track and monitor employee time and attendance
  • Monitor productivity – excessive cigarette and toilet breaks
  • Understand where people are in the building in case of an emergency

When it comes to securing business premises, companies use electronic access control systems that rely on:

  • User credentials – you can give employees access codes for permitted areas. They enter these codes via a keypad
  • Access card readers – these come in the form of keycards or fobs. The user simply swipes the card or fob via the reader and they gain access. 
  • Video – businesses can grant staff, suppliers and site visitors access via a video intercom system
  • Audio – companies can grant access to staff, site visitors and customers using a two way audio intercom system.

As you can see there are many advantages of access control systems for businesses. If you’re looking to find out more about access control, have a read of our blog on the benefits of access control systems.

Access control and door entry systems – what are your options?

There are four common areas of access control for businesses.

  • Video intercom and video door entry systems
  • Audio intercom solutions 
  • Keypad door entry systems
  • Keyless door entry systems 

Each access control system has its own benefits to the user or business in question. 

Here is an overview of each.

Video intercom and video door entry systems

For businesses considering their door entry solution options, video intercom systems provide an added layer of security for a company when granting access to a business. 

The phrase ‘see who’s at the front door before letting them in is commonly used and this is a fantastic but simple way to look at video door entry systems.


In addition to being useful for access, video intercom systems can also record video. This can be useful if required in evidence for an internal or criminal investigation.

For example, if someone tries forcing access to the premises, when integrated with a security alarm, the system can start recording providing additional audio and visual evidence.

Additionally if a member of staff has forgotten their keycard and is abusive to the operator over the intercom, this again can be used as evidence.

As you can see there are many advantages to these systems for businesses. If you’re looking to find out more about video access control systems, have a read of our blog on the benefits of video intercom systems.


This type of video entry system is perfectly suited for:

  • High-security sites
  • Office blocks where your reception isn’t on the ground floor
  • Businesses that aren’t staffed 24/7 where remote access is required by delivery drivers and more

Audio intercom 

Audio intercom is an ideal security system for a company looking to secure access to their premises. 

These systems generally work independently of a business’ telephone system, although they can be integrated into the current system.

How these security systems are implemented can vary. However they usually include:

  • Door access – main office door or areas of controlled access 
  • Site security – upon arrival to larger sites where security gates are used, you can call through via the intercom and be granted access

Similar to video door entry, audio intercom systems can integrate with other security solutions such as intruder alarms and security cameras (CCTV).

Audio intercom systems can manage access to your premise in a variety of ways, on-site and remotely. 

For more information on these door entry systems, head over to our dedicated audio intercom page.

Keyless door entry systems – card and fob

There is a growing trend for businesses investing in keycard and fob based door entry systems

These door entry systems replace the need for staff to carry traditional keys and can be programmed to allow:

  • Permanent access – for employees and long term contractors
  • Temporary access – for visitors and suppliers
  • Restricted access – for people prohibited from certain areas of the business, you can restrict their access.

Key fob / cardless systems allow a business to protect itself from the security risks associated with losing keys and the costs of replacing office door locks. Standard, traditional keys are easy to lose, however, they are also easy to clone, creating further security concerns for your business.

Furthermore, these systems help businesses to:

  • Manage staff attendance
  • Monitor lateness and unauthorised breaks
  • Provide crucial health and safety information 

Furthermore, if areas of business premises contain sensitive IT equipment, personal records, servers or hazardous material such as chemical waste, you can protect and restrict access to these parts of the building.

Keypad door entry systems

Similar to keyfob systems, keypad entry systems provide a modern, secure way of managing access to a building. 

The systems are set up in cuch the same way too. There is one central system, providing varying degrees of access in and around the building. Access is managed via punching in codes into the keypad.

Keypads are often used:

Externally – the office front door, security gates and more

Internally – internal doors restricting access to certain areas

Where keypad systems have a unique benefit is for unstaffed sites and premises, such as building sites.

For example, you can provide site visitors, subcontractors and guests with the keypad code in advance and they can let themselves in easily.

Keypads are also widely used by:

  • Sites with a gated access point 
  • Car parks – hotels, leisure centres 

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