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If you’re in need of a CCTV installation company in Southampton or Hampshire, the team at Safeguard Systems is here to help.

Our experienced, fully trained, and accredited CCTV installers in Southampton will have you covered. 


With an excess of 30 years of security systems experience, in designing and installing CCTV systems for businesses and high-end residential homes, we’re on hand to help with all of your video surveillance needs.


We work with a range of CCTV manufacturer brands such as Hikvision, Avigilon, and Dahua Technology. We have close relationships with each company and keep up to date with all of their new products. This means we always provide the best product and CCTV system recommendations to our customers. We are proud to have announced we are now Hikvision VASP partners.


Our security systems engineers are:


  • SSAIB accredited


  • Safe Contractor approved.


Additionally, our CCTV installers in Southampton are


  • DBS checked


  • Carry ECS Cards


  • And have completed PASMA and IPAF training.


CCTV installation company in Southampton, Hampshire – how can we help with your security system needs?


Usually when investing in CCTV, businesses, and owners of residential homes are looking to:


  • Catch and deter criminals from breaking and entering


  • Protect their business premises and homes with a robust security system – such as a high definition, IP based  or remotely monitored CCTV system


  • Spot threats to their businesses and homes – burglars, vandals and more


  • Have complete peace of mind knowing their premises are fully protected  – your CCTV surveillance cameras are an extra set of eyes, watching over your property 24/7


  • Monitor their employees for onsite behaviour, productivity and more


It’s true, every business has its own objectives and reasons for looking into their CCTV options. 


There are many more – the above forms the main list of objectives we hear from our CCTV customers.


Looking for CCTV for your business or home? 


Our CCTV installation engineers can design and install a range of CCTV systems for businesses in Southampton and across Hampshire.


We are CCTV installers in Southampton for:


High Definition (HD) CCTV video surveillance systems  – design and installation


The team at Safeguard Systems will design and install an HD / Ultra HD CCTV system to help catch criminals who break into and enter your business premises and residential property. 


High Definition (HD) CCTV video surveillance systems don’t just help to apprehend criminals, they also help deter them. 


Nevertheless, it’s not all about catching criminals and preventing crime. Many businesses often use CCTV systems to monitor staff attendance, productivity, on-site behavior, and more. The improved image quality our HD CCTV systems offer, enables business and homeowners to ascertain everything that’s occurring at your premises. Whether that’s an office, a car park, a construction site, car dealership, warehouse or shop, our CCTV systems can cater for a range of needs.


Monitored CCTV systems – remotely monitored CCTV surveillance cameras


Monitored CCTV systems give companies and the owners of residential homes the ability to have their premises monitored remotely by a team of experienced security professionals. 


Remotely monitored CCTV systems can reduce the cost of security by up to 80%. 


With remotely monitored CCTV, your surveillance cameras are viewed remotely, 24/7 by a team of security system professionals. This helps to reduce the number of threats that can go unnoticed by an onsite security team.


Internet Protocol (IP) based CCTV systems  – security cameras linked to your existing IT networks 


Increasingly,  businesses are investing in IP CCTV systems for a variety of security objectives. As modern technology progresses, companies are seeking to future-proof their security systems and IP CCTV helps them do just that. 


Advanced IP CCTV systems not only offer improved image quality over older CCTV installations, but they can also provide cost savings by using the present IT infrastructure they have in place.


CCTV Maintenance


For your CCTV surveillance cameras to remain an important part of your security systems needs, we always recommend ongoing CCTV camera maintenance.


At Safeguard Systems, we will test and monitor your systems to ensure smooth running and effectiveness.


There would be nothing more heartbreaking for a business, to be the victim of a crime and not be able to do anything about catching the culprits. This is why we always recommend an ongoing maintenance package with all CCTV installations. 


Need a CCTV installer in Southampton or Hampshire? Here are the areas our security systems installation team cover.


We provide CCTV installation services  in and around Southampton, covering the following areas:

  • Eastleigh
  • Chandler’s Ford
  • Otterbourne
  • Winnall
  • Hedge End
  • Woolston and 
  • Romsey
  • Chilworth
  • Hamble
  • Brockenhurst
  • Nursling
  • Winchester
  • Millbrook
  • Shirley
  • Marchwood
  • Southampton City Centre
  • Portswood
  • Bitterne


Which CCTV manufacturers do Safeguard Systems work with?


To ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and quality of work, we work with a select group of CCTV manufacturer brands.


We install CCTV systems for the following manufacturers: 

  • Hikvision
  • Avigilon
  • Dahua Technology 


Our security system accreditations:


Further to our commitment to partnering with leading security system brands, we are SSAIB accredited and Safe Contractor approved.


Additionally, all of the Safeguard Systems team is DBS checked, carry ECS Cards, and have completed PASMA and IPAF training.


For our customers, this means we always adhere to a high standard of work, health and safety, and compliance.


Looking for a CCTV Installation company in Southampton, Hampshire?

If you are looking for a CCTV installation company for your business or home in Southampton, you can call us today on 0800 689 1835