Residential Video Intercom


Here’s the Safeguard Systems guide to protecting your residential home.

A high standard of residential security systems is vital for those looking to protect their property from break-ins, vandalism and theft.


Thieves target wealthy areas as the fruits of their criminal efforts can be vast.


Expensive Tvs, audio equipment and cars are often the target of criminal gangs working their way through your local neighbourhood.


Stateley homes and expensive properties are prime targets for thieves looking to cash-in.


However, because of their locations, additional measures such as CCTV, monitored intruder alarms and increased boundary security may be beneficial.


Follow the advice in this blog and take action to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.


CCTV & Intruder Alarms for residential properties

CCTV for homes and residential security alarms are the backbone to your security systems needs:



  • Consider installing CCTV to provide surveillance to the most vulnerable areas of your property and outbuildings


  • Consider installing an audible and monitored intruder alarm system


  • Configure your CCTV and alarms to alert you via mobile phone with any activation



Security advice for residential homes – keeping your property secure

Here’s some tips when considering residential security systems such as CCTV, access control and intruder alamrs for you home.


  • Ensure all doors and windows are shut and locked when not in use


  • Ensure windows and door frames are in good repair


  • Fit good quality deadlocks conforming to the latest British Standards to all external doors


  • Fit good quality window locks



Security Lighting – shining a light on security threats

Here are some security tips for protecting your residential properties:



  • Install security lights that activate at dusk and turn off at dawn


  • Make your property look occupied by fitting a timer to lamps in different rooms. Set them to come on at staggered time




Permiter security – entrances & exits


  • Look closely at the perimeter of your land to ensure it is as secure as possible


  • If possible, remove all private access points that are no longer used and establish a single-gated entrance and exit


  • Consider installing a door entry, access control system, infra-red intercom or keypad entry.



Gates & Hinges – what to look out for

Here are some tips for securing your property:



  • Invert and cap gate hinges so that gates cannot be lifted off. Ensure fixing bolts cannot be removed


  • Use good quality padlocks with covers so the cannot be easily cut off


  • Use locking posts or temporary obstructions to control large openings to land



Natural Boundary Protection – tips and advice

Here are our security tips:



  • Plant hedges around the perimeter to use as natural boundaries


  • Prevent vehicle access by digging deep trenches



Fly Tipping Prevention


  • Restrict the opportunity for fly tipping by improving boundary security through the use of bollards, gating or fencing


  • Use signage to indicate the area is monitored


  • Install security lighting in the area


  • Quickly remove evidence of fly tipping so it does not attract further offences


  • Report all incidents of fly topping to your local authority


Looking for a security system for your residential property?

Here are some of the security systems we offer to residential homes:


  • Security systems for residential homes


  • HD CCTV systems


  • Remoteley monitored CCTV systems


  • Acess control, including key fob door entry systems, video intercom and audio intercom


  • Security alarms and maintenance  – wired, wireless and monitored intruder alarm systems


If you require a security system upgrade, new CCTV or access control system you can enquire today via our contact page.