CCTV Monitoring and Security Guards

Security is about protecting assets, property and people. Historically, businesses have employed security guards to protect their sites through spotting and dealing with threats.

However, in recent years, with advancements in technology and detection CCTV monitoring is a highly effective alternative, as it can reduce the cost of employing guards by up to 80%.

In many sectors, technology particularly, AI is playing a critical role in helping businesses reduce costs, improve processes and more.

The security industry is one of those sectors.

In recent years, Safeguard Systems have worked with many businesses that employ physical guards to protect their sites. Guards cost money; a substantial amount of money each month to cover the cost of one or multiple security professionals.

To help lower these costs and maintain the effectiveness of their security function, Safeguard Systems have designed, installed and commissioned dozens of remote CCTV monitoring systems.

CCTV monitoring station

Why CCTV Monitoring?

CCTV monitoring is the perfect security solution for businesses operating sites with a large perimeter and significant assets to protect.

Compared to the ongoing costs of employing security guards, CCTV monitoring is fast becoming a no-brainer. Remote 24/7 CCTV monitoring can save a business up to 80% against the cost of employing guards.

In this article, we consider whether CCTV remote monitoring will eliminate the need for security guards.

Before we start, for anyone reading this article new to the concept of monitoring CCTV, there is a link below to a recent article we have written.

CCTV monitoring footage

What is CCTV Monitoring and How Does it Work?

This article offers a concise overview of CCTV remote monitoring and how it works. If you are new to CCTV monitoring, this article will help you get started on your path to knowledge.

What is CCTV monitoring and how does it work?

Will CCTV Monitoring Eliminate the Need for Physical Guards?

As experts in business security, we deal with a range of companies operating in various sectors.

Each business has different system requirements, but the objectives are often the same:

  • Protect assets
  • Protect staff
  • Maintain operational continuity
  • Deter and catch criminals – thieves, vandals, and trespassers

The Case for 24/7 CCTV Monitoring

As technology advances, the role of people in businesses is changing. The pace of change is growing and businesses are always looking for a competitive edge.

Furthermore, businesses are always looking at ways to reduce costs and maximise profits.

When it comes to security, protecting assets is paramount.

The impact of crime costs time and money.

Remote CCTV monitoring protects assets and reduces the ongoing cost of security.

Here are the reasons CCTV monitoring could eliminate the need to on site security guards.

Reducing the Cost of Security

Typically, the cost of off-site, sensor-activated remote monitoring is 80% lower than the cost of employing guards.
Read our latest article on the costs of remote CCTV monitoring for more information.

Advanced Detection

AI and video analytics can detect human presence near a site and can spot the difference between shadows, wildlife and people.

No need for expensive security guards, watching over your footage 24/7.

Additionally, for site operating in low-light conditions, infra-read illumination can be deployed to improve detection and reduce false alarms.

Audio Intervention

CCTV monitoring systems can be integrated with audio systems to deter criminals.

If a potential intruder is spotted, your off-site security team can communicate with them, warning the authorities will be called if they try and enter the site.

Fast Keyholder Response

In the event of a perimeter being breached, or the detection of an intruder at a premises, a designated keyholder and security professional will be alerted. Their job is to visit the site immediately and, where necessary, contact the relevant authorities.

No ‘Man on the Inside’

Criminal gangs will often look to infiltrate a company’s security function. The obvious route is to plant a ‘man on the inside’.

If a security team is compromised, crimes can be committed. Information can be passed onto to their cohorts to help plan and execute criminal acts.

When working with an offsite security monitoring company, each member of their team is vetted and background checked.

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In the next part of this article, we look at the case for keeping physical guards on site to protects assets and manage security.

Physical Security Guards

The Case for On-Site Physical Guards

Security guards have been used for decades to patrol sites, monitor the CCTV footage, detect and deter criminals.

The presence of guards could well deter trespassers looking to break in.

Here are some of the reasons guards can still play an effective role in a business’s security function.

Deterring Crime Through Human Presence

If criminals know a site is guarded 24/7 they may be less likely to attempt a break in. On site guards patrolling the site can act as a deterrent.

Peace of Mind for Staff

Warehouses and factories may be staffed 24/7.

The presence of a security guard can give night shift staff peace of mind, knowing they are being protected by the physical presence of guards.

Do you think they will be less safe if they are being protected by 25 cameras, incorporating advanced detection and backed up by an offsite security team and keyholder?

Catching Crooks in The Act

If a guard is onsite and they spot a potential intruder, they can deal with the threat immediately. However, this carries the risk of personal injury or worse. Deterring kids looking to vandalise a fleet of cars is one thing. Deterring an armed gang looking to steal multiple vehicles from a forecourt is another.

Maintaining Jobs

In business it is true that tech is replacing the need for humans in many situations. In this case, people lose jobs and income.

By keeping your physical guards employed, you are protecting jobs.

When looking at your costs, if this is important to you, then you may wish to retain your physical guards and keep paying them the money.

CCTV Monitoring in action

Conclusion – Will CCTV Monitoring Eliminate the Need for Physical Guards?

In our opinion, the case for CCTV monitoring is clear.

Yes, security guards are onsite. Aside from tackling petty criminals, will they intercept an organised, armed gang of thieves?

Surely audio intervention and a call to the authorities is more effective?

Yes, technology is replacing jobs. However, a business needs to manage costs and maximise profit. What if remote monitoring could save £20,000, £50,000 or even £100,000 + per year?

When you consider the cost saving and how technology will improve detection and deter more criminals, why stay committed to employing guards?

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